Question !  How ignorant you are may depend on how much you read  !

Answer > Critical to knowledge >> You are capable of processing about 1500 words per minute. However while you can read 800 words per minutes you can only speak about 150 words per minute which is a good argument for keeping your mouth shut ! And your rather dismal texting rate is only 20 words per minute which means texting takes seven times longer than talking and seventy five times behind what your mind can process. Therefore, you can measure your mental ability by whether you are thinking, reading, talking or texting and your new video game will earn you a zero !

This web site is all about examining lifestyle. This section is entitled Knowledge Is Power because sixty years and $ millions of dollars were spent accumulating and evaluating this information including a compilation created from extensive research by independent sources such as NHTSA, (National Highway Transportation Safety Administration) Consumer Reports, Insurance Companies, Freedonia Group, Haney Group and other publicized information readily available and includes interviews with thousands of RV owners. It is meant solely for informational purposes and is not meant to target any particular manufacturer, dealer, make or model of any vehicle. Disclaimer: >> The following does not represent the views or opinions of Transport Technologies, officers or employees nor any affiliate organizations.


Our Challenge ! If you were at Kitty Hawk could you explain the new space shuttle to the Wright Brothers ?      

Extensive studies have also shown that only one percent (1%) of you will read the following while 99% will not read for one or more of the following reasons >>> >

Reason #1.  You already know everything, why bother ?  

Reason#2) A caviar attitude means being impressed with being unimpressed.

Reason #3. A zero attention span means only scanning without reading !

Reason #4. Your “Snakes & Dragons” & “Candy Crush” arrived leaving no time for this nonsense !

Reason #5  You have somewhere to be in the next few seconds which means you are already late !

The facts >  90% of all inventions occurred in the last century and as technology has increased exponentially the average person is not capable of processing this new advanced technology.  Space age technology on this web site is light years beyond the average person and the section entitled “Improving The Breed” addresses new advanced technology in detail.

The following information may be a wakeup call ! > Recent cultural changes in our society prompted psychiatrist to update the IQ curve.  Over one thousand adult males were analyzed to include both common and technical sense including basic maturity and motor skills. 

Information overload (describes interruptions or distractions) cause people to “tune out” while multi-tasking affects the inability to properly process information.  (Example > Trying to watch multiple football games simultaneously).      

The result ? Human IQ quotient has declined dramatically in just twenty years.  Terms like Retarded, Feebleminder, Mentally Challenged, Moron, Imbecile and Idiot now take on new meaning.  The following is the most recent scientific analysis of over one thousand adult males of all races 21 years or older > 

*** 1) > 26% scored above Moron IQ status and were eliminated.

*** 1) > Moron>IQ rating 50 to 69 = (Same as an 8 to 12 year old child). Adults > 38% 

*** 2) > Imbecile > IQ>20 to 49. (Equivalent of a 5 to 8 year old child)  Adults > 18% 

*** 3) > Idiot > IQ less than 20. (Equivalent of a 2 to 4 year old child)  Adults > 12%

*** 4) > 6% could not be rated due to inability to read or understand the test. 

Motor Skills > 38% between 16 and 38 years failed motor skills which while demonstrating ability to play video games but could not change the tire on a car ! 

A deteriorating educational system has resulted in high schools graduating students who cannot read or write ! 74% of all students tested admitted spending more time on video games than school work. 

Distractions and Advertising > Madison Avenue in New York produces the majority of all commercials and a recent study shows that 90% of the commercials on TV target the mentality of a four to six year old child (Imbecile to Idiot level) ! 

Lifestyles and the dumbing down of America !  Millions have now developed favorite commercials which they often recite on social media ! In fact, Geico, the largest insurance company features an app where you can win their lottery by choosing your favorite commercial. Top contenders are wild animals which include a Hump Day Camel, Rhinos, Blue/white bears etc. ) Meanwhile, one Toyota Ad features people dancing around many cars in their showroom.  One of the best Geico Ad apparently shows their representative juggling chain saws which must be a requirement to buy insurance ???  Now some people might claim this is just good natured entertainment aimed at children ! Except four year old children do not buy automobiles or insurance and while the typical person being targeted is an adult, a single ad can cost over $ 1 million which means selling a lot of cars to some incredibly impressionable or downright stunningly stupid people !   


Addictions and Violence > “Yeah Butt” is the password for everything ! Question > Lifestyle > The opoid epidemic has 47,000 commiting suicide last year ? 

Studies have shown that video games are as addictive as heroin and more and more, entertainment is punctuated with violence.  Violence in video games has been shown t0 be part of body functions known as Dopamins (Or dope for short).  And many psychiatrists have suggested that the reason for random shootings is the result of young adults acting out the violence they see every day in video games which constantly influences highly impressionable children and even adults with the average age being 24 years or older.

The fact is the details above were not here a few decades ago and this country is affected by a disease called > Morally Bankrupt !      


Summary >>

Medical > 64% of all children are now obeist and a high percentage have carpel tunnel syndrome from frequent use of thumbs playing video games. Children indicated that what concerns them the most is losing the internet while playing games !

Technology > There is a section above entitled “Improving The Breed which addresses modern updated technology that is a “must see”… 

Who Invented the Wheel

1500 years ago the Romas or Romanis also known as Gypsies in Punjam, India created the first Varda which was a horse drawn wagon with axles and wheels. 

Question: Who invented the RV ?

Answer: The Varda was the first live in RV or recreational vehicle.  And by any standard it was luxurious with roof mounted clerestaries and crystal balls which were skylights that illuminated ornate and elaborate chandellers. They also wore colorful outfits with tearas and the occasional boofant hairdo, which made them perhaps the world’s first fashionistas ! A little known fact is the word “camping” originated in India and meant “extreme fashion”.