It’s called attacking the senses ! There is only one “top of the mountain”, one “peak of the pyramid” and only one “best of the best”. And our interiors are designed and executed by some of the best talent on the planet such as Francois Zuretti & Galeazzi Studios. The glass elevator seen above serves all three floors and can extend to become the focal point of oval or round one or two story glass atrium penthouses above the third floor deck. (30’ft. above ground level) Click on Gallery and scroll down to see penthouse.
Unlike today’s RV manufacturers most of whom began decades ago building mobile homes, Transport Technologies began by designing corporate jets and world class mega-yachts and is credited with bringing modern yacht design to the world while dispatching antiquated square “wooden boxes” to the scrap yard ! His designs later influenced mega-yachts such as Casino Royale and Diamonds Are Forever (owned by John Staluppi), well known for their appearances in James Bond movies and two of the world’s largest yachts, Eclipse and Azzam both over 500′ ft. long which dwarf many cruise ships as well as his own Xanadu Princess, the worlds largest motor-sailing catamaran . He also created telescoping and articulating mechanisms now widely used at Disneyland, Fantasialand, Disneyworld and many other theme parks.

Some sixty years later, this design expertise is evident with flowing symmetrical curves in three dimensions inside the new Xanadu and Palladium Super Magnum “land yachts” with living quarters and continuous glass on two levels with features such as 22′ x 70′ opposing and telescoping slide outs with accordian doors and walls that open up the entire interior with articulating furniture that magically appear and disappear inside telescoping slide outs and elevators serving three floors including helicopter landing pads.

What is contrived ? While the choice of interior is left up to the client, we typically may try to deter anyone away from “glitts and glamour” interiors, which can appear either awkward, contradictory or totally out of place in a transporter.  Any interior can be elegant and stunning without being overdone.  Example > One Winnebago at an RV show recently had one entire wall and ceiling of mirrors ! ! !  While the point may have been to make a tiny area look larger, imagine sitting opposite mirrors looking at yourself for days on end like being cornered in the circus “funny house”!  This gives new meaning to the term > “tacky“…..

With nothing contrived, a properly orchestrated interior is a truly special place. Every inch must be masterfully engineered with custom articulation giving new meaning to the ultimate maximization of available space. Upholstery should be buttery smooth and delicious smelling creation derived from donor cattle seemingly massaged before meeting their demise.

You won’t find any wood, steel or over-weight, antiquated granite counter tops or flooring. Rather, an interior in quartz, marble, carbon fiber, graphene and onyx adorn every space. n hidden completely difference and quite quie. Like the tow vehicles, controls are ergonomically correct with perfect aesthetically correct lighting so stunning it’s difficult to fathom how they are designed. And with the massive 5″ thick walls built like a fortress with unheard of R-60 insulation and 3/4″ to 1-1/2” thick insulated windows with sound proofing so effective, what you don’t hear is astounding – such as wind or traffic.  Described as a deafening silence with incredible recording studio acoustics and sound proofing so impressive, it may seem like you are riding in a coffin !

Bluetooth, WiFi, MiFi, Lutron, Crestron or other “snap shot” type components often popular with  “home theater” consumers are never used ! What you will find is state of the art professional recording studio equipment and ultra-high definition and beyond to 6G and 8G resolution (ten times the pixels of ultra-high def) with a security system encrypted for worldwide video/audio connectivity.  And outside in a huge amphi-theater, 20′ ft. diagonal ultra high definition screens linked with 100 watt stadium quality audio/video which drives massive JBL speakers with up to 8’foot diameter sub-woofers pulsating to a light show which you have to hear to believe …..  It’s called attacking the senses” !

It is impossible to achieve this with buses, motorhomes and even common RV trailers.  A transporter is completely different in every way and this becomes painfully obvious when comparing. (See Pricing) antiquated 100 year old technology that is restricted to two dimensions while Transport Technologies three dimensional designs with stand up headroom inside multi-level telescoping slide outs with articulating furniture on two levels enables almost unlimited possibilities. Again, imagination is your only limitation.

Glass, glass and more glass. The best seat in the house is the front lounge and the glass continues uninterrupted along both sides on the first and second floors. In the slide outs, you are surrounded by glass including the sides, ends and ceiling. And you can have optional skylights which continue uninterrupted along the entire length of the unobstructed roofline.

Welcome to world class interiors ! Xanadu Palladium guest bath. Interiors by: Francois Zuretti and Galeazzi Studios > Italy.
Think granite countertops are the ultimate ? Think again ! Granite is rock (as in Stone Mountain). Extremely heavy and brittle it is prone to staining, discoloration, crazing and cracking. The top of the pyramid is actually marble followed by quartz and the ultimate miracle of nature > Onyx. Ever dreamed of having floors, walls, counter tops or ceilings that give off a subtle “glow” changing color when sensing the presence of a person or to music ? Onyx, with all the colors of an ever changing rainbow is absolutely stunning and must be seen to be believed. More on Marble, Quartz and Onyx under “Knowledge Is Power”

Privacy and security ! Where are the doors ? The central air conditioning condenser doubles as a cargo access door and the hidden “Lear Jet” veneer opens far above ground level to create stairs to the second floor.

And since we only build a limited number of units each year for a very select clientele, we have the flexibility to change lengths and deck heights to create unique floor plans that meet each owner’s specific requirements.

Xanadu Palladium: His and Her baths w/whirlpool/spa & retracting roof dome skylight. Interiors by Francois Zuretti and Galeazzi Studios.

Xanadu Palladium: Master stateroom. Interiors by Francois Zuretti and Galeazzi Studios.

Reaping the rewards of fifty years of designing custom yachts ! Xanadu and Xanadu Palladium can provide dining for sixteen as the result of opposing telescoping slide outs up to 24′ wide by almost any length. “Think 3D” with the “best of the best” Gagganau articulating appliances hidden inside walls raised by elevator platforms to dining areas which can include wok, teppan yaki, refrigerator/freezer/ice maker w/twenty cup coffee capacity, fusion oven, deep fryer/steamer & 1000 bottle wine cellar.

Designer kitchens: The uninformed often believe that marble and granite counter tops and/or flooring are the ultimate. Not so ! Both are high maintenance and granite is brittle and porous which can discolor over time. Structurally, Graphine is far superior to all of these at a fraction of the weight and translucent Onyx with color changing backlighting LED’s is the top of the pyramid. Cabinets, cargo bays and standup size wardrobe closets are custom fabricated to make maximum use of available cubic space. Framed by aircraft quality aluminum with hybrid composite veneers, they look exactly like mahogany, cypress, oak or teak while reducing weight by up to 6,000 lbs. (3 tons) while eliminating squeaks, groans, while drawers and doors close properly and stay closed regardless of road conditions.

Interiors by Francois Zuretti and Galeazzi Studios.

Palladium Super Magnum with telescoping, opposing slide outs and articulating rotating furniture including fireplace, piano, aquarium, aviary with waterfalls. Attacking the senses appeal to you ? Millennium color changing diffused lighting behind Onyx with pulsating to 8X surround sound stereo with rotating ceiling/walls and “star wars chandeliers” engraved with infinitely changing LED laser lit lithographic/hologram pictures and images. Interiors by Francois Zuretti and Galeazzi Studios.

We build transporters for many different markets such as RV, Motorsports, Equestrian, Government, Hospitals, Corporate, Security (such as FBI, CIA, border patrol), Aviation, etc.. Each of these has specific criteria which must be met. Manufacturing any vehicle to a “million mile standard” requires a high level of specialization which can be vastly different from custom interior design. Moreover, both of these disciplines are highly demanding when done correctly and over the years, we have found it best to focus on doing one thing well and leave special interiors to companies with expertise in those areas. The decision of selecting an interior is left up to the client since this is always a personal decision. “Equestrian” and “midwestern” interior designs can be unique and attractive while proving easier to maintain especially with children and pets.

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