Knowledge is Power


This section is entitled Knowledge Is Power because sixty years and $ millions of dollars were spent accumulating this information however exhaustive studies indicate that only one percent (1%) of you will actually read this for one or more of the following five reasons  >  

Reason #1. You already know everything so why bother ?  

Reason#2) A caviar attitude means you are impressed with being unimpressed.

Reason #3. Zero attention span disorder means you read little and only scan pictures !

Reason #4. Your play station & “snakes and dragons” just arrived which leaves no time for this nonsense ! 

Reason #5. You have somewhere to be in the next few seconds which means you are already late !


For the rest of you with enquiring minds > your mind can process 1500 words per minute. However while you can read only 800 words a minutes, you can only speak about 150 words per minute which is a good argument for keeping your mouth shut !  And your rather dismal texting rate is only about 20 words per minute which means texting takes seven times longer than talking or seventy five times slower than what your mind can process. Therefore,  you can measure your “dumbass index” by whether you are thinking, reading, talking or texting !

History 101 > Question ? What invention changed society more than any other ? The answer is the wheel.  1500 years ago, Romas or Romanis from Punjam, India created the first Varda which was a horse drawn wagon with wheels supported by axles. In Rome  they became known as Chariots and in Europe Caravans while in America,  Connestoga wagons, Prairie Schooners,  Stage Coaches and perhaps the twenty mule team Borax ?  

However by any standard today the Varda was luxurious with roof mounted clerestaries and crystal balls which were skylights that illuminated ornate and elaborate Chandellers.  And the Romas wore colorful outfits with tearas and the occasional boofant hairdo, which made them perhaps the world’s first fashionistas !

Who Invented the Wheel?


History 101 > So how did the Roma’s or Romanis get to America ? Well Romanis who probably qualify as the first RV’ers liked to roam and they caught a ride on Columbus ship only to find out he thought he was headed for India looking for gold. Now the Roma’s just happened to be from India and informed the crew they were headed in the wrong direction upon which point they decided to mutiny.

And to avoid being thrown overboard, Columbus took the high ground and told the crew these Roma’s were not from India but imposters from Eqypt ! And to make his point as the official captain he renamed them Eqypsies or Gypsy for short and demanded they be put down below in “time out”.

Next, Columbus promptly ran aground in the Carribean where local Indians offered to keep the ship from being scuttled. Meanwhile,  the crew decided to “make friends” with the naked Indian girls on the beach. However, soon the braves and their chief arrived and were not impressed with their etiquette >>> so they ate them !

Nonetheless, Columbus proceeded to pillage and plunder every island he could find in the Carribean ending up in Cuba perhaps with a big cigar and a snoot full of rum. And on this first trip, with no America in sight and no India or Gold he headed for Spain where he was heralded as a hero and declared to the King and Queen that American Indians are barbarous savages who will eat you !

However, once again he claimed India full of gold was right over the horizon so settlers followed on more ships.  Now like today, everyone who was anyone lived in the big city ! However those pesky Gypsies like RV’ers lived in rural areas and this created quite a stir ! 

Now for entertainment, gossip was always a favorite past time practiced around bingo, gin rummy, checkers and maybe poker. And even before Harry Potter, the gossip around town revolved around demons and pesky witches who were said to be seen riding brooms on their day off !  Someone also said that under the light of a crystal ball, they could create lightning bolts while predicting the weather, > plus they could read the future. 

They also created something made from herbs in a special brew called “snake oil”. Now never mind what it tasted like because it was said to eliminate everything from zits, boils, warts, hang nails and maybe even cancer ? So the settlers with some extra $ money, bought some snake oil and entered the Varda’s hallowed halls where they encountered the most exalted GGG or Great Granny Gypsy whom some said was a part time witch. And under her magic crystal ball, she told them what they wanted to hear !  Which was the promise land with a wonderful future > just over the horizon which just happened to be California !

Also, it was said that when you weren’t looking, those Gypsies could slip into town and steal your children ! Blasphemy ! And also the only way to protect your family against those pesky witches was to burn them at the stake !

Fast Forward > Now while the Gypsies weren’t roaring around on their brooms stealing children or being burned at the stake, they occupied their time creating the Connestoga wagon, Prairie Schooner and perhaps the twenty mule team Borax. And since this was before the lottery, the Gypsy entrepreneurs sold the settlers Conestoga wagons and sent them off to California to find gold and strike it rich !  Meanwhile the Gypsies stayed behind and opened a new bank along with a new post office right next to Wells Fargo whom they also sold wagons to along with 20 mule team Borax and permits to drive these new horse drawn wagons ! And everyone thought the Gypsies were stupid when in fact they were the Henry Ford of that era ! 

Now understand that the “wheel” created a mobile revolution which today includes cars, SUV’s trucks, trains, motorcycles, ATV’s bicycles and yes, >>>> recreational vehicles. So we owe it all to the Gypsies and if you know any, rather than set them on fire, give them a hug but don’t ask for any snake oil or what your future holds !


Question ?  What is the most popular outdoor activity ?

Wrong answer again, so pay attention ! The correct answer is > RV’ing > (recreational vehicles). And it is more popular than baseball, football or even soccer. Over fifty million or one in five people own an RV in the United States and there are over one hundred million owners worldwide.

Where are the dry cleaners when you need one ?  There were very few dry cleaners out on the prairie so the Gypsies took their laundry to a nearby creek and pounded them with a broom. Then they would hang them off the back of their wagon to dry. However modern day RV’ers’ like the gypsies hang their bicycles, canoes and maybe the laundry and children off the back !

And in the little known facts departments, there are now over one million gypsies living in America.  And their ranks include Cher, Elvis, Bill Clinton and perhaps a few of your closest friends !