S P E C I A L I Z E D    T R A N S P O R T ERS

Transport Technologies uniquely patented triple deck transporters can transport people, animals and large cargo with customizable adjustable floor plans with escalators and elevators on three deck levels.    

Transport Technologies is the only company that specializes in servicing up to ten different markets which includes the very popular outdoor entertainment and RV industries. Advanced “star wars” triple deck transporters of multiple lengths and configurations can transport people and cargo on three levels.  Almost unlimited features and benefits translates into lifestyles for people of all ages.      

Unlimited small and large toys >> This includes but is not limited to cars, limos, helicopters, sailplanes, pontoon boats with on board Kayaks, RF Drones, jet skis, hot air balloons and horses, stage coaches, speed boats, & canoes, bass boats or the new Seabreachers (See below).  Near the bottom of this section, see the custom “dolly(s)” and Mini-T- (mini-transporters) which make it simple to move these “toys” while fitting neatly inside the larger transporters.  

Forget about cellphone “selvies”  !  New Drone’s (seen below) can take video pictures with up to ten times the resolution of 4K ultra-high def. at 1,128,000 pixels and they can transfer those images from dramatic aerial video such as drones to the ground for social media.  Finally, almost everyone has children, brothers, sisters, cousins, grandchildren and pets so for “Memories Of A Lifetime”  >  While the  family  that plays  together  stays and he  who  has  the  most  toys  wins > that only counts if you can take them with you !


The Ford GT, three time winner of Le-Mans returned in 2017 to win LeMans again.

The Eco-boost twin turbocharged all aluminum mid-engine produces over 600 HP while weighing only 400 lbs. Add an all aluminum chassis and carbon fiber sculpted body and it becomes 800 lbs. lighter. .

800 lbs. lighter equals  an additional 200 horsepower > so this is the view most will get from the new Ford GT.

Incredibly erotic.  Tuatara by SSC. 1350 HP . And this totally street drivable, comfortable new exotic is made in America !

And what are you driving?

The new McLaren P15 >  Electrical silent powers around less significant vehicles or when in a hurry, select the optional 1,000 hp. engine.  “Top Gear” first review > “Aggressive rear venturi flat carbon fiber with over 2000 lbs.  of down force provides aerodynamics stratospherically hybrid brilliant. 0-62 mph in 2.6 seconds. > Its breadth of ability is truly freakish, the ferocity of its performance utterly corrupting”. While not yet released, save your money since you’ll need north of $1 million ! A giant leap forward for mankind !

The next Ford Thunderbird Cobra ?   All aluminum, carbon fiber and Graphene ballistic missile at only 1800 lbs.has four recumbent reclining seats under gull wing doors while hidden tires make it magically appear to be floating on air.  Economy version V-6 capable of equivalent to 200 mpg on LP gas.  Performance version has an all aluminum/carbon/graphene 1005 cubic inch engine with twin turbo/supercharged producing 2000 HP + on 128 octane LP gas or 3,000 hp. with three stage nitrous oxide.  0 – 100 in under 2 seconds. Top speed – 325 mph. governed. First review > “0 to 200 is like hitting a video on fast forward in a ballistic missle exceeding Mach 3”.   Parachutes optional. Patented design by Transport Technologies.  >   Not yet released.

The custom limo below provides door to door concierge service as does the Transport Tech stage coach.

Forget selvies ! Drones with built in cameras can transmit ultra-high def. 4K, 6K and 8K (10 times the resolution of ultra high def. with 1,128,000 pixels) recording video to cellphones, Ipads, TV's and social media globally for "Memories of a Lifetime".

Kayaks Are Hot !  And they can take you places no other watercraft can while filming your own Memories Of A Lifetime which social media sends instantly to friends or Transport Tech’s syndicated television channel around the world! 

So no matter which Kayak you choose,  they represent the best ways to get close to nature with exercise, cruising, or fishing. Kayaks are popular particularly in shallow water and pedaling Kayaks for fishing are faster and allow for multi-tasking leaving hands free to hold cameras or fishing rods while you maneuver in forward or reverse, which is excellent when you have a “fish on“..

Kayaks also come in open ocean type, racing, cruising, fishing, sit in and sit on models, tandems for two or three, sailing, electric or jet powered all of which are permitted on almost every lake.  The thrill of a lifetime !  Try an inflatable on inland lakes and rivers for white-water river rafting or if speed is your thing with ice in your veins,  bolt a 300 HP waterjet inside your superlight carbon fiber Kayak.  (0 to 60 mph. in 2.5 seconds) !

You only live once and here are four experiences of a lifetime you will never forget:  1) Your view of earth  from our space shuttle.  2) Your view of earth and blue skies above from inside the glass canopy of a silent sailplane.  3) Wannabee pilots > fly your own two seater Drone (see below) 4) Inside a crystal clear Kayak floating among ice while looking up at snow capped mountains towering above while also looking down upon choral reefs with marine life right under you !  No snorkel or scuba tank needed with your own Captain Nemo submarine.  And make sure to take home your “memories of a lifetime”  so you have evidence you were >”right over a whale !


A nice relaxed afternoon on the water !

Compare this low resolution  picture taken with a cellphone to other pictures taken with a drone and up to an 8K camera.(10 times 4K ultra high def.) that can transmit to any social media.
Compare this low resolution picture taken with a cellphone to other pictures taken with a drone and up to an 8K camera.(10 times 4K ultra high def.) that can transmit to any social media.

Eat Your Heart Out James Bond !  Kids of all ages can leave those cellphones and computers behind and experience some serious fun ! Anyone can test their stealth skills and become 007 with realistic (but harmless) paint guns. All they need are Seabreachers and paint guns.  To learn how Transport Technologies series is destined to become the highest rated social media and reality television syndication click on > “Improving the Breed”…. 

Seabreacher video camera and ice in your veins !  Forget riding the roller coaster at the fair !  Above or below water, film your own video for “memories of a lifetime” with a GoPro attached camera.  Friends and family can catch a ride in the sealed cockpit or up close and personal with nature on the rear fin which doubles as a snorkel and camera pod.  At 60 mph in a totally pressurized cockpit with GPS and stereo you dive for spectacular views of a coral reef and surface moments later twenty feed in the air while everyone goes into shock watching you do a 360 degree barrel roll > for the ride of a lifetime !     ———————————————————————————————————————

On the left, another way to “get high” !  On the right, three water jets split off a 1200 HP engine can not only traverse shallow water, they can be adjusted to shoot single or multiple angled rooster tails with cascading fountains and waterfalls over 100′ feet in the air while color changing strobe lights put on a show that has to be seen to be believed, (especially at night) which makes macho man’s Poker Run look like last year’s bird nest. Roll out your on board camera or your drone and capture the 4th of July !

Creating the best of all worlds >   A pontoon boat can be the perfect island for cruising, basking in the sun,  fishing, barbeques, and launching your drones. Underneath protect a Kayak or Seabreacher which can be boarded from the front deck.  And it’s also the perfect platform to launch and control a drone with cameras while recording real time images (see airborne video above) to provide “memories of a lifetime” for your family and friends.  And who knows ? Your video might end up on television ?

New picture to come of exercise pontoon boat with twin outboards and pedal Kayaks on MID.Transport Technologies’ MID (Mobile Inflatable Dollies) to the rescue ! And here is where we fit in ! All of your toys including speed boats, Bass boats, Pontoon boats,  Jet Skis, Kayaks and Seabreachers and others need to be transported, offloaded and launched at the water. This is another example of our ability to optimize available space. And like our self propelled Mini-T seen above for bigger boats which allows you to sit in the boat and drive yourself around the parking lot, our MID’s (dollys or trailers) have hidden wheels which not only creates mobility for your bass, pontoon boat Seabreacher,  it also supports Jet Skis and single or tandem kayaks nestling under and between the pontoons underneath.The other advantage is the built in winches which not only permit movement of the boats but also easy and safe access while exiting these craft.

Changing lifestyles >   You’ve worked hard and earned the right to enjoy your life. And why not film your adventures with video for memories for a lifetime ?  And ultimately that means a continuing legacy that can last for eternity which your great, great grand children can view long after you are gone. 

Handling the tough decisions > Imagine waking up in a different location every day and having to decide which toys to play with ? Will it be your Ferrari, helicopter,  jet powered sailplane, some deep snow skiing or maybe something a little more aquatic like a bass fishing boat or Kayak,  your underwater submarine,  (Seabreacher) a Profile speed/cruising boat or a pontoon boat for a leisurely lunch on the water while relaxing with the entire family with giant models (see below) video taped from your Drone above displayed on your laptop !

Two thirds of the earth is covered in water which is far less crowded than any gym !  Studies show that 76% of all RV parks are within twenty miles of a large navigable lake. Bring the entire family into a real world of exploring, fishing or skiing and also prove that healthy eating and exercise doesn’t have to be boring.  Speed, Bass, Pontoon boats, Jet Skis, sailing kites and incredible new Kayaks can make that happen.  And for the entire family particularly the kids, the new and exciting new Jetovator and Seabreacher (Dolphins, Sharks and Whales) seen below means imagination is your only limitations and finally you can take it all with you for the experience of a lifetime.

He who has the most toys wins but only if you can take them with you, especially in areas where there is no marina or dock ! There is no denying the attraction of both boats, pontoon boat, a Kayak, Seabreacher and  some believe it is the best of both worlds ! Mobility needs our new motorized dolly transporter vessel  to the nearby water or you can tow it behind your truck or ATV.   And you will need a way to move everything and  you will need a dock or ramp since with the self propelled and inflatable MID you can launch your boats almost anywhere.  Like pontoons, the inflated air bladders underneath support the MID along with the pontoons and Kayak. Once in the water, via remote you deflate the bladders to launch the Kayak.

Choices / Choices  / Choices > There are four choices depending on what your intentions are and the distance to be traveled.  1)  If you are traveling a significant distance to your favorite area, you may wish to leave the kayak under the pontoon boat which now with three hulls in the water, converts the twin hull pontoon boat into more of a trimaran.  2) Or you can choose to tow one or more kayaks or Seabreakers behind the pontoon boat with family or friends on board.  3) The easiest way to board or exit the Kayak or other vessel on the water is when it exits or is entering its little garage under the front deck of the pontoon boat with MID stabilization  4) The easiest way to board or exit along the shoreline is with MID stabilization.

Under Knowledge Is Power and Improving The Breed is a section on cameras and Drones. However as a primer, here is a quick analysis of what you need to know. If you are interested in simply capturing still photos or video, a GoPro is an inexpensive option. Cellphones have the cheapest cameras for still and video imaginable and should be avoided except in emergency situations.  Phantom type Drones are entry level with their built in cameras. The resolution and capabilities such as auto-iris, auto focus, fish eye effect and stabilization are somewhere between minimal and non existent.  This “consumer grade” is acceptable as long as the family and friends don’t mind these affects with video and like the cellphone, don’t mind herky, jerky video obviously filmed by an amateur (that’s you).  On the other end of the spectrum, for owners of Transporters who are MEA (Mobile Estate Association) members who tend to frequent members only MEP’s (Mobile Estate Parks), concierge service is available which may include at certain parks, professional cinematographers with the knowledge and required equipment to film and edit you, your family and friends for “Memories Of A Lifetime”.

And what is the difference between them with their equipment and your family’s cellphones ?  Answer > The difference between watching your grandfather’s endless home brewed slide show vs viewing Harry Potter, James Bond and Star Wars at your local movie theater.  Because, when you mix in Photoshop editing ability, Transport Tech’s pros are that good !

To learn how the new social media and reality series is destined to achieve  the highest overall rating click on > “Improving the Breed” and scroll down the page.

Transport Technologies’ Shenandoah Plantation originally covered 28,000 acres in two states and has now been downsized to a more manageable wildlife sanctuary and mobile estate park (MEP) resplendent with deer, geese, swans, loons and eagles. Nature and wildlife at its best !

Picture coming > Transport your horses, toys and equestrian friends to the prairie in style and then tour the park with a custom Transport Technologies chariot or stagecoach with air conditioning and dinette which seats up to eight on two levels.

What could be better than living in the big city ?  George Vanderbilt answered that question when he left New York for his Biltmore house on 22,000 acres in the Appalachian mountains.  The above picture is what too many rats in a cage looks like in any major city !  And if you do the math, here are the facts ! One hour in traffic X times both ways is two hours a day X times five days a week equals ten hours X times forty hours a month > means wasting one entire week each month stuck in traffic !   And the reason the picture is blurry is from carbon monoxide floating around the cars.  Which means those people are  breathing pollution that has become an epidemic of respiratory problems and resulting cancer ! And > “While those who have the most toys wins, you don’t get points if your toy is stuck in traffic”!

What they look like from above !  The picture you see above is what millions of wannabees look like from above inside one of the most advanced creations in the past hundred years. A drone on auto-pilot can take off  and with GPS take you to a pre-determined destination with proximity warning then land automatically in the parking lot > while you are having breakfast  ! And your Drone isn’t a look-a-like with a billion other cars.  Welcome to a new world !

Tired of being stuck in traffic ?  The new Surefly Octocopter is the new affordable and safe helicopter.  Seats two. Same size as a pickup truck. Fold up wings stores easily in your transporter. Range 70 miles. Lightweight carbon fiber climbs to 4,000 feet with eight counter balanced quiet propellers. Maneuverable:  Far better than any helicopter, it can fly circles around bumble bees and humming birds.  Failsafe > If three of four rotors failed or in the unlikely event of engine failure, Octocopter can fly for up to five minutes on battery power alone and land almost anywhere safely. Available in 2019 > By Workhorse Group Inc.

Ever dreamed of soaring like an Eagle ? A sailplane puts you and your friends there as you take off like a real jet from a short runway, climb to 20,000 feet, turn off the engine and the “silence” becomes deafening ! Your view of the earth and sky is breathtaking as your nosecone camera records memories of a lifetime. No pilot’s license required and it takes only a few hours to become certified. Fits inside your transporter and range is worldwide.

Impossible Transport. “Experts” said it would be impossible to build an 80’ foot tall aluminum and glass replica of the Capitol Dome Building and transport it to Pershing Park in Washington D.C.. Transport Technologies built the huge “layer cake” structure, transported it with their Sikorsky helicopters and lowered it into place. Complete with first floor kitchen, glass elevator serving two restaurants and five entertainment areas, it is now used for visiting dignitaries.  Note the intricate detail of the scale model which has been used in multiple movies.

The Technological Revolution: Models are not what they used to be ! Almost everyone has children or great grandchildren and huge oversize jet powered helicopters, sailplanes, drones and jet airplanes with real jet engines sound and look just like the real thing ! They can take off vertically and are now being used frequently in movies, you can’t tell the model from the real thing and fully acrobatic helicopters can fly upside down and perform maneuvers the real ones cannot while “real fighter jet” models have exceeded 325 mph!

A Drone’s Eye View >>>This is the view from a Drone or model’s onboard camera transmitted to your laptop or big screen TV on the ground. Need a convenient mobile airport ? The upper deck of our transporters duplicates an “aircraft carrier” deck with the catapult replaced by a long bungee cord for takeoffs. A similar cord catches the model’s tail-hook upon landing. Missed the hook ? Not to worry. A catch net at the end of the “runway” will stop your prized possession.

Spectacular Images: Virtual reality is out ! Reality is in ! And this gives new meaning to the term “selfies” of entire families taken from high above So whether its a small radio controlled drone or one you can fly with your special someone that also has autopilot  (see below), the Drone has arrived complete with gyro stabilization, GPS and Go Pro or high resolution cameras.  Enjoy endless adventures with nature in the outdoors with on board video cameras that put you in the driver’s seat of your race car, boat or cockpit of the aircraft. Ever wanted to be a fighter pilot? Practice flying with a “flight simulator” on your laptop. Then as “pilot in command”,  fly a real model with streaming video from it’s on board cameras as you “solo” in your helicopter, bomber, jet or sailplane, while enjoying spectacular views of the earth passing below including video of you at your laptop which are instantly transmitted and saved to large screen TV’s or your laptop.

What’s next ? 4K our true ultra-high def. is being replaced by 6K and even 8K resolution ! ! !  With up to 22.2 channels of audio it is (4) four times the detail of 4K or 16 times 1080 P.  At 7680 X 4320 pixels on a large screen is 33 million pixels. And don’t even think about viewing this on anything less than a 70″ diagonal screen > Since you have to see this to believe it, the only challenge may be how good your eyes are !

For RF Drones and other models > Improving the model “breed” means not only accurate and big realistic scale models that look and sound like the real thing, new software is also destined to change everything which includes radar with collision avoidance, transponder locators with altitude and digital transmissions for all on board functions including air speed, altimeter, rate of climb and descent, fuel level, landing gear and cargo bay door status, etc. which are transmitted to your laptop or big screen TV.

Worried about takeoffs and landings for your prized possession? For over forty years, Transport Technologies has been building transporters for military drones which take off, fly around the world, return and land all via computer controlled satellite navigation. Advanced software will soon fly models with autopilots and enable take offs, predetermined routes, select aircraft separation approach patterns and make precision landings (better than any pilot can achieve). All this while family and friends watch safely from earth and the computer records memories of a lifetime.

Transporter owners and their families may also be featured on Transport Technologies exclusive reality television series “Ultimate Lifestyles” produced by professional film crews with ultra-high def. 3D and up to 8K cameras also utilizing military drones which will be aired to an audience of millions with the subtitle > “Memories Of A Lifetime”. For more information click on>> “Pricing” > and scroll down to “Added Benefits”.

Put on an air show with your Concorde or relive the past in contest with your jet fighter in realistic air combat missions while firing “mock missiles”. Click on “AD” (auto deployment) and your computer calculates altitude, aircraft and wind speed while automatically releasing “fake bombs”. And some contests allow manual control so you can try your luck hitting ground targets with your “are you kidding” C5A size four engine bomber > for children of all ages !

It begins in your backyard or Albequerque New Mexico, with a bit of hot air. Capture the images of a lifetime on video as the transporter tracks you with GPS and brings you home from wherever ?

Sailplanes travel safely inside our transporters. An aerial view high above the Grand Canyon of Transport Technologies’ powered sailplane as the passengers control the models flying around it like little bumble bees ! Question: Can you tell which are the models and is that a real dog” ? Answer: That’s a “real smart dog” driving “a real jetski !

 Can you tell the models from the real thing ? Answer: The recumbent seat speedster is the world’s fastest human powered boat (from Nauticraft) and broke the record on the English channel while embarrassing Olympic challengers.? The long green submarine is actually a model while the others are real. Who needs a gym when the recumbent sub allows you to get your exercise as you explore the depths ? Meanwhile, the electric powered ten seater allows you and your friends to explore the coral reef while the onboard camera captures spectacular underwater views of a lifetime !

Scenario: So after roaming the mountains on ATV’s, “big boy dad” on his “big toy boat” fishes on a nearby lake while his “little boy” buzzes around him on a jet ski chasing after his model jet boat. And mom keeps tabs via the third floor observation deck as she barbeques lunch. Next to her is the big screen TV with spectacular panoramic views of the mountains, dad on the lake and the transporter below as the kids fly their models far overhead. And as they disengage the autopilot and descend for final approach on the transporter’s “aircraft carrier” deck, moments later > “touchdown, just in time for lunch ! And remember, the family that plays together, stays together and he who has the most toys wins !


Entertainers take note: The Mini-T (Mini-transporter) fits inside our larger transporters and can retract or extend (telescope) to 40’ feet long. Variable decks can accommodate synthesizers, instruments, rolling wardrobes, stage props, sound system, giant video screens and portable light shows. Self-propelled, it can be driven inside the auditorium or coliseum for loading and unloading.

 IT’S TRUE ! “He who has the most toys wins” but only true if you can take them with you and an small MID (mobile inflation device or dolly) is how to move and nestle them safely inside your larger transporter.

Besides our MID’s (small inflation dolly’s) for smaller “toys” such as the Kayak or Seabreacher,  the Mini-T (Mini-transporter seen above) “swallows”  your boat and is self propelled.  Attach to your tow vehicle or via your remote, drive to the loading ramp. You won’t get wet as you extend to 40′ ft. (telescopes) and automatically launch the boat.   In the evening, the Mini-T  retracts and you can wash everything off with the transporter’s high pressure system. Then perhaps just for fun, watch the reaction of people as you pretend to be fishing driving yourself around the parking lot before driving back inside the transporter !

Courtney Force.  0-100 in one second. 0-325 mph, in under four seconds in 1000 feet. More G-Force than astronauts going into space. All of which makes her the fastest woman on the planet. From Force racing.

NHRA, Nascar, Formula 1 owners and crews take note. We build the top of the pyramid in custom transporters. Crews can work on cars inside heated or air conditioned comfort at ground level and yet live on the spacious second floor (no more motels or restaurants). And crew chiefs, you can forget rear platform lifts that repeatedly jam. Our patented “elevator platform” converts to a ground level loading ramp and elevator platform serving three floor levels.  And it never jams.

Accessibility on all sides: With air ride suspension in the “kneeling” position, the first floor is just above ground level which means accessibility to cars, engines and equipment are easy and make loading and unloading far easier than traditional high second floor cargo bays. Telescoping slide outs open to 24’ feet wide and up to 70’ feet long. This also puts the weight and center of gravity down low for better handling and safety when traveling. Plus, while at the races, your digital data is protected from prying eyes on the second and the third floor observation deck gives you great views at the races.

Track owners & promoters take note: Transporters track side means everything is where the pit crew can access it including tires, wheels, extra body panels with no going back to distant trailers or a garage.

Sponsors take note: Put the transporter near the stands and your 3D color changing logo is being continuously exposed via huge screen video display on the world’s largest rolling billboard.

It began life as a stock Harley Davidson and by the time Transport Tech finished, there was nothing left but parts of the engine and exhaust. The ultimate “sport cruising” motorcycle it brings together the best virtues of a “bagger”with the look of a “chopper”..  The TransTech “Blackjack Jaws” on LP gas has twin turboes to 250 HP,. of light weight aluminum/carbon fiber and graphene with air ride suspension w/adjustable wheelbase “pop up” air ride recumbent seating for two with multiple airbags,  LED warning and color changing lights for safety.

Hollywood, musicians, media entertainers and corporations take note: The entertainment industry has changed ! The Super Magnum behemoth is the world’s largest rolling billboard on wheels. With extended cantilevered rotating stage providing a 360 degree view for the entire audience, the self-contained 100,000 watt sound system and computerized synthesizer programmed pulsating music and light show in synchronization with the huge overhead screens create theworld’s most stunning show!

What’s  Next?

Space travel: Transport Technologies design for a drone, supersonic jet and spacecraft, all in one. When transported, the wings fold back then extend forward for takeoff and climb to 65,000 feet. The wings then fold back as the “stealth” fighter achieves supersonic speeds. Tilted to vertical, three rocket boosters ignite as the “space ship” achieves low orbit. Unfortunately, you can’t buy it yet.



REALITY  TELEVISION >>> now exceeds all prime time shows in the ratings and there are over one hundred million people involved worldwide in recreational vehicles (RV’ing). Meanwhile, television and social media will introduce millions more to >  the world’s most popular outdoor activity and a lifestyle they didn’t know existed !

This Changes EverythingMeans putting reality back in reality television while introducing a new lifestyle through the four part montage series as  listed below which like our transporters are destined to change everything.  Initially filmed as a series of documentaries for Discovery, Disney, Travel Channel and Animal Planet plus social media, it segways into Transport Technologies’  > “World Tour” with our own reality series filmed and seen around the world in eleven languages as  >>>   “Ultimate Lifestyles“,  “Memories Of A Lifetime“,  “Man’s Best Friend”  and  “Welcome To Our World”.  


Ultimate Lifestyles > Segments highlight at least ten major markets including RV, music venues and tours/concerts, equestrian, marine, automotive, aviation, mountains/sking/snowmobiles, corporate, emergency disaster response and /mobile hospitals.  This will also include visits to MEP’s (mobile estate parks) via Transport Technologies private Limo’s, helicopters, corporate jets and yachts all filmed for television.

“Memories Of A Lifetime > Almost everyone has children or grandchildren, so from Yosemite to the Grand Canyon and beyond, parents can appreciate our recurring theme of > “the family that plays together, stays together”.  Cellphone video and selfies are the current rage however they pale by comparison to the use of  Go-Pros and high resolution cameras mounted on Drones. And all of this centers  around themes with large “toys” such as cars, boats or aircraft and large scale toys such as remote controlled models for “young and old children”.

The Way We Were > A Trip Down Memory Lane > a nostalgia series of country and pop music. Set in the  Appalachian mountains in locations such as Dollywood this reintroduces families to “picking and singing”  with up close and personal interaction with bluegrass and country music legends while sitting around your campfire in the beautiful Appalachian mountains under the transporter’s amphi-theater recorded in real time on the 20′ ft. diagonal screen.  (See section above on professional video cameras)

Man’s Best Friend > 84% of people worldwide own pets including 65% of all RV’ers and this series shows the family bond with their pets and nature.  Attacking the senses ! Your choice ! From inside your amphi-theater  watch the Superbowl on your 20′ ft. diagonal ultra-high def. screen with a puppy in your lap. Or with 7X surround sound and color changing strobe lights pulsating to your music, your stress disappears and you realize, it doesn’t get any better than this !  Note: Transport Tech has rescued thousands of animals from euthanization and every transporter sale results in a donation to ASPCA (Association for the prevention of cruelty to animals). 

Welcome To Our World” –   Our universe is rather expansive and this segment covers the entire globe including the Alps, Rocky and Appalachian mountains, outback of Australia, Africa, China, England, Germany, France, Scotland, Russia, Alaska and the North Pole along with every ocean.  Cinematography includes every aspect of the globe including helicopter and drone aerial shots  emphasizing various wild animals.  Segments include travel on our Falcon Jet while touching down at various destination as well as trips aboard our helicopters and landing aboard Xanadu Princess yacht on it’s world tour, twice each year terminating at Shangri- La in China (See About Us and scroll down).



Totally  Unique > > > Our hybrid tow vehicle and transporter designs are protected by multiple design and utility patents and cannot be copied which makes them totally unique and instantly recognizable.

Reality Television executive production by Transport Technologies and filmed by professional cinematographers including aerial views from commercial drones with high resolution surveillance military cameras. And the reality television series represents a rare and unique departure from semi-scripted gossip, profanity, nudity and violence.

Copyright  2017 Transport Technologies.  Protected under one or more U.S. and International design and/or mechanical patents. Xanadu is the registered trademark of Transport Technologies. All vehicles shown including the Ford truck are covered under multiple domestic and international design and mechanical patents. No reproduction of any part of this web site is permitted under law without the written permission of Transport Technologies.