THIS  GRAPH  REPRESENTS  THE  CIRCLE  OF  KNOWLEDGE     ____________       Your mind can process 1500 words per minute. However you only speak about 150 words per minute which may be a good argument for keeping your mouth shut ! Worse, your texting rate is only about 20 words per minute. That means texting takes seven times as long as speaking and is seventy five times slower than what your mind can process. Question ? So does this mean everyone is stupid ? Answer > Depends on whether someone is thinking, talking or texting ! >>> To be safe, put down that “smart phone“, become productive and get a life !

Caution: Studies show that only 1% of you will actually read this !  The rest of you apparently already know everything so carry on and remain blissfully ignorant !  

Knowledge Is Power:  This is your encyclopedia for a lifestyle on wheels and should you decide to become part of that 1% that want to learn something, the short list includes RV’s, big boys toys like cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles and little boys toys like Drones with high res. cameras, etc..   It also addresses people’s compulsion to chase wasteful and dangerous lifestyles such as flying commercial, cruise ships, vacation homes and even the insane tiny house !


Question ? What invention changed history more than any other ?

Answer“The wheel”  The original RV’ers were gypsies and Connestoga wagons would help change their lives forever. These were followed by smaller Prairie Schooners and the wheel enabled a mobile revolution which now includes cars, SUV’s, trucks, trains, motorcycles, ATV’s, bicycles and yes, > > > recreational vehicles.

Question ?  What is the most popular outdoor activity ?

Answer > RV’ing > > > (recreational vehicles). Over fifty million or one in five people own an RV in the United States and there are over one hundred million owners worldwide. Which is proof positive the gypsies were on the right track and probably incredibly smart.

Could this have been the original RV ?   Possibly but do not confuse the “Gypsies” with “Settlers” on Connestoga wagons headed toward California to find gold and strike it rich.  They were called “settlers” because they liked roughing it and “settled”  for extreme discomfort !  Today, modern “settlers” have RV’s and don’t chase gold since they plan on winning the lottery !

Now if you are still reading at this point, you may be a 1% percenter and could qualify for a free coupon.  So keep reading !

Your  forecast >>> Be  forewarned  that  if  you  are  in  a  good  mood,  this  may  change  that !  However,  if  you  take  a  moment  to  actually  read  this and remain in the top  1%  percent,  you  can  expect  partly  sunny with a  touch  of  genius.

The word “Camper” may be the most overworked word in the English language. For those of you who don’t know, the term “camper ” began from an odd attachment mounted on the back of a pickup truck in the day when the only other RV was a tag or “travel trailer” towed by a station wagon, most of which spent a good deal of time in the ditch since the brakes were dismal to non-existent and the combo was prone to > “jackknife”.

However, with RV’ing being so popular, in order to send you off the beaten path, car people determined to capitalize on this trend spend $$$ millions on advertisements designed to convince all gullible people that an SUV is actually an RV ! To achieve that, they show smiling families in a shiny new SUV with high tech children jammed inside on cellphones taking selvies for memories of this new exiting adventure on at least a half dozen WiFi stations.  Outside, canoes are perched precariously on the roof and up to ten bicycles hanging off the back just like the old world gypsies did with their laundry ! Adorned with stickers that say > “off-roader” and “ain’t skeered” they  crawl along sucking up fuel in their overloaded, under-powered SUV blocking traffic for miles, > which is all OK because they are > “going camping” – whatever that means ?

Want a divorce ? For those who hadn’t noticed, women are somewhat different from men ! And every television ad shows him taking his other half and family “camping” in their new shiny SUV with no bedroom, kitchen or bathroom and a little tent parked near animals that make funny noises in the night which means > “he can count on getting a divorce”.  And just so you aren’t mislead, >>> none  of  this  has  anything  to  do  with  RV’ing !

Note: The following is a compilation created over extensive research by independent sources such as NHTSA, (National Highway Transportation Safety Administration) Consumer Reports, Insurance Companies, Freedonia Group, Haney Group and other publicized information readily available and includes interviews with thousands of RV owners. It is meant solely for informational purposes and is not meant to target any particular manufacturer, dealer, make or model.  Disclaimer: >> The following does not represent the views or opinions of Transport Technologies, officers or employees nor any affiliate organizations.


The worst news is not that your car detached and was found in a ditch but that it met another car head-on causing multiple injuries and/or fatalities which your insurance doesn’t cover. Most RV’ers believe they are covered under RV, home owners or other insurance. > not so ! >>> (More on this below)

Read The Fine Print Disclaimers: > Like your car, in the fine print you will note your policy can be automatically cancelled if you install any modifications such as aftermarket products or what is termed an unsecured load which legally translated is >”Intentional Negligence”! Be aware that virtually all hitches and dollys are aftermarket and that is why reputable wrecker companies (who retrieve wrecks for a living) will no longer tow vehicles (except on the truck’s rear deck) and liability is also why no known RV manufacturers  install hitches and no known RV rental companies due to insurance restrictions rent RV’s when used for towing.

Insurance companies require the name of every designated driver (to check driving records). And when your car detaches from your bus or motorhome, this falls under the legal category of > unsecured load which also translates to legal negligence which means there was > NO  DESIGNATED  DRIVER  IN  THE  CAR

The insurance company can justifiably claim your policy was void the minute you began towing an empty car with a retro-fitted aftermarket hitch >>> and they can justifiably claim your policy was void the minute you began towing an empty car with that retro-fitted  aftermarket hitch >>> “Knowledge Is Power” and now you know the facts !

Also, see the section below on towing cars causing automatic braking fires plus inability to back up on dead end streets plus a requirement for “pull through sites” at RV parks. >>>

                   This section is dedicated to those who have a burning desire to fit in !  

Pickup Trucks ! >>> Decades ago, Transport Technologies convinced Ford to build the first four door pickup truck. Why ? Because they believed more than two people might want to travel and sitting outside in the back in the wind and rain was not only dangerous but illegal. Also, there was a growing need to have a more “macho ride”. >> Sort of  “a pickup truck man cave” !

Pickup trucks >  Fifty years ago, if you had a farm it was OK to buy a pickup truck.  However, times have changed and today there are two reasons why pickup trucks have remained for the last thirty five years the best selling vehicle on the road !  Contractors who make up about 30% of the market intend to actually haul or tow something !   And the other 70% had no use for one but bought them because their neighbor had one and that creates a burning desire to fit in and belong to the neighborhood !  It’s called the “me too” syndrome.

Learning what the emblems on the side mean. Limited”  obviously means only a few will be built so with few left,  get em while they’re hot !   “Sport” means  “sports truck” for racing !  “Off Road” is self explanatory and means the truck should not be on public highways !

However proceed with caution as >  Amazingly, “Limited”,  “Sport” and “Off Road” may not mean what they imply >> Spoiler alert > Only  7%  of  all  pickups  ever  go  off-road.  And even though the “outdoor may be calling”  there are few areas that allow “off-roading” including state parks. Check your local state law which says if you don’t own the land > it’s called trespassing and most land owners have guns !

Nonetheless, you will need a good reason to convince your wife you need to spend upwards of $50,000 on that new pickup while ignoring the fact that the kids need new shoes.  So here are some helpful hints > First, what not to tell her ! Don’t tell her she can buy a lot of shoes for $50,000.00 ! ! !  And you won’t get any points for telling her you need a place for the empty beer cans while tailgating at the game ? Instead,  try telling her you need to search along the road for extra firewood (for your gas fireplace).  And when she doesn’t buy that, tell her one never knows when you might come upon some road-kill > such as a dead buzzard  ?    And when none of this works and you find yourself cornered, go for broke > “Remind her that besides the obvious need to keep up with the Joneses,  you need a place to store the tent when taking the family “camping” ! ! !  Works every time !

The trucks above are perfect if you are extremely anti-social since there is only room in the cab for two plus a keg of beer sandwiched in between. It also helps if you travel with a ladder or are over seven feet tall !

Making a statement in your new pickingup truck ! No real pickup truck should be silent !  Never attempt to drive a silent truck since an obnoxious noise is a “right of passage“.   To achieve that remove the mufflers preferably before you even get it home.

More statements > Announcing your arrival is best achieved when everyone can hear you coming for miles.  And “experts” will tell you that loud noise is proof that a 6,000 pound truck is “blindingly fast”.  Amacho man emblem” with skulls will remind your fans of “Hell’s Angels” while providing some badly needed attention. 

Fat / Knobby Tires >  Always buy the widest tires that will stick well out beyond the wheel-wells.  And if they rub, > just jack it up in the air !  Like the fat tires, there is no such thing as too tall so elevate it until you have a nose bleed or pass out from a lack of oxygen !  And remember !  Impressions are everything and fat knobby tires will produce an enormous roaring sound audible for miles with the added benefit of slinging projectiles like gravel and rocks at the cars behind you.

What they didn’t tell you is > Caution > If you have a jacked up pickup truck do not read this !  Balancing height with steering geometry is a technical science which should not be done by some self appointed bubba in a job shop.  Those offset wide wheels and tires guarantee the steering geometry will be end up completely out of cast/camber so the front end wanders endlessly, particularly over bumps, threatening to swerve into less important vehicles.  They will also cause stress fractures in outer axle bearings which besides overheating lubricating grease can result in a wheel falling off which immediately turns the truck into a ditch or off the side of a mountain.  > But don’t you worry about that until it happens !

Junk in the trunk and blinding lights:  Anything in the back of a pickup trucks by law must be secured and covered. However since no one can see the junk until it flys out in the face of oncoming traffic, not to  worry since obviously this is now someone else’s problem.

Blinding lights > Real pickups have at least a dozen bright lights on the roof which can be aimed so they will blind on-coming cars.  Add some banners or flags flapping wildly in the wind which are audible for miles and you have proclaimed your allegiance to home and country along with your local football team.  And since this makes a deafening roar inside, pay no attention to those screaming “we can’t hear anything“.  Just turn up the radio to  > “are you kidding levels” and roar on !

Macho Man ! Bubba always wanted a boat but because he spent all his coins on the new pickup, he decided to launch his new pickup man cave turned boat into the raging river.  And as it floats away, “captain bubba” and his passengers find it best to avoid the incoming water by climbing out onto the roof.  And the last thing you see as they come ever closer to the roaring dam is captain bubba pointing proudly down at the sticker that sez > > >“Ain’t Skeered” !

Truckers, tailgaters and footballers !   Years ago Bubba’s brother > “Bocephus” was at the local “sports bar” downing beer and bellowing loudly at everyone for a half mile with a few racial slurs on which is the best football player, coach,  team owner,  etc. .  And not to be outdone,  real “picking up truckers” invented something called the  > tailgate party” another right of passage…

But wait > Unfortunately, there’s more and this section is deemed off limits to almost everyone ! > Long before the game starts, you can hear the footballers coming from miles away, tires a-roaring, flags a-flapping and the engine belching smoke out the huge exhaust stacks with help from > “Bocephus aftermarket fuel injection system”.  With enough black smoke to sufficiently gag everyone for miles and give new meaning to the term global warming, those fat knobby tires have thrown mud, rain and cow manure all over the truck generating a putrid stench that can “knock a buzzard off a *%+@  wagon !  Meanwhile, “Bubba“, perched up on his “man cave” is sucking up beer and downing enough junk food to soon discover redefined food poisoning.

A Positive Scenario >>>  Meanwhile, his adoring fans are held in rapt attention and listening intently, Bubba is now “holding court” ! At no extra charge he explains how football should be played occasionally glancing at his cellphone or tiny display on his trendy smart watch to the booming “blow by blow” of the game on what he calls  > surround sound stereo ! Meanwhile,  one of his faithful followers quietly informs those intensive listeners that Bubba’s incredible knowledge was acquired by accident as part of  “the junior football team” while he was a cub scout !

Jeeps > Another warning >> This  section  may  not  be  suitable  for  anyone  at  any  age !  The “Old timers” from WWII who can tell you a thing or two about how the early Jeeps were like sitting on concrete blocks in a go-cart. And when they finally got away from that old Jeep,  they often went straight to a local bar or church or both in that order !  However, Millenials weren’t there during the war so the “me-tooers” rushed out decades later and bought every Jeep they could find !




Also,  “Jeepers” as they are commonly referred to may without explanation suddenly swerve off the highway and attempt to climb the side of a mountain !  As seen on TV (like the internet, it must be true), commercials have apparently convinced everyone that Jeeps can go anywhere, anyway, anytime, anyhow !  Some claim really jacked up Jeeps are so high they have been known to fall over just because a fat person leaned against them.  Unfortunately like pickups, that high center of gravity may cause the “jacked up” Jeep to roll over and plummet down the mountain possibly crushing a few people along the way.

Safety Component > Also,  another reason “Jeepers” do not wear seat belts beyond being considered “sissified” is  they argue that in a roll over with no obstructions like seat belts or doors,  they will be thrown clear which to them is an obvious safety factor ?  Meanwhile,  certain body parts such as arms, legs and heads may be crushed which can require a stop at the ER or possibly the funeral home !

Now be aware that pickup truckers and Jeepers have a lot in common. Real “Bonified Jeepers” know there are several important elements that separate them from ordinary picking-uppers and sissified Jeepers. First, they reserve the right to remove the doors in order to get that outdoor feeling which we call > “flapping in the wind” ! Secondly,  it’s sissified to wear seat belts since getting drunk and falling out is a “right of passage”. Still, onlookers often ask “without the doors, why do they bother to install roll cages” ? Don’t ask !

And here is where we must separate “Real Jeepers” from mere “Wannabee Jeepers” . Wannabees typically have their doors still attached because they prefer not to fall out. However this qualifies them as “sissies” by real Jeepers who claim the lack of doors saves a few pounds which can turn an ordinary Jeep into a “raging sports car” for the Real Jeeper speedo group !  As in your very own one thousand horsepower P-15 McLaren and save that extra $1M !

Another advantage of no doors is both boys and girls of all ages can now stick their legs out ! And as the wind blows her skirt up, listen for the applause which also qualifies her for a “Bonified Jeeper” emblem. Also, with no doors, there is obviously no need for heat or air conditioning which “experts” say dramatically improves fuel mileage and can become critically important when climbing Mount Everest. One last major advantage is when it rains > the Jeep becomes an aquarium ! This aquarium is also a good place to store a few sharks which are very macho !

SUV’s >>   OK grasshoppers, try to keep up !  We have to weigh in and say if we haven’t offended everyone at this point, it wasn’t from a lack of trying.  So stay tuned as the following is guaranteed to insult almost everyone !  Or make you a lot smarter !

First things first ! Your decaying social status !  About ten years ago give or take a decade or two,  modern millennial wannabees made fun of their grandfather’s ride called a > “station wagon“.  Fast forward !  What they may not have noticed is a lot of the new SUV’s look exactly like the original “station wagon”. And of course social-lite millennials are rushing out to gather up this “new trend” ??  

Another rule is NEVER buy an SUV, car, motorcycle, bicycle, flip flops or even a pair of sneakers without WIFI !   This latest trend has been described by wannabees as “the nuclear energy that is driving mankind into the twentieth century”.  Just as you would never want to be embarrassed by having “last year’s bird nest“,  WIFI / MIFI or SIFI has become  “a right of passage” and critically important if you want to join the WiFi country club which is the ultimate status symbol !

Medical alert >  According to the advertisements > “kids of any age can go into serious withdrawal during a WiFi melt down”.  Also, be aware that times have changed and kids are very particular about what they expect from their new ride. To do otherwise > is tantamount to being caught with no toys to play with !   And if you have been watching the latest commercials described in mind-boggling superlatives, you learn very quickly that not only are these the ultimate off roady – head turner, with multiple WiFi stations, your child can not only inherit the earth they can drive the tires off it forever !

Technical Brilliance > Moving on, based on their commercials, be sure to select one with room for entire house of furniture, a grand piano,  musical instruments, a boy scout tent, five bicycles precariously hanging off the back (like your old laundry) and a canoe on the roof ! Once again, this redefines “camper” whatever that is and like the old phone booths with twenty people stuffed inside, this is how you put one hundred pounds of potatoes in a two pound sack which only an advertising agency could manage with the help of photoshop !

Overview >> Never mind those that say if you’ve seen one cookie cutter, you’ve seen them all !  If you look at the cars from the 1950’s or 1960’s, it was easy to tell them apart.  However today they are all basically copy cats because obviously  everyone wants to own look-a-like cars. However, in order to chose wisely, rush immediately to the “Toyotathon” where the advertisement shows everyone dancing wildly with cars in the showroom ! And if one particular Camry is making particularly wicked moves, don’t waste time asking the price since someone else could snatch it up any second !  Just sign on the line and if you change your mind tomorrow, consider a new status symbol > the “expectation shattering Buick”  which implies  “they already know what your expectations are”  as defined by their crystal ball in the showroom !

Fitting In With One Size That Fits All ? Remember, while keeping up with the Joneses the real advantage is that way with your new SUV, you don’t have to worry about being “sneered at” by your neighbors who has an identical look-a-like – so you know you fit right in !   Find a car that’s different and you run the risk of being carted off to a “shrink”  to have your brain put back in the box !

Image is Everything > Lastly, image is still everything so look closely at the women seen in the commercials and you will note they seem to all have a “swarmy look of superiority on their face”.  For technocrats !  In marketing parlance this is known as “subconscious sublimation” which is also commonly referred to as “brainwashing hypnosis“. And now you know why identical ads are constantly repeated.  So before departing in your new SUV Look-A-Like, you should practice this by frequently checking yourself in the rear view mirror so everyone will know > you have arrived !

ELECTRIC CARS:  If you need proof positive that the “dumbing down of America” is complete, here it is ! First > cost ?  $ Thousands more than a gas or diesel which means traveling for years on the cost difference. But electric is free !  Really ? When is the last time you got free electricity anywhere including your home or business ? All batteries have memory and if constantly charging that huge heavy batteries for twelve hours doesn’t damage your bank account, replacing that $5,000 battery every two years will !

Travel distance>  Forget the claims. When you add in heat/air conditioning with fans, radios, GPS, lights, computer/cellphone WIFI attachments, 20 miles may be optimistic.  That means 12 miles one way  in order to get home which is a realistic limit unless you know where there are convenient battery recharging stations close by.  The advantage of being stuck in an interstate parking lot with no charging station for miles is a chance to relax all night with a dead cellphone and irate screaming kids who have no WIFI connection !  If this isn’t working for you on that expensive electric car, you can always turn it into a golf cart and if you are intent on saving the environment, play golf and get a SureFly Drone for work as you become the real deal envy of the entire neighborhood.

Insurance ? Need insurance for your next crash ?   The Geico television ad indicates all you need to do to qualify is to practice juggling your chain saws ! We have decided to create a lottery with an award going to the most insultingly stupid irrelevant ad by an insurance company !  And right now there are at least four of the biggest ones in the running. However they have plenty of competition with the millions of ambulance chasing lawyers anxious to take your $ money and theirs !



Motorcycles !  Feeling an overwhelming need to be part of the macho years of Hell’s Angels ? Let’s face it, motorcycles and cars don’t mix and bikers accurately claim there are far too many four wheeled rats in the cage.  Unfortunately having “macho man” engraved on your tombstone won’t gain any points and based on miles driven, cars mixing space with motorcycles according to the DOT have created the number one cause of highway fatalities.  And the fact is that with two people on board your 90 HP x 1200 pound “hog”  you now own the equivalent of a two wheeled automobile, however the comparison ends there.  So if you are a biker or have biker friends who are still alive and are likely to encounter Pickups, Jeeps, SUV’s and the occasional Sherman Tank all of whom believe they “own the road” >  here are some ways to defend yourself from those who believe all motorcycles should be crushed and eliminated !

Defense Mechanisms >  You have undoubtedly already removed the already loud mufflers, so turn on all the lights and jack up the radio to deafening levels. This way there is a remote chance someone will at least hear or see you from a half mile away – however there is no guarantee because they may be talking on a cellphone stuck to their ear, eating lunch, staring down texting or playing games on WIFI any and all of which could make you a candidate for the funeral parlor.

Positives > Like Jeepers, it’s OK to stick your feet out which is very aerodynamic and always makes an impression when you encounter road kill > like a coyote or a deer”).

Forget the GPS because you already know where you are going or maybe you don’t care ? And because the family that plays together often crashes together, put your wife or significant other on the back “in her thong” which will attract badly needed attention than blinking lights and make a trendy statement which combined with enough tatoes may signal everyone that she is a BBB’er > a “Bonified Biker Bitch” ?  

Pocket rockets“.  This is proof positive there are certain people who want to die ! However, note that these wannabees are providing a public service by  “demonstrating how to race on public highways”.  Points are earned by attacking bumper to bumper traffic at not less than 100 mph. which in some areas is just keeping up with the traffic ! They also redefine aerodynamics by hunching over the handlebars and staring straight down at the ground which apparently reduces bug splatter !  Likewise, the preferred attitude is “butt up” in the air with a bright red bulls eye embossed on the back of your speedo which gives everyone a target to shoot at.  And if they are not texting and their aim is true, this may earn you a rightful place in the honorary “pocket rocket” obituary column.

Zigging, zagging and doing wheelies are always good for extra points.  Even more points can also be earned by rocketing off the side of “entitled cars” creeping along in the  fast lane originally (reserved for motorcycles) and this is guaranteed to create maximum stage fright and wake up those half asleep or texting.



The TriFecta ! The picture on the left obviously shows two vehicles and a motorcycle trying to occupy the same space at the same time. Now to analyze this, you need to know who was on first, who was on second and was anyone watching home plate ?  Meanwhile the picture on the right shows a pocket rocket which makes a sound like a bumble bee at full tilt ! And like any good bumble bee, the driver decided to take flight !

Think the four wheelers just pick on bicyclers and motorcycles ? Wrong ! To put this in prospective,  these same brainiacs also run over police officers, crash into ambulances, cut off firetrucks or run over people at red lights which can interrupt their texting ! Also, keep in mind that statistically few of them actually own the vehicle they are driving while 32% have no insurance at all and even with the $10,000 minimal coverage which over 60% have be aware that won’t cover the cost of an ambulance or hospital visit much less the funeral parlor and obviously won’t make a dent on repairing or replacing a $5 to $10 million dollar Transporter.

Formal Dedication:  We trust this has been incredibly informative and we would therefore like to dedicate this entire section with a big shout out to mental midgets everywhere with single digit IQ’s on behalf of Undertakers at Funeral Parlors around the world !

OK so what is the best and safest way to travel ?  The safest way to is not to drive at all but fly the friendly skies in an Octocopter which you can see under “Specialized Transporters”.  That way you aren’t mixing with the riffraff since they are not allowed a thousands feet up in the air !

Transport Technologies Trucks:  Knowledge Is Power > The DOT indicates an 18 wheeler has the best track record and is the safest way to travel.  Transport Technologies doesn’t build “trick my truck or off-road  jacked up trucks”, we will weigh in here for some comparisons.  First, nothing they build is meant to go “off-roading,” cross deep rivers or climb the side of  mountains. Instead what you will find is a bathroom, stand up shower, sofa bed, refrigerator, TV, mobile satellite audio/video (no WiFi to be hacked ) and room for multiple animals with six doors.  On top is your drone and in the back area there is room for bicycles, motorcycle, barbecue grill and if you must “a tent” in case anyone wants to know if you have a “real camper” – whatever that is ? Instead with the transporter behind, what we have is two RV’s including a transporter you can tow behind with multiple boats, Limo’s, helicopters, ATV’s, jet skis for the mountains or new all terrain dune-buggies like > (Atom > 0 to 60 mph in 2.8 seconds) which can run circles around trucks and Jeeps.and we would highly recommend Transport Technologies toy which with all its lights and roman chariot hubs is a major deterrent for those who may be texting, eating lunch, fixing their hair or those who created road rage or wish to become your local terrorists. Privacy and security are assured by the optional shields between the floors which can block the occasional errant IUD or landmine and security is assured by bulletproof windows which provide a wonderfully silent interior.

Where Transport Tech failed !  If you see it on TV or the internet, you know it’s true ! However, their rather lame hybrid crossover Ford F-750 with Cummins diesel and 2,000 mile non-stop range and only a 72,000 lbs. tow rating is obviously no match for Toyota’s new pickup shown in the “Toyotathon TV Ad”  towing a 258,000 pound space shuttle across a bridge. > Again, you know if it’s on TV or social media, it must be true which prompted us > to see if we could buy one of these at an actual Toyota dealership but were told they just sold the last one > so we asked them if we could buy a tooth fairy instead ? And as you might expect, they just sold out of those also !

Cellphones, Cameras and Drones. Everyone you know is probably talking on a cellphone right now, perhaps taking a “selvie”  ! The original cellphone designed by Transport Tech’s founder was strictly a telephone and had nothing to do with “gaming or texting” unlike the current gaming addiction and frequent car crashes from those who are texting. Furthermore, cellphones promote a ” love thyself trend” addiction to “selvies” made famous by the original “Miss Selvie > Kim Kardasian”, who is reported to take over a thousand pictures of herself daily.  So with over two billion cellphones,  beyond heroin the addiction to endless yacking, texting, gaming and taking selvies not only runs up those billable hours, if carpel tunnel syndrome has attacked your fingers, drink some Vino and shake it off  !

If you were born several hundred years ago, there would have been a picture of you or your great grandfather on the wall of the mansion. However  today you can go for professionally done “Memories Of A Lifetime” for your family and your great grandchildren. These memories are here long after you are gone and/or if you don’t mind becoming famous on global television. Unlike selvies, professional video are the result of professional artists who today with a little photoshop assistance, can create your own masterpiece suitable for viewing in a local movie theater !

Your grandfather didn’t have digital video and photoshop available back then (which might have improved their look considerably) so in order for you move into the digital age, you need to do the following > Buy a transporter which automatically qualifies you to become part of the most exclusive club in the world, the MEA or Mobile Estate Association which periodically frequent MEP’s or Mobile Estate Parks. (See 5 Star RV parks, MEA’s and MEP’s) This also places you within reach of concierge service which includes at certain MEP’s professional drone pilots, cinematographers and photoshop artists.

Drones > Everyone needs at least one drone. And what kind of drone should you buy ? Depends on what you intend to do with it ! If you want to just fly it around the backyard occasionally land in the neighbor’s swimming pool any inexpensive drone will do, since they may not give it back. On the other hand, most will return home and land when the battery level drops to 5% percent. And know that you and your kids are going to crash while texting so get extra propellers, rotors and a helmet for everyone in the vicinity. Built in cameras like Go-Pro’s will provide medium resolution pictures and a good degree of fish eye effect due to rather inexpensive wide angle lenses. And don’t expect any auto-focus or auto-iris or night time options. At $1800, a Phantom is still an entry level Drone but well built, dependable and an easy to fly drone even for amateurs.

If on the other hand you want to avoid traffic jams on your way to work and make a statement in your neighborhood, the SkyFly two passenger Drone (see Specialized Transporters) with eight propellers is both affordable and safer than a helicopter. A self piloted two place drone is the new inexpensive safe helicopters of the future and they can do some amazing things. Far more maneuverable, than a helicopter, it can fly circles around bumble bees and humming birds. They can also fly to 4,000 feet and with a 70 mile range, even if three of the four rotors die or there was a total engine failure, in five minutes on battery power alone, it can land. Pluses > Marginally affordable, practical mobility, economical to fly, easy to maintain and more unique than cars, trucks or SUV’s plus you can “take it with you in your transporter”

The wonderful internet:  You are probably connected right now so listen up. Few know that when it first came out, over 50% of it was porn !  Today the mast majority is nudity, profanity and violent gaming. This has spawned a “pretend lifestyle” of unreality where virtually every element is BS including a lot of advertising.  The good news is that you do not need to attend college and have your parents spend all that $ money. You can now get your degree on line and become a doctor, lawyer, dentist, race car driver, pilot or bonified geek by simply sending them your parents or someone else credit card. And before you know it, you will have your on line bonified diploma possibly signed by an original tooth fairy !


Knowledge Is Power > and here are the facts surrounding the truth.

This section >

****  > Your safety > compromised.

****  > Serious fire hazards from electrical wiring, rear engines and generators.

****  > Why RV’s are still manufactured with flammable materials and deadly > asbestos and formaldehyde.

***** > RV History: Few know that most RV’s are built by the same companies who originally built mobile homes.

RV’S > If it’s on the internet, it must be true ? One way to learn about RV ratings is reviews by RV manufacturers on their own products.  All of the reviews or “independent studies” ? provide glowing reverences of excellence ! Ad nauseum.

One way to get an honest opinion is review by Consumer Reports or other reliable non-biased reviews. !  If you were buying an aircraft, the FAA requires on board recording devices (black boxes) and log books which record everything on the ground and in the air. And aircraft are supposed to be only worked on by certified A&E (aircraft and engines mechanics). If you bought a yacht the better ones are rated by either Lloyds of London and have coast guard certification.  RV’ers is another source and they are usually quite negative which may discourage you from buying anything.  And that is why there is an “RV For Sale” sign on every corner or on every dealer’s lot.

Buy an RV, and you will find little or nothing substantial other than an identification placard. No DOT certification since that applies only to commercial vehicles. And the state of Indiana and others still allow them to be produced unregulated with cancer causing Asbestos and Formaldahide as well as totally unqualified non-certified individuals.

However, one way to know what standards the manufacturer adheres to includes the Unification of Industrial Standards, International Trade and Institute of Civil Engineers and Verification of Industries Standards, which are included under aspects of manufacturing to ISO standards which is non profit and does not accept bribes. Located in Geneva, Switzerland,  unfortunately you won’t find any RV manufacturers listed who can even approach even the lowest ISO standards. And the only international company that exceeds the highest ISO standard of excellence is       Transport Technologies and that should tell you something !


THE U-HAUL MOTORHOME CHASSIS:   The typical motorhome chassis, commonly referred to as a “city delivery truck chassis” is also used by companies like “U-Haul !  To save weight a thin lightweight upper framework is added. And as the chassis below runs over uneven road surfaces, this transfers load to the upper structure which flexes and distorts which causes the “squeaking and groaning” you hear and failure of cabinets and doors to open and close properly.

And these city delivery truck chassis’ are also known for having a harsh ride. Altering steering and suspension geometry is something that should NEVER be altered by amateurs. However, in an attempt to improve the ride while saving $ money, conversion companies often remove all but one of the front springs and install softer shocks. This causes the top heavy motorhome to oscillate from side to side requiring constant steering corrections, particularly  in a cross wind and with only two small I-bolts now connecting the axle to the single spring, this is a formula for a mechanical failure since when it breaks usually from sharp turns and/or braking as when coming down a mountain, the axle disconnects and allows the tire to make contact or “run out” making contact with the wheel-well, which instantly stops it from turning causing an immediate loss of control and a possible serious wreck.



Historically, motorhomes have been exempt from most safety regulations including energy absorption and crash testing even though they are top heavy and when they roll over, the superstructure often detaches from the chassis and can virtually disintegrate.

100 Year Old Design: Buses were originally designed to move people from A to B with very limited cargo capacity and only about 2% are converted for use as an RV.

 >>> Why motorhomes and buses get terrible fuel mileage.  A gas guzzler ? Put you hand out the window at 60 mph and note the enormous pressure against your hand ! Now multiply that by the huge frontal area of a motorhome or bus !

It’s like pushing a giant billboard !  Now compare that to the wind cheating aerodynamics of our transporters !   And whether it’s a school bus or a transit bus, converting it for some other purpose might have been acceptable one hundred years ago however this is 2017, not 1917. And no matter how hard they try to disguise it > > > > a  bus  always  looks  like  a  bus !

THE WORST SEAT IN THE HOUSE:  The driver and passenger seats in a bus or motorhome are in the most dangerous impact zone most likely to cause serious injury or death. And upon impact everything inside become a projectile crushing everything in their path as they take driver and passengers right through the windshield !

Flammable materials:  RV construction is basically unregulated and many manufacturers therefore continue to use cancer causing asbestos and formaldehyde as well as highly flammable insulation in walls, ceilings and floors which can spread a fire so quickly, it can envelope the entire structure in minutes.  Diesel pushers with rear mounted generators towing automobiles with wiring run 40′ ft. from the car to the driver are especially vulnerable.

A formula for disaster with electric, pulsing or automatic collision avoidance braking.  Whether its wiring between vehicles or wheels,axles and the transmission spinning, collision avoidance senses proximity with the rear of the  tow vehicle at which point it applies the brakes which over-heat and through wiring including the sensors, can set the car or tow vehicle on fire. It then spreads to the tow vehicle and possibly it’s fuel tanks. Seconds after this was taken, the motorhome exploded. (For more information, click here).

What  else  they  didn’t  tell  you about  braking !  They would have you believe that you are safe with automatic braking >  Not so. Recognizing that the average person can no longer safely drive a car, they install this gimmick which admittedly can work under certain circumstances, mostly face on at low speed. What they didn’t tell you is that anytime a child, deer, bicycle or motorcycle or anything else including another car darts in front of your vehicle, the system cannot stop a car at highway speeds before impact. Which means at a red light whether the other vehicle passes directly in front of you or “T” bones you in the side, this will not do one thing to protect you and your passengers.

Ignorance Knows No Limits > It has been estimated that 98% of all RV’s sold have electrical grounding, both AC and DC hooked to the chassis.  And although this is a common short cut by electricians, if you want the definition of stupid and dangerous risk to you and your family, simply Google this and you will find an unlimited number of wannabees informing you that this is a perfect way to ground your RV, car, truck or boat !   In fact, it is the worst thing you can possibly do.  NEVER use the framework or chassis as a conduit or grounding wire even though some generator and inverters have manuals instructing how to do this.

Last but not least – virtually all motorhomes and RV’s with up to four miles of wiring which are often done by unlicensed and totally unqualified workers which are actually worse than those wiring residences and businesses. By code a house or business requires a so called licensed electrician to either do the wiring or at least be present with a journeyman or apprentice. However with mobile applications which are far more complex, there are no legal requirements or inspectors present when this is done.  The result ? You would be better off taking a commercial airline flight wired by a boy scout !  And that is why there are so many fires on mobile homes and RV’s.

The Internet: > One genius commenting on the internet claimed his solution when on the road was to hang a wire with a five foot long copper tube attached and underneath his “camper”.  Those following him must have been alarmed to see the sparks however yet another genius claimed rubber tires contain enough carbon and moisture to act as a “grounding rod” !  This could be where > “Stupid has no boundaries and ignorance has no limits” originated.

Your RV and Twissity 101 > Electrical facts:  At every RV park there should be a grounding rod at EVERY site.  To cut corners or save time and money $, so called electricians will often use single “daisy chain” grounding between sites. Utility companies also try to save $ money at transformers and/or power poles by “sharing” grounding between phone lines and electrical lines often using one grounding rod at certain the power poles. And if a lightning bolt or other surge travels over either utility line, it passes back through the ground wire which is connected to the opposite utility. Often it will actually blow the transformer off the pole but you are paying for it, so it doesn’t matter to them !  However, this can damage telephones and any electrical components, etc. etc. And this practice also cost consumers hundreds of $ millions each year.

And you guessed it, this same short cut connection is part of the transformer from the power company at almost every RV park.  Grounding rods at each site outlet should be done only by the park by an electrician qualified to install mobile electrical > not by you !  If you install your own rod particularly for a detached or on-board generator, you run the risk of puncturing water, cable, or electrical lines with dire consequences.

Grounding DC batteries > If you have DC batteries, the negative poll on the battery is your ground – period – never  shortcut a wire to the chassis or frame. You may have been told the framework can act as a conduit.  Never mind what this does to expensive audio and video equipment,  NEVER connect any wiring AC or DC, positive or negative to the framework because metal, steel or aluminum conduct electricity and just touching them can injure or kill you.  Read this again > DC current can kill you.  Again, any positive (red) wires or components which inadvertently touches any part of a framework or conducting exterior point completes the circuit instantly even if you are just standing on a floor or brushing up against it ! In a word, whenever anyone connects a ground wire to the chassis or framework, they just potentially electrified the entire vehicle ! ! ! Example: Ten people were recently killed on Lake Lanier north of Atlanta when they jumped into water from boats (not even close to the dock) which were electrified from pontoons wired to components all with fuses and DC batteries.  And both AC and DC can cause serious fires.

Connecting to AC > If you are connected to shore power, the outlet beside your RV should be connected to a ground rod in the ground at the site.

Generators and Inverters > If you have an on board generator, the AC electricity passing through your transfer switch and circuit breakers and possibly an isolator or GFI to create an AC ground.  Better quality generators or inverters will have their own circuit breakers built in and their framework should NEVER be connected to any chassis or superstructure.   And if you have a boat, yacht, or aircraft, all of the above also applies.

But the expert said > The internet has spawned an opportunity for everyone to become an “expert” and there will be many who have learned a few buzz words like most computer geeks in order to sound like they know everything. Quick Disconnect > So if you fit into this category, rather than voice your opinion on this, send for our free pole for only ($15,678.00) which has another experts face emblazoned on it.  Mount the pole somewhere in your backyard and when you feel the need to “express yourself“, simply go out there and give the pole a piece of your mind !

For the rest of you that recognize > Knowledge Is Power,  ignore the “wannabee experts” who wax on over the internet (which doesn’t cost them anything).  This also applies to so called “electrician” not educated and skilled for work on mobile vehicles. That includes an electrician who thinks he knows something about houses or commercial business which have nothing in common with the above or that read from documents/manuals distributed by anyone which claim to be knowledgeable on standard electrical codes or requirements for safety. These people are often not just ignorant they know just enough to be dangerously stupid but they do know enough to charge you a lot of $ money for either nothing or in up setting your ride on fire !  And we can’t emphasize this enough !!!!

Question > So how can I be assured of being safe ? Answer > Buy a Transport Technologies Transporter. 

Does the raised body on straight frame rails and axles with little wheels and corrugated exterior remind you of a  “mobile home” ?

A typical RV trailer with straight axles and/or straight framework with exposed undercarriage means you are probably riding on recycled mobile home “throw away axles” along with wheels and axles and brakes which do not meet minimum DOT safety standards.  This also causes excessive overweight loading and amazingly non-commercial vehicles are exempt from regulations.

Awesome or awkward ? This practice makes the trailer appear to be “jacked up on little legs” which raises the first floor and center of gravity three to four feet just like a mobile home exposing the undercarriage which many have described as “awkward and ugly”. This also makes loading and unloading difficult and may cause “hunting or swaying” particularly in a cross wind. With cargo and living quarters on the same level, both areas are severely compromised and even in the largest equestrian, motorsports and RV trailers, the cargo is seriously limited in terms of space and weight restrictions while living quarters are reduced to nothing more than a glorified lounge

The Truth About Throw Away Axles: > The first question is why don’t they use dropped axles and lower the trailers ? The answer is because straight axles are cheaper than dropped axles and they use the raised (and exposed) area underneath to hang electric, plumbing and other components which makes them vulnerable to water, obstructions (tires/deer/cayotes etc.) in the road, etc. etc.  And they can use these same straight axles for mobile homes.  And the reason mobile homes wheels, tires and straight axles are considered “throw away” is that by law they only have to travel to the mobile home park where by law they must be removed and the mobile home set up on blocks.

And what becomes of the mobile home “throw away axles” ? Answer: Often, they get recycled to RV’s !  These mobile home manufacturers who also build RV’s use these axles alongside big steel mobile home beams to build the cheapest, overweight and most impractical RV’s imaginable with virtually no cargo space. And since these small tires and wheels on “throw away” axles, could not meet DOT minimum load limits and because they never throw anything away, they petitioned Congress for an exemption for all RV’s and since they are not commercial vehicles, they are now exempt from safety regulations !

Question So how can I tell if I’m riding on “throw away” axles ? Answer > If your RV trailer appears to be raised or “jacked up” and/or is riding on straight axles which expose part or all of the undercarriage, you probably have mobile home axles or their equivalent – which are often not DOT safety approved/certified. The fact is these new RV trailers originated as cheap copies of mobile homes which is where most of these manufacturers started decades ago with a “cheaper is better” mentality. And if you have a new or used RV, despite its disguised appearance, the chances are you may be towing what is tantamount to a mobile home in disguise on non DOT certified mobile home axles.

Safety and Handling: Center of Gravity: Raising the center of gravity just six inches in any vehicle can adversely affect handling. Its called “the tail wagging the dog” and with “tag trailers” cross winds can cause them to bounce or “oscillate” and since they are precariously balanced on top of small wheels and like buses and motorhomes, have an alarming tendency to roll over ! Moreover, under heavy braking, inadequate trailer brakes and the high center of gravity can “lift” the hitch point unloading the tow vehicle’s rear wheels which can cause the dreaded and incredibly dangerous jack-knife when the trailer attempts to pass the tow vehicle. (See pictures above and below).(Click here for more information)

Truck demolished.  Mother and three children killed instantly !  This after being told the truck could easily pull this trailer.  However the real question was whether the truck and trailer suspension and brakes were capable of stopping in an emergency.   Pickups pulling a trailer should always have dualies and kits are available for most pickups.

An all too familiar sight in RV and mobile home parks.  Most companies build both mobile homes and RV’s using the same components and electrical wiring. And the most common cause of RV injuries/fatalities on highways and parks is not from accidents or storms but from fires. >>>>> Electrical fires !

Jeapordizing human life is secondary to making easy $$$ money.  It’s called ethical and moral bankruptcy !


While these sections may upset some it may also prove to be a “wake up call” for prospective buyers. The study ultimately analyzed hundreds of different RV’s including motorhomes, buses and travel trailers. The following is a “short list” of various engineering, mechanical, electrical and quality flaws which have in many cases escalated to epidemic proportions creating an “RV For Sale” sign on every corner.

Expect Even More Recalls: > Credits: >>> Below is a excerpt from an article, The Real Reason for the RV Recall Surge, written by Greg Gerber. >  “This excerpt is most important for every RV owner to understand what their responsibility is toward vehicle safety.   The RV industry should expect to see many more recalls being issued in the months and years ahead. NHTSA is engaging in a consumer education effort to encourage RV owners to report vehicle safety issues directly to NHTSA.  Here are some of the situations for which NHTSA would like consumers to communicate directly to the agency”.

  • Steering components that break suddenly causing partial or complete loss of vehicle control.
  • Problems with fuel system components, particularly in their susceptibility to crash damage, that result in leakage of fuel and possibly cause vehicle fires.
  • Accelerator controls that may break or stick.
  • Wheels that crack or break, resulting in loss of vehicle control.
  • Engine cooling fan blades that break unexpectedly causing injury to persons working on a vehicle.
  • Windshield wiper assemblies that fail to operate properly.
  • Seats and/or seat backs that fail unexpectedly during normal use.
  • Critical vehicle components that break, fall apart, or separate from the vehicle, causing potential loss of vehicle control or injury to persons inside or outside the vehicle.
  • Wiring system problems that result in a fire or loss of lighting.
  • Vehicle ramps or jacks that may collapse and cause injury to someone working on a vehicle.
  • Air bags that deploy under conditions for which they are not intended to deploy.
  • Child safety seats that contain defective safety belts, buckles, or components that create a risk of injury, not only in a vehicle crash but also in non-operational safety of a motor vehicle.
  • Suspected tire defects.

Examples of defects that are not considered to be safety-related problems include:

  • Air conditioners and radios that do not operate properly.
  • Ordinary wear of equipment that has to be inspected, maintained and replaced periodically. Such equipment includes shock absorbers, batteries, brake pads and shoes, and exhaust systems.
  • Nonstructural or body panel rust.
  • Quality of paint or cosmetic blemishes.
  • Excessive oil consumption.

Consumers who feel their recreation vehicles may have a safety defect, are encouraged to fill out a five-step form on the NHTSA website. There are separate forms to fill out for problems with tires, components and child safety restraints.

However, just because your RV has a recall notice does not mean it is likely to get fixed !  Owner’s report their RV being on recall for one or more years.  Dealers complain that they are overwhelmed by recalls and can’t either get needed parts from manufacturers or cannot hire competent workers to repair thousands of defects !  And at one dealership covering many acres, over 80% of the RV’s parked there had a “For Sale” sign attached.

Click on any link below for further information.
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          •  >>>   Dangerous AC and DC electrical grounding are present on most RV’s.
          • >>>   Why major RV companies declared bankruptcy.
          • >>>   Replacing metal & wood with aluminum/ composites > carbon fiber & graphene.

>>> Five Reasons Why Towing A Car Is The Worst Idea Ever >  The fact is the bus or motorhome rear chassis and bumper were never designed for towing and this is why NO manufacturer installs a tow hitch and why virtually NO RV rental companies allow towing behind an RV.

None of the car manufacturers recommend towing because with newer cars that are either rear or all wheel drive, the driveshaft(s), ABS, proximity and collision avoidance are controlled by computer chips which can only be disconnected at the dealership to avoid cancelling the warranty ! Also when towing the odometer piles up mileage and with no engine running the transmission or transaxle continues spinning without lubrication which will destroy them over time.  Add in the towed vehicle’s turn signals/brake lights and or brakes which should be applied milliseconds before the brakes are applied on the bus or motorhome (which in reality is virtually impossible to coordinate) to prevent either a rear end collision or the dreaded jack-knife. However, with the wheels, axles and transmission in motion, this not only spins the odometer adding mileage, collision avoidance sensors can activate when sensing the towing vehicle ahead which applies the brakes which in turn can cause the wheels and tires to become extremely hot and cause a fire.

The Dead End ! Every RV’er sooner or later finds themselves with a car parked in front of them, on a dead end street or in an RV park with no “pull through sites” available. And with a car in tow (even on a dolly) they cannot backup without creating a reverse jack-knife which will damage the hitch and possibly the car ! For more reasons why hitches constantly detach > see – “Aftermarket Hitches”. Finally, imagine coming down a steep mountain while making a sharp turn with a four thousand pound automobile pushing you and pulsating brakes which places enormous stress on both frame and the hitch which can result detachment or the dreaded jack-knife. And all of the above also applies to cars on dollys..  In any event, the personal liability can become a financial disaster !

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>>> Why major RV manufacturers declared bankruptcy >>>> And what made Indiana the self proclaimedcapital of the mobile home and RV world” ? Historically most of the RV manufacturers began building cheap mobile homes which eventually earned a deservedly poor reputation as > “mobile junk“. So they changed the name to “park trailers” or “manufactured homes“. RV’s soon followed and their analysis was that since people didn’t live in an RV year round, they could throw them together with even cheaper material !!! And whatever name they chose, the result was the same > “mobile junk” ! And why Indiana ? It is one of few states that still allow production of mobile homes and RV’s using deadly asbestos/formaldehyde with virtually no safety requirements for non-commercial vehicles ! And eventually as owners found their new RV’s continually breaking down and making families sick, signs began to appear on every corner > RV For Sale !

But these manufacturers claim their RV’s are made by Amish craftsmen: The fact is nothing could be further from the truth. The handful of proud and highly skilled Menonites and Amish craftsmen in Indiana, Pennsylvania and Ohio who were originally recruited quickly retreated back to their traditional farming when they discovered the RV’s were thrown together under demanding deadlines using dangerous carcinogens and cheap “cookie cutter” cabinets and components from overseas suppliers. And despite the misrepresentations to the contrary, today there are virtually no Menonites or Amish assembling mobile homes or RV’s.

Katrina to the rescue: Hurricane Katrina almost bailed them out as the government purchased over 150,000 RV trailers with taxpayers $ money to house the homeless victims of the hurricane. And to increase production and profits while capitalizing on other’s misfortune, Elkhart’s finest slapped them together as fast as possible with deadly carcinogens like asbestos and formaldehyde. Meanwhile anxious to find shelter, these poor, homeless and destitute families, having survived the hurricane found themselves with multiple respiratory problems, asthma, disease, cancer and even death. Unable to be occupied or sell them, most of the 150,000 were condemned and to this day remain parked on acres and acres of farmland in what appears to be endless junk yards.

Don’t recognize the name ? Meanwhile with credibility at an all time low and sales plummeting, Elkhart, Indiana became a ghost town. Undeterred in the aftermath of Katrina, the RV manufacturers dodged over $30 million in law suits by closing the doors on Friday and declaring bankruptcy only to reopen on Monday under a new name !

Question ? But manufacturers claim they have fixed all these problems. Answer: In fact, the situation is far worse than before. Let’s begin with the myth that “bigger is better”. These manufacturers have thousands of employees and produce tens of thousands of “cookie cutter” RV’s and mobile homes each month on production lines controlled by strict time and budget constraints.  One manufacturer in Elkhardt, Indiana boast about producing an RV every seven hours ! Mass “throw it at the wall and see if it sticks” production like this creates major quality control issues and these same manufacturers also have fine print disclaimers which absolves them of any warranty or repair issues. In other words, once it leaves their mass production assembly line, anything that goes wrong is someone else’s problem ! And if manufacturers can’t hire competent people, you can bet the distributor can’t either so they dodge the issue by telling you to contact the manufacturer who in turn tells you to contact the distributor.

Still have any doubts ? Ultimately too often that “someone else’” is you and many of the same “mass production” assembly line methods used to assemble automobiles have been copied by the RV industry. The parallel ! Outsourcing means with few exceptions, there is no such thing as made in America anymore ! Example: Over 500 million automobiles are currently under recall notices with components made in foreign countries (ignition switches and Takata airbags being two examples). Want more proof ? Google RV reviews on the internet or ask any owner how many repair/warranty issues they have experienced ?  Or to put it another way, see if you can find one honest RV owner who hasn’t experienced a multitude of problems.>>> Click here to return to menu.

>>> Throw Away Air Conditioners: This should be titled throwing away your money $$$. Ever noticed a high end motorhome or conversion bus with up to five small air conditioners mounted on the roof ? Not only are they exposed to high wind and the elements 24/7, they create significant wind resistance, (compounded and parasitic drag). With the vents at head height, they are obnoxiously loud inside and with no remote thermostat, a ladder must be used to adjust thermostats or louvers. And due to limited generator capacity, often only two can operate at a time. Exposed to the elements and strong winds, they have a short life expectancy. Under new Federal law, none of these units can be recharged so they are considered “throw away” air conditioners and studies show the typical cost of replacement with labor at an RV dealer is $5,000 each. Therefore a bus or motorhome with four units on the roof equals a replacement cost of up to $20,000 or more.

Multi-zone central air and heat. For about half that cost, on our transporters you get far superior commercial/industrial grade Mitsubishi central heat and air conditioning with multiple split silent air handlers in each room. Standard for floors one and two on Xanadu and Xanadu Palladium transporters the main condenser also swings open as a side cargo door. Like the condenser, air handlers are hidden and protected inside the walls and ceiling from the elements. As are our 20′ – 40′ ultra high def. diagonal amphi-theater movie screens and our 26′ x 40′ ft. electronic awnings.  There are no ducts required and a perfectly smooth roofline means there is no mileage destroying compounded drag. Individualized quiet comfort zones, each controlled by a hand held remote while hydronic radiant floor heating is also an option. With insulation approaching R-60 (which is five times that of the average RV), the combination of multiple crackling fireplaces, silent gas furnaces and electric central heating on our transporter can sustain an unprecedented 72 F. inside temperature at minus -60 F. below zero outside temperature with a 60 mph wind chill factor. The silent central air conditioning system can sustain 70 F. inside temperature with an outdoor temperature of 120 F. (A typical day in Death Valley or the Serengeti).

Sound Proofing: Whether you want to sleep enroute or as an audiophile or a musician who wants to record great music on the road in your recording studio, our 3/4″ thick insulated, thermopane, laminated and tempered windows surrounded by 5″ inch thick R-60 insulated multi-layered sound proof walls have been compared by one superstar as “riding in a silent coffin with an absence of outside ambient noise”.

Buses / Motorhomes and RV trailers: >>> This area is reserved only for those who can deal with the truth !

The word “Conversion”  translated means “Compromise” and this explains why none of these are actually toy haulers ! This also addresses the obvious contrast between “cookie cutter conversions” and custom building from the ground up for an intended purpose. A motorhome usually built on a straight truck chassis or bus is designed to move people from A to B and any “conversion” is always a compromise with negative consequences. Most commercial bus conversions utilize “monocoque” construction.   Simply stated this means the sidewall is the framework. And while any conversion can compromise safety, the hard and fast rule is never cut into monocoque construction  and that is precisely what conversion companies do when retrofitting slide outs. This compromises the integrity of the entire bus.  And how serious is this ? The first slide outs carved into the side of buses by conversion companies resulted in total framework collapse before they ever got out of the parking lot ! These people are obviously not structural engineers and that is the reason only a few companies are now authorized by bus manufacturers to install slide outs (under their supervision) which while obviously costly are often limited to not more than 8’ feet wide and insurance liability issues drove the initial price for four slide outs from one major conversion company to over $400,000.00 (for just the slide outs).

Tag and 5th wheel trailers utilizing cheap straight frame and axles with small tires and wheels raises the floor up to three feet or more above ground level which exposes “the belly” with tanks and plumbing underneath. Likewise, creating a bulging raised front in an attempt to create access above the 5th wheel also creates an awkward appearance and contributes to poor fuel mileage, swaying in cross winds while being described as > “just plain ugly”.

Mayflower or Allied van type trailers while built to commercial DOT standards are designed to move furniture period. People and heavy cargo require extensive (and expensive) conversions.  The result is “trailers” built so that the chassis and framework has to flex which causes untold problems in an RV conversion.  Even with the superstructure reinforced, doors, cabinets, drawers and every component on board is affected by distortion which manifest itself when traveling over uneven roadways or raising the landing gear. The result ? Noisy “moaning and groaning” interiors with doors, cabinets and drawers which will not remain closed or latch properly over time. And there is nothing worse than arriving at your destination to find the entire refrigerator has dumped everything onto the floor ! >>> Click here



Why go RV’ing when you can book a cruise and get up close and personal on the beach with 3,000 other people ?

The fine print sez you may have to drown to get a refund ?

Modern luxurious cruise ships often have WiFi so on her play station, she can watch a new graphic video of a cruise ship running aground.  Sort of preparation for the real thing ! 

LIFESTYLES:  The Cruise Ship Myth: > Another way to endanger your health is to book a cruise ship vacation. Social Media Myth: You’ve probably seen the television commercial with a family of four squeezed inside a tiny SUV with a grizzly bear trying to chew through the window.  And they don’t drive away but just sit there staring at each other and screaming !  The cruise ship companies would have you believe that unprovoked bears can chew through windows and attack people in cars, SUV’s or much larger RV’s and why would you invest in an RV when you can book a cruise and explore the world ? Why indeed ! The number of problems with cruise ships besides overcrowding, fire, contamination, viruses, diseases and running aground are endless. Consider the following.

In order for you to get even close to the price advertised, you must book your cruise up to six months in advance and there are no cancellations or refunds. And the cost rises exponentially since anything other than a cramped cabin with a tiny window, internet access, going ashore, port charges and even fuel surcharges is added. A recent study indicates the average cruise cost over $5000 for a family of four and despite their glitzy commercials, just as you wouldn’t tour America in a freight train, your best chance of getting even remotely close to a beach is when the ship runs aground because the captain was drunk or asleep.

Diseases: Pack over 3,000 people into a confined space and highly contagious noro-viruses can run rampant along with stomach related outbreaks which occurred on twelve different ships in 2015 affecting thousands of passengers. From airborne flu viruses to Ebola, the list is endless and statistically the CDC reports that if you book multiple cruises, there is no question that you will contract a serious virus or disease. Registered in foreign countries, neither the limited medical staff or doctors are licensed which is convenient since it eliminates potential liability and means you can’t sue them for malpractice. Insurance companies including Medicare do not pay for any medical problems including emergencies in international waters.

Terror on and off the high seas: Most passengers go ashore in ports. From pickpockets to hardened criminals, the minute a cruise ship comes into port, they lay in wait and come out in droves ! It is illegal to carry a firearm on a cruise ship and unarmed crew and passengers are also defenseless against criminals and terrorist on and off the high seas !

Recurring Problems: So why are there so many problems with cruise ships ? Two thirds of the 1000 + crew (that is actually operating various systems) is never seen by the passengers since they are down in the bowels of the ship. Think “coal mine or pirate ship” from the dark ages with a destitute crew pirated from third world countries who may endure squalid unsanitary conditions which generate multiple air-born viruses re-circulated throughout the ship as they work up to eighteen hour shifts and with no minimum wage laws, often make less than $1.00 an hour !

Vacation Pollution:The unregulated fuel used has 3,000 to 4,000 times more sulfur content than gasoline and the exhaust from the massive engines on a typical cruise ship is being pumped right into the ocean along with up to one million gallons of raw sewage a month which is why entire species of marine life are dying including exotic fish on pristine coral reefs as their environment is systematically destroyed.

Crime: Criminals learned long ago that there are no licensed police on board and the result is a 50% greater chance of being assaulted, burglarized, robbed, mugged or raped on a cruise ship than on land and virtually none of these crimes are ever reported.

 The Vacation Myth of Commercial Flying vs. RV’ing:  Millions of people share a desperate need to fly somewhere, anywhere, every day.  And flying is safe – until you get sick or crash ! And the problem is unless you are flying your own jet, you and your family are at the mercy of someone else and that someone isn’t necessarily the pilot.  From designers and those who built the aircraft to mechanics who work on the engines to demented individuals who load tons of luggage (bombs?) and terrorist who are the modern day “pirates” who do you trust ? Fire, mechanical issues or decompression at 35,000 feet means you can’t pull over, get out and walk away. The fact is this is their poker game and you are just along for the ride and that ride is far worse than seeing the countryside from a freight train ! RVing beginning to look better ?

According to the CDC (Center For Disease Control) the ventilation system on commercial flights lacks any ionization or sanitation filtering as it re-circulates through the entire aircraft which means you are being exposed to up to 350 people which carry an alarming percentage  of  airborne viruses and other diseases. According to the CDC, the number one cause of spreading the flu epidemic is commercial airlines and on any commercial flight, you stand a 34% chance of contracting an airborne virus.

In order to correct this, the aircraft manufacturers decided to draw in fresh outside air. However, at 30,000′ ft. the air is so thin, it must be drawn in from where else, which is the jet engines !  Circulated throughout “TCP”  is caused by inhaling of residual jet fumes.  In the cockpit pilots can become disorientated and according to the CDC, there are now five known deaths per day and millions more who become violently ill.  And one of the symptoms is irrational, antagonistic or violent behavior. Sound familiar ?  Please understand this is not about you or your family’s health.  It’s about the $$$$$$ money

Actual travel time analysis: So which  is faster, cheaper and more relaxing flying commercial or your own recreational vehicle ? To answer this question, two families of four were given stop watches and travel ledgers for a typical vacation from Atlanta, Ga. to Orlando Florida’s Disneyworld.

Time > Start with one hour to pack clothes and the very limited items allowed on commercial flights. Add one hour to drive to the airport and park. Add thirty minutes to unpack car and take the shuttle to the world’s busiest airport. Add approximately one hour to purchase ticket, baggage check, invasive body search screening and endless walk to the gate. Add mandatory two hour pre-check in and boarding requirement plus average of thirty minutes on taxiways prior to takeoff. Add one hour (jammed into crowded seats with obnoxious passengers, their crying children plus a 22% chance of contracting an airborne virus) on the flight to Orlando, Fla. Add approximately one hour for deplaning, baggage pickup, and car rental. Add thirty minutes for shuttle to car rental lot and loading of rental car. Add one hour for drive to hotel, check in and transport luggage to room. Add thirty minute drive to Disneyworld and up to a one hour wait in line to get a ticket. Total time required > eleven (11) hours.

Recreational Vehicle Time > In contrast, the family with the RV not having to meet any flight schedules leaves with all supplies already on-board including groceries and clothes. Time to travel to Orlando six hours and fifteen minutes over a scenic route in air ride captain’s chair comfort with bathrooms, entertainment lounge, beds and private dining.  Arriving inside the park at the Disney’s Five Star resort you are then whisked by VIP concierge escort service via tram or monorail into Disneyworld over five hours before the family flying commercial arrives.

Cost comparison > It’s called being nickeled and dimed to death ! From the log book, four round trip tickets from Atlanta to Orlando for the family of four with luggage was $1280.00.  Special (offseason) reduced hotel family rate at Disney for three nights $920.00.  Breakfast, lunch and dinner for family of four over four days > $1185.00 Add parking fees for hotel plus four days at Atlanta airport $180.00.  Four tickets to Disney World $440.00 Total $ 4,005.00 Comparison: $4,005 is an average cost for basic RV expenses for a family of four on a six month vacation covering a large portion of the United States. Want to save money,  avoid contagious flu viruses while losing weight eating your own healthy food and sleep in your own bed ?   So now you know another reason why RV’ing is the world’s most popular activity !

The RV vs. the Beachfront Condo or Vacation Home: If you compare the maintenance, property taxes, insurance and other related cost of a vacation home with an RV, there is no comparison. However the most obvious argument in favor of the recreational vehicle is it’s like having an unlimited number of vacation homes around the world.  Thousands of people have spent $ millions on beachfront vacation homes around miles of coastline. What they are blissfully ignorant of is the number earthquakes, particularly mountainous regions (California), in area where oil drilling is increasing (Colorado) and especially offshore earthquakes which have tripled in the past ten years. And the tsunamis created by them are causing chaos in regions previously seldom affected.

On the other hand, every time a hurricane approaches, beach front property owners panic ! And once the storm subsides, they learn they can no longer get flood or disaster insurance ?  Or in a community with an association which they pay dues to, they soon learn they don’t care for the restrictions or the neighbors but they are still stuck there. Now ask someone who has lived on a typical postage stamp lot with zero property lines on the ocean for years if they really like the neighbors or the same view every day of the same ocean! Boring !

The RV Lifestyle >>>  Unlike the vacation home, if you don’t like the weather, crank up and leave. If you don’t like the neighbors, crank up and leave. Or if you just want a change of scenery while exploring endless frontiers, crank up and  leave ! Or to put it another way, in today’s hectic world, the ever changing and serene life of a gypsy has a lot of appeal !

And what about that cute tiny house ?  This proves that ignorance knows no limits and stupidity has no boundaries. It also proves the “dumbing down of America” may be almost complete.  Last, it is also so absurd it doesn’t warrant an answer however if you are even slightly delusional,  this should be a cure !

Building Codes: Thrown together on a flat bed steel trailer with straight axles (that will not meet DOT specs) using cheap adhesives and nail guns, the wooden walls will come apart the first time that tiny house is towed over uneven road surfaces or any bumps. There is nowhere in the United States that these will meet any building codes and that includes RV and Mobile home parks or even thousand acre farms which now required you to get a permit to install an outhouse.  Even in a Mobile home park you have to remove the wheels and axles and install a skirt to hide the undercarriage and junk which means they are no longer mobile however most mobile home parks which will accept almost anything are turning away these fire hazards and eye sores.  And when someone in a mobile home park doesn’t want you parked next to them, you may have a problem !

The super-structure while extremely heavy made of steel and wood is also so flimsy it will flex, groan and moan with everything inside moving around, cabinets opening and closing and valuables being destroyed. As to handling, not only are they top heavy, forget being balanced front to rear and tracking properly since these builders have absolutely no experience in building anything mobile.  Building “over the road vehicles”  requires years of experience and this becomes a safety issue which is compounded by what follows:

Safety: You will not find one tiny house that meets building codes which are extensive requiring stairs of specific tread heights and depths plus supporting weight complete with hand rails required for all cramped lofts and sleeping quarters which do not meet minimal legal ceiling requirements. . For safety reasons, particularly with children, there are no state building codes anywhere that will permit this ! And what they failed to mention when selling this consumer grade toy is you need at least a 50 amp. electrical supply wired ONLY by a licensed master electrician who has been schooled in mobile vehicle wiring. Never mind that most so called master electricians today can’t even wire a house, this also applies to water, sewage, and heat, ventilation, etc. etc. ad-nauseum. The electrical system alone is a major source of potential fires and since the electrical and walls don’t meet even residential firecodes, this is a formula for disaster which can prove fatal for everyone. And while the utilities alone along with the property will cost far more than the tiny house,  if state governments will not approve an outhouse, there is no chance they will approve the electrical or plumbing or allow anything less than a legal drain field and septic tank.  And you cannot tap into city sewage without a CO which they won’t issue for a tiny house. What all this means is that tiny house cannot be legally sold anywhere to anyone !

Cheap Price ? And if you think that a tempting low price is the main selling point, think again ! A jackleg contractor could never compete with an assembly line corporation on any level and if you make an apples to apples  comparison between a new or used RV, mobile home, modular prefab or aesthetically pleasing prefab log cabin with composite construction which looks just like the original log cabin and a cheap wooden tiny house,  there is no comparison.

Economics 101 > A far better alternative rather than spending $35,000 to $95,000 for a 25′ ft. 250 square foot square box, despite their reliability problems you are far better off to simply go buy a used RV trailer or mobile home which is much larger and unlike the tiny house, has multiple slide outs built in, bathrooms, kitchens, plus heat, water, electrical, plumbing, etc. etc. And with the RV you can at least tow it which you cannot legally do with the tiny house ! And these companies with their assembly lines figured out over the last fifty years ago how to put one thousand pounds of living quarters and cargo in a two pound sack so the tiny house come lately crowd despite what they may claim, did not invent how to do that.

What they appear to be really good at is preying on gullible young people who see themselves as being “trendy”  while looking for their first house or perhaps eliminating awkward payments to greedy banks every month or others who may find themselves upside down in an existing house and simply want to get out of a loan and downside in the process. Nothing wrong with either of these however one needs to be very cautious and remember “Knowledge Is Power”. . .

Economics 102 > There are thousands of RV’s, mobile or modular homes for sale everywhere and you can pick up a used 35-40′ foot RV or a double wide mobile home for $12,000 to $25,000 and have enough $ money left over to buy a new pickup truck ! The only downside to these ideas is you may need to repair and replace items in a used RV or mobile home. However at least there is something there to replace and someone to assist you which you won’t find in the tiny house !  And if you meet any settlers who were around in the 1800’s and spent the night crowded around a single fireplace in sub zero temperatures inside a drafty shack > > ask them what it was like ?

Dare to Compare > Our hybrid crossover tow vehicles have seating for up to eight, bathroom with standup shower, kitchenette with refrigerator, ice maker, microwave, dinette, sofa/bed, entertainment center, privacy doors, hidden safe, etc. all in a small space immediately behind the four door cab. It’s called intelligent maximizing of available cubic space and it’s still a tow vehicle and an obvious embarrassment to a tiny house !

What about a house boat or a floating tiny house ?  Imagine being moored in a marina in the shadow of mega yachts with their irate owners staring back at you ! It’s not a boat, it’s not a barge and it’s not a house.  But when the first storm comes in with it’s own high tide,  just after they leave, you can remain and protect the marina and your family !

Welcome to their world > Maritime law indicates the vessel on the right has the right of way.  So even though they can’t possibly see you, why not cut in front of that 150 ton yacht and give it a test ?

Endangering Your Life > So what is the worst and the best/safest way to travel ? Statistically, according to the DOT the most likely way to be seriously injured or killed is on a motorcycle which is usually hit by a car.  In some high traffic metropolitan areas, the injury/fatality rate is astronomical. Next is small automobiles some of which resemble roller skates or big golf carts. 50 years ago, less than 5% of the people driving cars were intoxicated. Today 85% are being distracted by cellphones or texting. The end result of all this is far worse than drunk driving ! And 35% do not carry the minimum of $10,000 in liability coverage which assuming you are still alive after an accident, won’t pay for your trip to the hospital and the medical bills for a serious accident could be $500,000 or more !

Recall Notices:  Over 500 million vehicles are now on recall with a high percentage for safety issues.  And one if five are being driven every day by those who are either ignorant, don’t care or have not been notified of safety recall notices. Dealers overwhelmed with recall service notices, partitioned the government and now dealers and even companies like AutoNation  can legally sell cars without notification of current recall notices to new buyers – and that includes safety recall notices.

The Driverless Cars & Defining Road Rage:  You may have noticed that a growing percentage of the population cannot safely drive an automobile. The result is ten times the number of accidents of just twenty years ago and despite safety devices like seat belts and air bags, more fatal accidents occur due to speeding and little or no concern for the inherent danger or threat to others. The end result are trauma centers overloaded with patients, morgues burying thousands and a society overrun with “ambulance chasing lawyers” and the response of the automobile manufacturers is driver-less cars which takes control away from people and transfers it to technology.

Another major factor is too many cars on narrow roads and those who are “entitled”.   These totally self centered individuals have perfected a  “me first, everyone else second” attitude. They busy themselves talking on their cellphone, texting and cutting people off in traffic, running red lights and driving 20 mph under the speed limit blocking the left hand “passing lane” while pretending to be oblivious. Then there are the race car wannabees darting in and out in their 90 horsepower roller skates ? just like they saw on TV commercials or their computer games !

Is there any good news ?  Yes.  Most of the interstate highways are now three lanes wide. This tends to enrage “entitled individuals” crawling along trying to block traffic so the right lane is definitely the new “fast lane”.  And DOT stats indicate the safest method with the fewest serious injury and/or fatalities is > the truck/trailer combination, even if an automobile, van or pickup caused the accident.

Your Health: So how are epidemics created ? Alarmed by the number of over-weight or outright fat people you see ? The second most common cause of spreading viruses is contamination by workers in restaurants ! One in four or 76 million people each year get food poisoning, many more than once. Virtually all restaurants use excessive amounts of sugar and salt on food, up to ten times the maximum daily recommended amount ! The result is almost one in three children and one in two adults with obesity, diabetes and heart disease leading to death which are now at epidemic proportions. Fast food chains and restaurants thaw food and when not used, use excessive preservatives and refreeze it rather than throw it away to save money ! Thawing and refreezing causes bacteria to grow which when served results in stomach cramps, diarrhea and digestive nightmares.

And according to the CDC (Center for Disease Control) 68 % of the population do not get a flu shot and 92% admit they continue socializing, working or sending their children to school which exposes others to highly infectious viruses. Food-borne illnesses such as Clostridium botulinum (botulism) results from improperly canned foods, low acid foods, vegetables and cured meat. It produces a neurotoxin that paralyzes the nerves in the body and symptoms include weak muscles, drooping eyelids, double vision and vomiting. CDC has also found high levels of cancer producing agents in multiple processed foods. Globally 3.7 billion people have highly contagious HSV-1 herpes while 417 million have genital herpes. Both can lead to the deadly encephalitis and HIV aids.

Changing Lifestyle: > Transporters allow you to control when and what you eat and the only person who is going to guarantee sanitation and no contamination is you ! So Knowledge Is Power.

Pickup Trucks ! Decades ago, Transport Technologies convinced Ford to build the first four door pickup truck. Why ? Because more than two people might travel together and no one should ever ride in the back of the truck (in the rain) along with the empty beer cans which us not only dangerous but illegal. Another reason was the need for a more “macho” ride. Sort of “a pickup truck man cave” !

Understanding The Cultural Clash
> While the world is still round, it has a few lumps in it ! If you are one of the older generations, you may have noticed a dramatic shift in the attitude of many in our society. If you are under fifty, you may be labeled as a new “millennial”. That isn’t to say that everyone under forty or fifty is suspect, only that there has been a decline in meaningful knowledge combined with the inability or  unwillingness to process facts or determine the meaning of truth ! No one is quite sure what has caused this other than people being overloaded with more trite garbage than anytime in history (read that as advertisements).

Moreover, subjects that were sub-par or fairly common fifty years ago are now being described by trendy wannabees as “Awesome” who describe everything in superlatives. As a result, the majority of the population are somewhat overwhelmed by the “too many rats in a cage”  syndrome and they are desperate for attention which creates an over bearing need “to belong“.  “Belonging” means being one of the crowd and a need to “belong” in the presence of others with the more the better. It also manifest itself as a need to “belong” by driving the same look-a-like cars,  the need to “belong”  jammed in aircraft seats or “belong” with thousands of other wannabees on cruise ships, etc. etc.  ad nauseum.

A Wake Up Call Of Understanding >>> This may also manifest itself on the roads you travel which have become worldwide racetracks influenced by car commercials or virtual world computer games while emulating 200 mph. Nascar racer types vying for position. This also occurs as the result of having too many people in too small a space where targeting anyone and everyone has become commonplace including the targeting of any vehicle out of the ordinary or different such as expensive sports cars. The worst of this crowd are “pocket rocket“motorcyclist, owners who again play computer games or watch too much television with outrageous commercials for cars like 90 HP Hondas racing around parking lots with the kids in the back grinning from ear to ear or Jeeps with the doors open, their legs hanging out or middle aged second childhood types in jacked up obnoxiously loud 6 000 lbs. pickup trucks devoid of mufflers which their macho and naive owners believe somehow makes them “fast“. And fifty years ago, very few individuals were stupid enough to attempt to outrun the police with their radios and helicopters, but today it has become commonplace with the same dire results often ending in fatal accidents involving innocent people !

And what caused this ? Besides too many rats in a cage and lacking self worth,  note that 90% of all inventions occurred in the last century. Technology has evolved while the ability to mentally process this technology by an alarming majority of the population is shrinking because they are either naive, lazy, incredibly incompetent or all of the above which makes them appear stunningly stupid to anyone with more than a single digit IQ !

The reality is the self defense mechanisms of these self serving mental midgets is to thrive on ego while living in a virtual world of unreality, immersed and drowning in an out of control cultural clash with society while systematically destroying it.  Skeptical ?  Keep reading !

The Technological Revolution That Is Feeding The Fire > Another description of this could be the “the fuel feeding a fire of naive stupidity“.  There are a number of issues that millennial have learned to hang their hat on.

If there are three things on earth that we have too much of it might be people, cars and cellphones. Devices > Cellphones.  We will weigh in here since Transport Technologies founder invented the first portable cellphone and would also like to thank all of you for buying over two billion of them !   The term “addictive” refers to the seemingly unlimited people who have decided to crank up their trusty cellphones and share whatever comes to mind with everyone all day long and well into the night !  Tired of talking ?  Go ahead and text because it’s faster, more productive and cheaper right ?  Wrong !

Your mind can process 1500 words per minute however you can only speak only 150 words per minute.  Your text rate on a cellphone or computer is only about 20 words per minute therefore texting takes three times longer than speaking. Thinking is also ten times faster than texting ! The downside of this is   crashing your car while texting can take weeks or even months to recover plus if Facebook is your go to and learning guideline, you may fall far behind what the wannabees are up to !

Computers: Another device is the laptop computer and like cellphones and TV sets,  they get smaller, then larger. The wonderful internet:  Having bankrupted dozens of major retail outlets with more to follow, consider that according to studies, about half of your inquiries of communication or technical details will go unanswered. This is because the majority of millennials in the workplace are playing games on computers or texting and doing little or no work. In fact, it was recently estimated that the efficiency rating on the internet has dropped by over 50%.   And an alarming percentage of items purchased off the internet are being returned because the guy on the other end knows nothing about the products they are supposedly selling !

Consumerism ! The fact that most of what consumers buy is consumer grade junk seems to be fairly irrelevant. This could be considered an alarming trend toward purchasing items that are not only “junk” but considered “throw aways” ! The rule seems to be if it quits working, throw it away and get a new different one with the idea that it will be better and not junk !  Not !  After all, if you bought it yesterday, it’s bound to be already obsolete.

Supply and Demand > Capitalism used to mean supply and demand but that has now changed. If you read the above consumerism you know that demand has outpaced supply in most areas. This basically eliminates competition which is the cornerstone of capitalism.

An epidemic > Translated that means that uneducated unqualified people are the only ones available to hire.  With no real education or training and terrible or non-existent work ethic,  combined with being lazy and the attention span of knat, they are almost impossible to train and as a result, have no idea what they are doing and don’t care.  In manufacturing, too often they are also building the only  components (read that as “junk”) that you can purchase basically because there is no competition ! And this has resulted in ever overly enlarged monopolies which in turn destroys competitive capitalism.

THE TRUTH ABOUT WIFI/MIFI >>> Advertisements show an entire family and friends racing around a house having a glorious “WiFi experience“.  Caution: People now believe they cannot possibly survive without WiFi and an instant internet connection and we believe the greatest threat to America is that terrorists will hack WiFi and shut the country down.

Facts:  Despite what you may have heard regarding WiFi and MiFi they are nothing more than a cheap RF signal, the same signal that existed forty years ago with CB radios except they had a range of up to thirty miles.  And despite lies about encryption WiFi and MiFi are simple to hack by six year old children and including anyone too cheap to pay for an internet connection who can by pass that by logging onto any existing WIFI/MIFI connection in the neighborhood. Example: 86% of people questioned admitted to being hacked while using WIFI or MIFI in places like Starbucks and multiple hotels, cars, etc…  Perhaps you have seen the cars which can be started via WiFi or the door of a house with a video/audio WiFi device allowing you to communicate with anyone approaching. The truth is that any third grader can hack into WiFi and enter the house or drive off in the car.

“The WIFI experience”. Fifty years ago, most children and a few adults enjoyed playing games. Today there are more adults playing than children and everyone knows you never know when you are going to need to play a game and if you have kids, make sure that new car that seats six has at last twenty WiFi stations. Want to really up the anti ? Add Bluetooth and never mind that it is just a cheap toy or that WiFi is nothing more than a glorified CB radio from fifty years ago which unlike the CB only has a range of about 30 ‘ ft. and despite hype to the contrary > WiFi has nothing to do with the internet !  We didn’t say it can’t connect, it’s just NOT the internet !

Multiple electrical and plumbing failures. Competent residential, commercial and industrial electricians, plumbers and contractors who are true masters of their craft have all but disappeared.  And decades of shoddy work have produced an epidemic of plumbing and electrical problems including deadly fires. Meanwhile the EPA reports that over 65% of all air conditioners are incorrectly installed (which causes global warming). And since about 50% of all EPA government employees don’t actually work, it’s probably closer to 90% percent.

And what does that have to do with RV’s ?  The typical motorhome, bus conversion or RV trailer has four power sources > AC (shore power), a generator, inverted DC to AC power and a converter to create DC from AC power. It typically also has over four miles of wiring and the combined on board systems are far more complex than any house or business.

Keep in mind that an RV is not a home on wheels. Rather, it is a home inside a rolling city with all utilities needed including water, sewage, electrical, plumbing, etc.  Think the complexity of a $100 million jumbo jet. And because everything is on rubber tires, grounding them requires a completely different approach. Think DC current can’t hurt you ?  Think again ! Incorrectly grounded, brushing up against an improperly grounded RV can knock you unconscious or kill you !  Unfortunately, unlike the expensive airliner which requires a certified A&E (air frame and engine mechanic), RV wiring is not regulated.

The Tried Up Talent Pool >>> Today ask any corporation trying to hire workers and they will tell you the “talent pool” has dried up ! Often, they have to interview hundreds of applicants to find one individual who after weeks of training, often quits.

This means a totally unqualified individual who is not even competent to correctly wire a house or business much less a yacht or aircraft can wire an RV !  And the truth is NO plumber, electrician > master, journeyman or apprentice has any business attempting to wire anything mobile without undergoing extensive training for mobile applications with AC/DC multiple power sources and proper grounding ! And today, those individuals are incredibly rare !

An epidemic of engine/electrical and plumbing failures on new and used RV’s.  The fact is most electricians and plumbers are no longer qualified to wire even a house or business.  Dito for plumbers. This section exposes the unethical methods used by many manufacturers and so called master electrician/plumbers:

 Residential and commercial scams > > > Like children who cheated in school, these individuals grew up to be so called master electricians who often get their electrical license on an abbreviated time schedule by “paying off” another master electrical (who also often mentors them on how to overprice cheap components, create billable hours and scam customers) to sign off on an electrical license by giving him cash or “kickbacks” from the first few year’s revenues.  Worse like many of today’s teachers who cheated in school as children, these individuals who are determined to seethe lowest possible denominator have also often become master electricians who teach others to cheat and skimp on everything ! And all of these scam artist with bogus licenses, slap a name on a van and with no viable assets go into the electrical business. And the result is thousands of electrical fires in every city across the country resulting in thousands of deaths. Similarly attempting to wire an RV is a formula for disaster and a major contributing factor in injuries and fatalities.

Boat, aircraft or RV Grounding:  Totally different than a residence or business!  A boat in the water improperly grounded can electrically charge the water surrounding the craft.  And it doesn’t have to be near the dock since it is DC powered on the water. This is particularly evident with pontoon boats since the pontoons are made of conductive aluminum and electricians often ground components to the hulls. This can not only kill fish but also humans who happen to be in the water in proximity to the boat.   Aircraft like any mobile vehicle are on rubber tires > which means they are not grounded !  Likewise any steel or aluminum vehicle’s framework CANNOT be used as a grounding rod for on board DC electrical power which is what electricians often try in an attempt to save time and $ money.  Also, improper grounding of DC in proximity to audio/video equipment can cause “hiss and whistling sounds” and may totally destroy very expensive components !  Inside or outside, rub up against an improperly grounded wall of an RV and it can knock you off your feet or worse !

Relative to AC power, note that 220 volt RV power outlets are NOT the same as for instance, a 220 volt outlet for a washer/dryer in a home. The RV outlet has two 120 volt legs, one common and one ground wire.  Always use a tester to determine voltage before you connect at any RV park. Thousands of RV have been seriously damaged or caught on fire from connecting to an incorrectly wired power supply by a so called “expert master electrician” in an RV park.While most have little or no training,  they are experts at one thing > installing the cheapest components to save $ money and maximize profits while charging the customer exorbitant prices. Example > Put 20 amps of current AC or DC through 30′ ft. of 18 gauge wire with a 5 amp. connector and you have a formula for a potentially disastrous fire. And when confronted, most will use the phrase, “yeah but, everybody is doing it” and that justifies whatever they do !

The huge scam >>> However like blue collar criminals, they are also masters at BS while proficient at recruiting up to one hundred mental midgets whom they call  “Apprentices“.  With absolutely no training, they then dispatch these wannabees out to wire or rewire homes or businesses (which by code requires a master electrician to be present at all times).

Supply and Demand ! Because of previous shoddy workmanship there is a huge demand and very limited supply of electricians. As a result they are out bidding on more jobs than they can reasonably handle which becomes never ending since they are preceded by previous generations who have botched virtually every job which has created an epidemic of electrical failure and fires.  So while these “apprentices”  call him repeatedly on their cellphones asking him what they are supposed to do, when he isn’t bidding jobs, this self appointed expert is either back at the office or sitting in a bar with his cellphone trying to “Google” the answers.  Mind you the apprentices are not receiving  OJT (on the job training ! Meanwhile for each apprentice, “the master chief” charges each customer $75 to $150 an hour while paying these unlicensed “Apprentices” little more than minimum wage.

Licensed, insured and certified with glowing reviews ?  First of all they typically have little or no assets, so it does no good after the fact to sue them. For the most part, reporting them to the BBB is a waste of time.  They write their own glowing reviews and post them under another name with no contact information. And since a high percentage of their work is repairs often with no permit required, there is no requirement for inspections.  And when and if a county inspector were to appear they are too prone to accept under the table bribes to “look the other way” since these companies will typically have only one so called master electrician who obviously can’t be everywhere at once. Now just imagine trying to wire a complex RV with no certification ? And while you wouldn’t go to a doctor with no legitimate medical license and no experience, if you do the math, you quickly realize these scam-artist while obviously endangering lives are raking in more $ than most doctors !


The so called master plumber: Like a yacht or aircraft, the plumbing in an RV is completely different from a house or business. In a house or business,  it is common for plumbers to connect black water (waste) to gray water (fresh water) lines ultimately feeding a septic tank or county sewage. RV’s on the other hand,  all have macerator toilets. Gray and black water must be completely separate feeding into two different holding tanks. Ever hear a gurgling sound coming from a sink when you flush the toilet ? That is because the plumber connected the return line or venting of the black water and the gray water lines. While this may be acceptable in a house,  RV’s have macerator toilet(s) which can pressurize return lines, even pump against “head pressure” (vertical or uphill return lines) which means toxic waste can be pumped into the shower,  baths,  washing machine, kitchen sinks, etc. The expert plumber will tell you that a pee trap below the toilet or sink will prevent that. Not so !  Pee traps only affect the water flowing out of the drain at the sink – not pressurized water flowing in from the other direction.  The other common practice is to use a cheap $5.00 sensor for the holding tanks.  They give incorrect readings 98% of the time and if you want your vacation ruined, just wait until your black water tank backs up and overflows flooding the living quarters !

One last slap in the face ! Just as a certain growing percentage of the population cannot safely drive a car without texting which has given rise to driverless car ,  “contractors” including some roofers, plumbers and electricians may have earned the need for “run flat tires“.  How ?  Simple. As they redefine “unsecured loads“, they carelessly dispense millions of little screws and nails from their pickup trucks and vans which puncture millions of  tires every year. Doubt the size of the problem ? The next time you have a flat tire,  ask the manager of the tire shop what the number one cause of punctures is and how many tires they replace every month from this ?

Audio/video:  This group of “experts” are similar to the new scam invented by computer geeks and nerds who grew up playing computer games and know just enough to be dangerous but claim to be experts who memorize buzzwords no one understands which is their version of BS.  Home theater types are also experts at selling everyone  “consumer grade toys“.  And like your new smartphone which you just bought last week,  you risk being ridiculed by your neighbors because you have antiquated components about as modern as “last years bird nest”  and the wannabee audiophile claims he can replace your antiquated “junk” with the latest state of the art modern components > for a small fortune. They also embrace television advertisements like AT&T’s most recent > “there are only four things you need on earth. Water, food, WIFI and the internet ! By doing this, what they have implied is that your life cannot exist without their technology which means WIFI. The facts > WIFI could be described as an over-blown CB radio without the 10 to 15 mile range. Both are RF (radio frequency) devices devoid of any real privacy. And neither one has anything to do with the internet ! Note we did not say WIFI cannot connect to the internet which dozens of other “toys” can do, it’s just not the same. And it’s not secure so you are sharing your personal info. including credit cards, etc. with the world !

So take note > 90% of “Home Theater” audio and video nerds and geeks should be avoided at all cost and the components they sell are tantamount to consumer grade junk when compared to truly professional components.  So beyond the hype you are not going to get what you pay for and like computer geeks, these so called “audiophiles” do after they drain your wallet is insert their own access codes and passwords so they can charge you for “recurring revenues” which they can do even from remote locations and hold you hostage forever !

In Contrast > Transport Technologies founder invented the portable cellphone and the digital synthesizer reported to have been used on over 80% of all recorded music and initially used in his own recording studio decades ago.  Therefore we utilize components you will only find in actual recording studios. These include > Mackie Mixers, Integra splitters, Niles Amps. and JBL outdoor movie theater/stadium speakers. The only consumer speakers we utilize are Klipsch which have repeatedly earned the highest rating year after year by truly discriminating audiophiles where price is no object > Example: > Focal titanium tweeters > ($10,000 each) !

Question ? Is there any good news ?  Answer > Yes.  The dumber they get, the smarter we look !

>>> Why your RV needs a live in maintenance man. Need RV Repairs ?  There are millions of RV’s now on recall. Meanwhile the theory is that modern diagnostic testing can instantly tell any knowledgeable technician exactly what the problem is !  However like unscrupulous automobile repair service, they are experts while knowing what the problem is at telling you they aren’t sure about needed repairs without further examination which of course involves tearing everything apart.  Once torn apart, all the screws, nuts, bolts and components mysteriously go missing and thus,   they are in control and you are held hostage as they disappear with vital parts and/or owner’s manuals.  This is a common ploy to prolong the service and create an exorbitant markup on cheap parts and like attorneys generate billable hours !

It’s called job security ! Decades ago, people could actually work on their cars.  Body and repair shops began emerging, who had no idea what they were doing so the car manufacturers began installing components that required diagnostics and specialty tools to work on them.  The theory was this would cause you to go to the dealer who would do it right ?  Wrong !  The same wannabees in the repair shops migrated over to the dealerships who today have only diagnostics to depend on and special tools and they quite often manage to confuse that but not before charging you more for repairs than they make on the vehicle !  Moreover, cheap components have a predictably short life expectancy so when that vehicle is out of warranty, you are out of luck since they can hold you hostage.  However just like your new car which by design you cannot work on and like any computer, digital technology is vulnerable to malicious hacking by your trusted tech at the dealer who can insert “triggers” which create future glitches so you have to call them back again and again.

The Technological Vacuum as America implodes from the inside out > To the above, factor in an educational system which has deteriorated while technological advancements have increased exponentially leaving a massive vacuum between the two. At the same time government sponsored entitlements have created unbridled laziness, vanishing work ethic, a pathetic lack of technical and motor skills and mass unemployment.

Some of you older folks have asked “is there a way to measure just how stupid have people become”  while we weren’t looking ? So we are going to weigh in here and attempt an  impossible answer. The most obvious measure might be found in teenagers and twenty something year olds (which make up the majority of these deranged types) who may suddenly decide to shoot innocent people. However, there are some common denominators common to most of them which is an addiction to violent video games and a feeling of empowerment having a gun in their hand. Mix in the mental capacity and maturity of a four year old which ultimately results in their not understand why they can’t hit the “rewind button” and play again from their jail cell. A lack of remorse is common and if they claim to be sorry for what they did, what that really means is > “I’m sorry I got caught”….

Question ? Right about now you may be asking yourself what any of this has to do with Transport Technologies ?  Answer:  In simplest terms, we are in the entertainment business. And a recurring theme repeated throughout this site is “the family that plays together – stays together”..    And not one of the young people who murdered dozens of innocent people had any meaningful connection with their family while their only interest was in playing violent computer games.  And our specialty transporters with the right “toys” can change all that for the entire family.  And whether its Drones with cameras filming families together and there is something for everyone and there is no profanity, nudity or violence included.

Cultural Shock >  The new millennial graduates of BS 101 are experts at masking their laziness and incompetence with an overwhelming arrogance which is actually a defense mechanism for knowing little or nothing !  In school, we used to call these “court holders“.  They would stand before any group of gullible students and with magnificent grandeur spout off on subjects they knew nothing about !

The wonderful internet !  Decades ago when it began, 50% of the internet was porn. Fast forward to today where porn competes with millions of geeks in basements and garages with computers inventing new scams such as identity theft (millions each day). Meanwhile, these white collar nerds have also sandwich themselves as distributor/dealers between manufacturers (often from third world countries) and consumers > (that’s you).  On multiple web sites they list hundreds or thousands of products, which they know nothing about.  However, always arrogant and undaunted, this where BS 101 kicks in !  Never mind that it has been estimated that over 50% of everything ordered on line is returned, the addiction is the internet and buying on line means they have managed to force into bankruptcy major retailers like J.C. Penny, Sears, Macy’s,  etc. etc.

Dismal History. In the 1950’s, a typical 40′ foot mobile home cost about $6500.00 and price was a major selling point. Most RV manufacturers trace their existence to mobile home building. Many still build RV and mobile homes in the same facilities and from the very beginning, the prevailing theory was that since most people did not live in RV’s full time, they could be built with even cheaper components and less quality controls than the already “bargain basement” mobile homes. And since these were second homes on wheels, they reasoned that they could be sold at much higher prices !

Supply and Demand:  However, people anxious to escape big cities created a growing demand which resulted in 20% or one in five people ultimately buying an RV. And in an attempt toward mass production, areas like Elkhart, Indiana, the self-proclaimed RV capital of the world, found it increasingly difficult to hire educated, competent, skilled workers to keep pace. And in an era when people were also being “brain washed” to believe that “cheaper is better”, attempts by management to make changes or improve quality levels were met with resistance from minimum wage unskilled employees and their unions who balked at any procedural changes or mandated quality controls. As a result, labor unions and the employees were indirectly running these companies and building what some owners later referred to as  > “Mobile Junk”.

The Virtual Reality Vacuum Meets The Dried Up Talent Pool: Zero attention span, the desire for instant gratification, meaningless cellphone conversations, endless texting and mindless violent computer games have resulted in generations of mental midgets.  Want proof ? In 1960 the average age of a child reading a comic book was four years old. In 2016, due to the internet including animated cartoons, the average age was 34 ! Meanwhile Madison avenue and others continue to crank out advertisements which have little or nothing to do with the product being sold and target impulsive buying patterns and the mentality of, you guessed it > a four year old child.  According to statistics, one in three between the ages of 16 and 35 years old are not only still living at home, most have little or no qualifications or are not willing to actually work at the available jobs which translates into “no longer searching for employment”. Meanwhile, the unemployment rate is far beyond the statistics provided by the government since it only refers to those seeking a job !

How deep is the valley ? The largest technical university in America IT Tech which just closed every campus in the country, reported that over 70% of enrolled students drop out in less than two months and less than 5% graduate from a nine month technical program.  And while their parents lose $ thousands of dollars in non-refundable tuition,  to quote their director of admissions, “with few exceptions, this new generation apparently does not care to work for a living and they are quite content to grow up in total ignorance looking for instant gratification and riches”. Many have commented as they resigned that their intention was not to waste time in a technical college when they could get rich by winning the lottery ! The end result of all this is companies who report having to interview hundreds of applicants in order to hire one qualified employee who after expensive training, often quit within a short time.

An epidemic ! RV manufacturers and their dealers are reporting over ten times the warranty issues of just a few years ago. The fact is, it has become almost impossible to hire a significant number of educated, competent people “who care to work for a living” ! Factor in a lack of training, dismal or non-existent quality control and the ripple effect on assembly lines is mirrored by major car manufacturers which were forced in the last three years to recall over 500 million vehicles but not before causing thousands of accidents which injured and killed an untold number of people. And companies like General Motors, having been bailed out with taxpayer money and facing $ billions in lawsuits, now join Fiat, (which owns Chrysler) who continues to bathe in red ink and teeter on the edge of bankruptcy. The bottom line ? This scenario is like Mount Everest “the higher you blindlessly climb, the further you eventually fall”. Meanwhile, the gullible sheep living in a virtual world continue to buy mass produced “cookie cutter” automobiles and trucks which are not what they are advertised to be and are all basically identical which translated means they aren’t really competitive. So bigger isn’t necessarily better and that’s why we build only a limited number of world class transporters with a group of conscientious, talented specialist for a very select clientele !

 Dare to compare price/resale value: Why Aluminum ? Note the current price of a fifty year old aluminum airstream RV trailer (still very popular today with movie studios and Hollywood actors). At one third the weight and pound for pound far stronger than steel, aluminum can not only last a lifetime, fifty years after the first ones were sold, they usually sell for more than they cost brand new. Likewise, for the past fifty years, our used transporters have traditionally sold for considerably more than their original purchase price ! So the facts haven’t changed > You get what you pay for and all you have to do is answer one question. An RV represents more than a home on wheels. It is technically a home and a rolling city with its own power plant, water/sewage system, environmental controls, etc. etc. And while a mass produced luxury automobile can easily cost more than $60,000 to over $100,000 so ask yourself how a limited volume RV can cost about the same unless something is very wrong !  And what is wrong are the incredibly cheap cookie cutter components with the incredibly careless, sloppy workmanship and adhesives like formaldehyde and asbestos still used to this day to slap them together. In fact, one well known RV manufacturer boast that they can produce a complete 40′ ft. RV in eight hours ! ! !

There is no doubt that RV manufacturers and their distributors have been “beat up on price” and the trickle down effect is trying to build the RV as cheap as possible. No one is going to be in business very long if they lose $ money and this ultimately translates into purchasing the cheapest components which have now been largely outsourced to foreign countries where cheap labor abounds and quality levels are dismal or non-existent.

You Get What You Pay For – Maybe ? The typical mass produced van used on class B motorhomes cost about > $25,000.00 before its converted. A pickup truck used on most class C RV’s > $35,000 to $50,000. A straight city delivery truck (Freightliner/Spartan?) gas powered chassis > $50,000 or a diesel pusher for up to $90,000.00. Add a flimsy lightweight box to the above which flexes as the chassis goes over uneven road surfaces or when the landing gear is lowered and “cookie cutter” interior cabinets (which anyone can purchase at Lowe’s or Home Depot).  Home/business and mobile components are completely different if done right and mixing them results in interiors that squeaks and groans with cabinets which do not open and close properly.

Mass Production of Buses & Moving Van Trailers: Volvo with four plants in Mexico, cranks out a bus every twenty minutes ! And VonHool or Prevost bus with no interior and one driver’s seat sells for $575,000 to $650,000.00. Only 2% become RV conversions therefore 98% are used as commercial vehicles. And even though they are obviously mass produced, they are built to a much higher standard than a motorhome.   Nonetheless, they are built to move people from A to B using a one hundred year old design with monocoque construction which means the sidewall is the framework thus any “conversion” for even small slide outs compromises the integrity of the entire bus. Like the slide-outs which are typically limited to 8′ feet wide, it is difficult and expensive to work with monocoque construction therefore a cookie cutter interior with cabinets adds > over $1 million. Want a custom interior ? Add up to $3 million and beyond.

>>> Prior to Transport Technologies, all RV so called “Toy Haulers” were manufactured with living quarters and cargo on the same level which compromised both. This makes cargo space very limited for small “toys” on raised decks which makes loading and unloading very difficult and the living quarters are no more than glorified lounges and cramped 5th wheel sleeping quarters with no headroom. For more on this click on “Improving The Breed”…

Aluminum & Composites ? RV companies recently trying to jump on the “aluminum trailer” band wagon will claim they make all aluminum trailers but in fact they use huge, heavy steel “I” beams or “C” channels as the basis for their lower framework with some of the superstructure made from tiny aluminum tubing. Steel, wood and aluminum do not mix with corrosion and oxidation between steel and aluminum being a major problem. This defeats the purpose of longevity, weight savings, creates the potential for electrolysis between steel and aluminum, causes the entire structure to flex (and squeak at every turn) while raising the floor height. In contrast, our patented “train trestle” design is not only unique, it is an all-aluminum and composite structure, far stronger than traditional steel construction and the enormous weight savings allows us to add cargo carrying capacity beyond anything in the industry. And all of our cabinets are custom built with aircraft quality aluminum alloy framework and composite exteriors to avoid flexing/distortion and make sure that all doors and drawers close and latch properly. For more on this go to “Improving The Breed”.

Eighteen Wheeler Moving Vans: This is definitely a step in the right direction, however the so called “ultimate” 18 wheeler trailers often owned by entertainers are in fact usually Allied Van-Lines and Mayflower type trailer conversions which were originally designed to move furniture with sidewalls so thin, they use reinforcement straps to keep the furniture from shifting and going through the sidewalls.  Made of steel and wood, since they are mass produced, heavy and are not built from the ground up as a hybrid is, they are a conversion and a total compromise. In fact, the word “conversion”  is another word for “compromise“.


Fifth Wheel History > Truck/trailers combinations. Almost everything you consume comes to you via a semi-trailer. Originally a fifth wheel was a steering mechanism resembling a wheel that allowed the front axle of a horse-drawn wagon to rotate when making turns. In 1910, John, C. Endebrock invented a device for coupling trailers to motor vehicles. Initially the trailers were towed by Ford Model “T” passenger cars and required three men to hook and unhook the trailer. In 1918 Endebrock designed a new coupling device which used a jaw with a spring locking device mounted on the fifth wheel plate that was attached to a tractor frame. Today, that tractor has become the semi-trailer. The fifth wheel used a heavy disk in a “V” shaped slot which contains the locking device. A kingpin is a heavy metal cylindrical pin that is located underneath the front end of the trailer which locks to the semi-trailer. This combination not only allows the combination to rotate, it provides the stability and maneuverability on the road and is basically the design still used today.

Dare to compare >  Just as you would never compare a city delivery straight to an eighteen wheeler, there is an enormous difference between the typical city delivery truck chassis used on most motorhomes and sophisticated professional tow vehicles such as a Peterbilt often used on eighteen wheelers which must meet stringent safety requirements. A little known fact is that according to the DOT, professional truck drivers are the safest drivers on the road. They undergo repetitive training, are constantly monitored by GPS and make their living in modern trucks built to a “million mile standard” with abundant safety equipment in ergonomically correct interiors like a Rolls Royce !

And a little known fact is that most accidents involving commercial tractor/trailers are the result of careless automobile drivers changing lanes, inadvertently pulling in front of trucks, running stop signs or red lights, etc. In fact, driverless cars have become all but necessary since a growing percentage of the population cannot safely drive a car !

History of the Semi-trailer > August Charles Fruehauf (1868-1930) was a blacksmith and carriage builder in Detroit. In 1914, he built a boat trailer for a client who requested more trailers to haul lumber and wood products. It was called a “Semi-trailer” and like Transport Technologies founder he began building additional trailers for varied hauling requirements and thus the Fruehauf Trailer Company was formed.

Positives: The tractor/trailer combination traveling millions of miles each day is the safest and most common means of cargo transport in the world . The combination became popular because of higher GCVW and GVW (gross vehicle weight) ratings, better towing capacity and more usable space than straight trucks, buses or motorhomes. And in the RV world, since the tow vehicle could be disconnected and used for every-day transportation, there is no need to tow a car which is a terrible idea ! The trailer could then be used for storage or a garage which translates into a far better return on investment than a single purpose bus or motorhome which also do not share the distinction of being a safe mode of transporting people. Dependability is paramount and between Ford, Peterbilt/ Kenworth, Freightliner and many others, there are over 10,000 service centers worldwide so it is also easier to get immediate service on any tow vehicles.

Conversions:    Conversions are the definition of the ultimate compromise and that is why Transport Technologies is one of only a few companies worldwide that does not convert existing vehicles but utilizes aerospace technology to build Transporters from unique designs from the ground up.

Destroying Fuel mileage: Quick Study For Technocrats: A little known fact is that “aerodynamic drag” is the number one cause of poor fuel mileage Because drag and rolling friction are constants regardless of weight PD (parasitic drag) and CD (compounded drag) are the real factors affecting fuel mileage.

So what is parasitic and compounded drag ? >>> Put your hand out the window at 65 mph and notice the enormous force pressing against your hand. Now multiply that by the huge frontal area of a motorhome or bus. It’s like pushing a huge billboard. That’s parasitic drag however it doesn’t end there. The initial wind (parasitic drag) traveling at 65 mph. passes over, around and under the vehicle and like the airflow over an airplane wing accelerates to hurricane force. This “hurricane” then slams into roof air conditioners, tanks underneath and everything in between. This is compounded drag and it doesn’t end there!

As it passes around the rear of the motorhome or bus, it creates a vacuum before slamming into the front of any towed vehicle, a combination of parasitic and compounded drag. But it’s not over. That same hurricane wind presses against the front and passes around the towed vehicle and creates yet another vacuum behind it, again “parasitic drag”. And not only can this combination destroy fuel mileage, it also creates handling problems such as “hunting or swerving” which requires constant steering corrections in a cross wind.

Aerodynamics vs. Weight. True or False ? > Motorhomes use fiberglass bodies because they are lighter than wood or steel. Answer: > False. Comparable strength fiberglass is actually heavier than steel and much heavier than aluminum. And to get a fiberglass body that is ripple free, polishing the mould is required after every panel is released, something that is labor intensive, expensive and almost never done. And amazingly, consumers who demand quality in a car or truck that cost $60,000, will tolerate poor engineering, workmanship and finish in a $600,000 motorhome !

>>> Space age technology.  It has been said comparing current RV’s to Transport Technologies transporters is like comparing the Wright brothers at Kitty Hawk to the space shuttle. It begins with space age technology, aircraft aluminum, Onyx, Carbon fiber and Graphene. No heavy steel or wood, our transporters are up to ten tons lighter and seven times stronger than steel and wood, there is only one top of the pyramid and our million mile standard says it all !

If you are still reading, congratulations !  You have completed our Encyclopedia of Knowledge and understand the meaning of  >>> > Knowledge  Is  Power !