• Six sections include >
  • 1) Trans Tech > Technology
  • 2) Recreation reinvention.
  • 3) Recreating Tailgating.
  • 4) Reality TV / Social Media
  • 5) Drones/cameras/4K VS 8K.
  • 6) Confused Consumerism
THE  FUTURE  OF  THE  RV  INDUSTRY  >>> Light at the end of the tunnel ! Despite a hundred years of setbacks, the demand for RV’s continues unabated as it remains the world’s most popular outdoor activity. A large portion of this is attributed to the desire to escape busy metropolitan areas and the never ending traffic jams.
Transport Technologies with sixty years of experience creating custom mega-yachts and cutting edge specialized transporters is dedicated to “improving the breed”, the results of which are seen on this web site.

Dare to compare ! Comparing Transport Technology’s transporters to 100 year old designs found on current RV’s is like comparing the Wright brothers at Kitty Hawk to the space shuttle. There is a chart at the beginning of “Pricing” which dares to compare over one hundred features and benefits of transporters vs.  buses, motorhomes and RV trailers.

Welcome to our world at the top of the pyramid ! Our transporters represent a mobile revolution driven by stunning technological achievements and a wealth of knowledge bringing together every innovative advancement learned in over sixty years of vehicle, marine and aerospace production with a devotion to superior engineering. Technologically evolved means maximizing of available cubic space with the use of space age composites that make our transporters ten to twenty tons lighter than other RV’s while five times stronger.

Built to a million mile standard Transport Technologies transporters stand alone as the only vehicles on earth designed to not only transport people and large cargo they utilize aircraft quality aluminum with sidewalls reinforced with stainless steel and composites like Kevlar, Carbon Fiber, and Graphene.  And like modern aircraft, we use not only lightweight aluminum but also built in stainless steel tanks for safety and to reinforce sidewalls. Interior and cabinets > all custom built of aircraft aluminum and composites ! The result ? Tons lighter and up to seven times stronger than steel or wood, the structure does not twist, flex or distort as you travel over even the roughest roads. Transport Tech is also the only company to offer an amphitheater with full size gym, spa’s and 8K (ten times ultra-high def) large screen TV’s to 20′ ft. diagonally.

The History:  Does experience matter ? On land, water and air > In this section, there is a list of cars, boats and aircraft leased, owned or built by Transport Technologies founder including the world’s fastest car, (carbon fiber graphene Xanadu Wedge which may be the new Thunderbird Cobra).

Automobiles / trucks > 1948 – Youngest soap box Derby winner / 1949 – World’s first Go-Cart / 1957 Austin Healey 3000 / 1958 Impala 409 (stroker). Jaguar XKE modified for 327 V-8 / 1964 426 Ramcharger Plymouth / 1962 Formula 1 Manta Mirage race cars (McLaren design) / 1967 427 Corvette / 1968 456 El Camino/ Mr. Blue / Shadalina & Spandango custom cars > #1 best in show – Oakland Roadster Show. Riddler awards – engineering excellence / Berlinetta Ferrari / Twin turbo Lambhorghini / Two James Bond customized Aston Martins / Rolls Royce Phantom V-12 custom. Custom long wheelbase Cadillac Limo /1946 modified Cadillac Hearse / Trailways 40′ foot custom Undertakers Band tour bus. Customized James Bond Aston Martins and Elvis Presley Cadillacs.

By Air > Pilot Licenses > Private and commercial multi-engine / Type rated for Boeing 767 / IFR Instrument rated / C-5A heavy cargo multi-engine rated / Aircraft leased or owned > Piper Navajo / Beachcraft Bonanza / Beachcraft Baron / Beachcraft Queen Air / Beachcraft King Air / Lear Jet / Falcon 50 Jet / Two place sailplane / Total miles logged – 1.5 million / Modifications > Dessault Falcon Tri-Jet / Interior design for Elvis Presley Convair Jet.
Aviation Associations: FAA – Flight instructor + simulator / FAA – Air traffic controller > Enroute control center/Norad Defense command – Hampton, Georgia.

Toys On Fast Forward > 2004 custom “(Crystalline Diamond Dust) SRT injected supercharged Pro-mod Viper Venom-1200 HP / Laurie Gunby’s custom twin turbo V-12 Mercedes hardtop convertible /Ford 5 door F-650 SUV / F-750 Ford hybrid 6 door pickup / McLaren P15 – 1000 HP / Xanadu Wedge 1008 cubic inch aluminum tall block injected/blown 128 octane LP gas plus three stage nitrous > 3,000 HP. with carbon fiber/graphene > 1800 lbs. / New 58′ ft. Xanadu Transporter / Palladium tow vehicle and 90′ ft. XL Palladium Transporter.
By Water > Boat Designs> 38′ ft. V-hull triple outboard Excalibur / Design > Miss Budweiser carbon fiber/graphene w/Gas Turbine – world’s fastest unlimited hydroplane / Design > John Stallupi’s mega-yacht “Diamond’s Are Forever” – James Bond series / Xanadu Princess > Transport Technologies 62′ x 205′ ft. motor sailing catamaran mega-yacht. Sails – 20,000 HP + Two diesels plus twin Rolls Royce gas turbines with multiple jet drives (Spain transferred to China)
Current boats under renovation > Twin engine outboard cruising, fishing, barbeque, Kayak & Drone launch, Pontoon boat. Profile 30′ ft. 800 cu/inch 18-71 supercharged cruising, fishing, triple water jet boat. Note- number of these “toys” can also be viewed under “Specialty Transporters”.

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Ford Motor Company Sponsors Top Fuel drag racing>  Transport Tech’s founder built the first trailers for classic cars, hot rods, Formula 1 and top fuel dragsters and built the first rear engine top fuel dragster for Pete Robinson, a national NHRA winner from Atlanta, Georgia.

Robinson’s sponsor ? Ford Motor Company who supplied $$$ a Ford station wagon and multiple dual overhead cam 427 cubic inch aluminum engines which were stroked by Sneaky Pete to 500 cubic inches for his tinker toy top fuel dragster.  Pete consorted with  Transport Tech’s founder to engineer, fabricate and install many of the advanced components for Robinson’s “Tinker Toy” dragsters plus his trailer for the dragsters.

Robinson also bought the then deserted Atlanta dragstrip in Cummins, Georgia for testing purposes. Always innovating, Transport Tech’s founder delivered the first rear engine dragster and made the first pass that went 1/2 second and 28 mph faster than the national record ! And to put that in prospective, that was decades ago when 0 to 100 was under one second with a G-force greater than the astronauts experience on liftoff !

Unfortunately there was not time to finalize testing and get NHRA approval for what was then considered this radical new rear engine design. Therefore Pete drove the older front engine Tinker Toys dragster at the nationals in Pomona California. Unfortunately the design tore the dragster in half when hitting the guard rail at over 200 mph. Pete died at 2:00 am. He will be missed !


Transport Technologies > Space Age Technology: There is no mistaking the patented futuristic designs with anything else however beyond the obvious “wow factor” of our exteriors, to build our transporters “bullet proof“, what you don’t see is an exterior trim of triple powder coated aircraft aluminum with a triple layered aluminum side walls five inches thick with 1800 degree F. base coating followed by triple coated primers and three clear gel-coating augmented by color changing lights highlighting Crystalline Diamond Dust, Prizmatic or Harlequin custom paint on three levels which while changing colors are even more amazing when viewed next to full length color changing LED lights plus engineering feats like all glass elevators or Lear Jet style Onyx back lit color changing translucent stairs which emerge from the sides for private access to second floor living quarters.  The triple deck, different lengths with almost unlimited floor heights and interior configurations including continuous upper and lower level glass windows and skylights allow these new transporters to be adapted to over ten major markets to maximize cubic capacity and accommodate larger items such as boats, automobiles, horses or helicopters and not compromise the living quarters.

The yet the obvious “Wow factor” the overwhelming appeal is overwhelming family appeal with entertainment which it is witnessing a sports car, boat, stage coach, a spa or a Connestoga or stage wagons, marine appeals such as the amazing Seabreachers, aviation or Limo’s, helicopters, jets, and technical aspectwhich makes it comes together as it suddenly emerges from inside with hidden access doors only to nestle under the 24′ ft. awning which things like the outdoor amphitheater with spas and 7 X booming sound systems however the amazing silent drones with the overhead cameras are the true stunning magical connection to the electronically controlled 30′ foot diagonal ultra-high def. TV screen so you can watch the next sporting events or your own Music Of A Lifetime and the color changing vertical strobe lights from your spa to pulsating 7X booming surround sound stereo.  This is the entire package and it gives new meaning to the term “tailgating” on a new level !

Again, the tri-deck or multi-level transporter makes far more intelligent and efficient use of cubic space and is the only answer for anyone who has ever dreamed of having a true “condominium” or “land yacht” which means with our “wheel-estate”  >>   “you can take it all with you” !

Welcome to the first re-invention of recreational vehicles in over one hundred years !

Since overworked and over-hyped superlatives and buzz words are often bandied about, we prefer > “understated elegance” since the essence of good taste is so rare.

Likewise a “stunning presence” is the most accurate description of our transporters and your first excursion will bring you to the conclusion that you have invested in the ultimate expression of world class mobility.

With nothing contrived, the interior is a truly special place. Every inch is masterfully engineered with custom articulation giving new meaning to the ultimate maximization of available space. Upholstery is a buttery smooth and delicious smelling creation derived from donor cattle seemingly massaged before meeting their end.

You won’t find any wood, steel or over-weight, antiquated granite counter tops or flooring. Rather, the interior is swathed in quartz, marble, carbon fiber and graphene which adorns even hidden crevices. Like the tow vehicles, controls are ergonomically correct with perfect aesthetically correct lighting so stunning it’s difficult to fathom how they are designed. And with the massive 5″ thick walls built like a fortress with unheard of R-60 insulation and 3/4″ thick insulated windows with soundproofing so effective, what you don’t hear is astounding – such as wind or traffic.  Described as a deafening silence with incredible recording studio acoustics and sound proofing so impressive, it will seem like you are riding in a coffin !

And you won’t find Bluetooth, WiFi, Lutron, Crestron or any other “home theater” consumer grade nonsense ! What you will find is professional recording studio audio and movie theater components with high security encrypted for worldwide in motion satellite video/audio connectivity. And outside in a huge amphi-theater, 20′ ft. diagonal ultra high definition screens linked with 100 watt stadium quality audio/video which drives massive JBL speakers with up to 8’ft diameter sub-woofers pulsating to a light show which you have to hear and see to believe…. It’s what we call “attacking the senses” !

Redefining Tailgating: This section should be entitled destroying the SUV !

Transport tow vehicles > Six electronic doors, on board bathroom with stand up hot shower, kitchenette with microwave, sink, refrigerator with ice maker, dinette, sofa bed, 4K high def. TV, 5X surround sound system, hidden floor safe, etc. etc.

Inside rear deck > TV roll out BBQ grille, fold up electric scooter and bicycle, (no need to “camp out” with wild animals so leave the tents at home !

Transporters > Typical two outdoor amphitheater set ups > The Connestoga Wagon is reversible which means it can be turned around to accommodate either street or curb sides amphitheaters.

Transporter curb side > Opposite the Lear Jet type stairs which are hidden and emerge from the second floor exposing stained glass inner doors:  The Connestoga wagon which resides in the rear cargo bay has a 7X JBL movie theater sound system and 82″ to 92″8K extreme high def. TV screen mounted with spa, BBQ grille and multiple strobe light show which pulsates to music from inside the Connestoga Wagon.

Street side set up: >  In this scenario the Connestoga Wagon is typically located on the street side opposite 20′ ft. diagonal TV screen which emerges from inside the first floor ceiling which hides under huge slide out. A high def. projector is mounted in the side of the Connestoga wagon. Both projector and 8K TV are accessed by opening the arched Connestoga wagon roof tarp. This wagon also supports the amphitheater awning to create either a 15′ to 30′ ft. wide on curb side or 24′ to 40′ ft. amphitheater on street side.

Note, even on the smaller Xanadu models, there are typically four ultra high def. or extreme high def. TV’s on board both vehicles.

TV’s defined > A) 28″ inside rear lounge inside tow vehicle. B) Inside main lounge (4K ultra-high def. 52″ diagonal) C) Curb side beyond the Lear jet type stairs and stained glass doors which emerge along curb side wall. The 8K flat or curved TV resides inside the Connestoga Wagon (pulled by either an ATV or miniature donkeys).  D) By reversing the Connestoga Wagon and locating it street side opposite the 20′ ft. diagonal screen which emerges from under the slide out (stand up headroom underneath) is a high intensity projector typically located inside the Connestoga Wagon wall and 24′ feet out from the TV screen which creates your second amphitheater.

The above arrangement allows for multiple audiences (parents and children?) to have two different movies (or video games) playing at the same time on opposite sides of the transporter or inside and outside at the same time just like  multiple movies in a large movie theater. This is particularly advantageous when she wants to view perhaps her favorite food channel while cooking something in the kitchen, while he watches football on the street side giant screen while the kids are curb side developing nightmares watching > “snakes and dragons” for the first time in real 8K. (super high def.) on a giant screen TV with 7X booming sound…  To die for !

Of course, more TV sets could be added however what few know is in the new 8K format, you need to have at least a 82″ screen and be located at least 10′ feet from the screen to avoid getting serious vertigo from your eyes trying to process 1,128,000 pixels ! ! !

And that is why it’s called > “Redefining Tailgating”.  


Seventy years Of Research: The facts ! The good news is the most popular outdoor activity on earth remains RV’ing. The bad news is there is a lack of quality choices in the RV marketplace. The most glaring void has been the gap between bus/motorhomes and truck/trailer combinations ! In summary there was no ability to “trade up” because the truck/trailer combo peaked at about $125,000.00 and they were basically glorified mobile homes and not particularly luxurious when compared to high end motorhomes or buses. What was obviously needed here was the need “to fill the void and improve the breed” and that is where Transport Technologies enters the picture.


Transport Technologies Trucks: Knowledge Is Power > The DOT indicates an 18 wheeler has the best track record and is the safest way to travel. Transport Technologies doesn’t build “trick my truck or off-road jacked up trucks”, we will weigh in here for some comparisons. First, nothing they build is meant to go “off-roading,” cross deep rivers or climb the side of mountains. Instead what you will find is a bathroom, stand up shower, sofa bed, refrigerator, TV, mobile satellite audio/video (no WiFi to be hacked ) and room for multiple animals with six doors. On top is your drone and in the back area there is room for bicycles, motorcycle, barbecue grill and if you must “a tent” in case anyone wants to know if you have a “real camper” – whatever that is ? And what is the importance of the roof mounted Drone ? On the road or parked, you can launch your little helicopter with its camera which streams the surrounding beautiful scenery or vital traffic information to the tow vehicle and the transporter in real time ultra-high def. which is automatically recorded and can be forwarded to anyone, anywhere in the world !
He who has the most toys wins but only if you can take them with you !

Two in One > Instead with the transporter behind, what they have is two RV’s including a transporter you can tow behind with multiple boats, Limo’s, helicopters, ATV’s, jet skis for the mountains or new all terrain dune-buggies like > (Atom > 0 to 60 mph in 2.8 seconds) which can run circles around trucks and Jeeps.and we would highly recommend Transport Technologies toy which with all its lights and roman chariot hubs is a major deterrent for those who may be texting, eating lunch, fixing their hair or those who created road rage or wish to become your local terrorists. Privacy and security are assured by the optional shields between the floors which can block the occasional errant IUD or landmine and security is assured by bulletproof windows which provide a wonderfully silent interior. The other security component not to be overlooked as the roof mounted Drone which can view surrounding landscape for miles or traffic ahead sending back real time video in 4K. which is recorded and may be forwarded anytime, anywhere to anyone.

Where Transport Tech failed ! If you see it on TV or the internet, you know it’s true ! However, the new hybrid crossover Ford F-750 with Cummins diesel and 2,000 mile non-stop range has only a 72,000 lbs. tow rating and is obviously no match for Toyota’s new pickup shown in the “”Toyotathon TV advertisement towing a 258,000 pound space shuttle across a bridge. > Again, you know if it’s on TV or social media, it must be true which prompted us to see if we could buy one of these with the space shuttle at a Toyota dealership but were told they just sold the last one ! So we asked if they might have a special on tooth fairies ? And as you might expect, they just sold out of those also ! What this is amounts to a clear attempt to consume the public in BS.

How’s your view from home ? – Owning a transporter is like having an unlimited number of vacation homes around the world with ever changing weather and scenery. More than a change of scenery > a change of lifestyle. The Ultimate Show Stopper: The soon to be released Palladium models represent the future of over-the-road tow vehicles. Aerodynamics and lightweight aluminum chassis provide up to 20% better fuel mileage. Destined to become the professional driver’s choice of heavy duty tow vehicles, this 600 horsepower diesel pusher with digitally controlled four, eight or twelve or fourteen wheel drive has unprecedented full surround visibility in a luxurious interior with standup headroom advanced electronics with roll cage, ten air bags and collision avoidance with energy absorption safety.

Dare to Compare > Star Wars Engineering For Technocrats > Steel, wood and corkboard are three of the worst materials commonly used while the weight and quality difference compared to aluminum/composite construction is staggering. Put them together with formaldehyde and asbestos (still legal in Indiana) and you have a formula for cancer and many other problems. For the same reason that airplanes are made of aluminum/composites, this combination is exceptionally strong, never rusts and at a fraction of the weight of steel or wood, the difference is measured in tons > not pounds ! While it is true that our typical aircraft aluminum and composite transporter is 10 tons (20,000 lbs.) lighter than if we built it out of steel, the combination of weight savings and unprecedented aerodynamics are by far the most important factors when it comes to safe handling and fuel economy ! In point of fact, during our initial 15,000 mile test evaluating a new Xanadu series (57’ trailer) pulled by a prototype of the new hybrid crossover Ford F-750, (which also serves as an RV) professional truckers, RV’ers and motorsports teams we encountered were amazed to learn that we could travel over 2,000 miles without refueling !

Aluminum and composites ? The number one selling vehicle is a pickup truck and just as Ford has remained number one for thirty seven years, they now build advanced pickup trucks from aluminum which is far lighter and stronger than steel. Ask any experienced equestrian the difference between a steel and aluminum horse trailer and they will tell you that aluminum is much lighter, not prone to corrosion which can destroy a steel trailer in a short time (especially with salt on highways) and a far better value since like most RV’s, steel/wood horse trailers have dismal resale value.

Date to Compare > the new Palladium tow vehicles:   With features like ergonomically correct digitally controlled four eight or ten wheel drive, the future of “over the road towing” as seen under “Gallery” is the Palladium hybrid combing RV like accommodations in a revolutionary tow vehicle. Setting a new standard for comfort, visibility, safety, convenience and economy the original computer analysis showed this lightweight aerodynamic “star wars” vehicle with 600 hp x 2000 ft. lbs. torque Cummins diesel registered a 22% improvement in fuel mileage which for the trucking industry translates into $ millions of dollars a day in diesel fuel savings !

No Steel & No Wood ! Our interiors not only look better and last far longer than wood which is heavy, they don’t flex or distort and are much lighter.  In contrast to wood or cheap laminates, our cargo, wardrobe and cabinets are custom fabricated using aircraft quality aluminum framing with composite veneers and soft-close struts with locking hinges. And you will note our glass is curved also known as “bent glass” and these cabinets are not only formed to fit inside the curved glass, the electric remote controlled decor blinds are mounted inside the cabinets and custom crown moldings which means they are hidden when closed !  And there is no flexing or noise, moaning, groaning and nothing that opens by accident ! On a typical mid-size transporter this saves about 4,000 lbs. over wood which is more than the entire cargo carrying capacity of most motorhomes and buses !

Slide Outs: Why do you have to level the landing gear before opening the slide out ? Because when the “box” mounted on the “city delivery truck” chassis flexes, twist or distorts, it can jam or damage the slide out ! And since almost all slide outs are after-market installed, while they have improved considerably, jamming and inadvertent opening while traveling have traditionally been major problems. Inadvertent opening while on the highway has prompted new DOT regulations to restrict slide out operation when the vehicle is moving. Despite this, at least one or more RV companies have their slide outs connected directly to the ignition switch !

For Technocrats: With mobility, weight is the enemy ! How do you build a transporter that is ten to twenty tons lighter (depending on its size) than wood and steel construction and is built like a fort which doesn’t flex, contort, groan and moan ? The answer comes from the use of aircraft quality aluminum and high tech bonding of composites at extremely high temperatures. Note we do not use any wood, steel, granite or fiberglass (which is actually much heavier than wood) in our transporters. All of these components are extremely heavy and weak by comparison to aluminum and high tech composites like Kevlar, carbon fiber or Graphene which is seven times stronger than steel and one third the weight of aluminum.

Granite counter tops and granite floors ! Dispelling the myth ! Natural granite is actually a primitive rock or stone as in Stone Mountain.  It is very brittle, porous, susceptible to staining, discoloration,  prone to crazing,  cracking and to maintain it’s appearance, requires constant maintenance.  Several billion years ago near the center of the earth marble, quartz, diamonds and Onyx were created under extreme pressure and temperature. And unlike granite which quickly came to the surface, they remained hidden deep within the earth. Thus, they became quite rare and thus expensive.

So how expensive are these materials ? Quartz and marble are lighter but considerably more expensive than granite. Diamonds are next and at the top of the pyramid is Onyx. So how rare is Onyx ? You will never see two custom transporter interiors which look alike since no two Onyx platelets are ever the same. And how expensive ? You may have heard the expression “if you have to ask, you probably can’t afford it?  Well, when Onyx was first discovered deep in the earth, a small piece of the highest grade went for over $5 million at auction ! However, modern technology permits us to bond these natural components at extremely high temperatures creating considerably lighter veneers while retaining their original qualities and natural appearance. And when money is no object for knowledgeable, discriminating people who demand the best nature has to offer, there is only one choice and backlit translucent Onyx is an angelic masterpiece of undisputed perfection.

So from our technologically advanced exterior composites including carbon fiber and graphene bathed in Chrystaline diamond dust to interior ceilings and walls of natural glowing Onyx, the end result is absolutely stunning and must be seen to be believed.

Answer: There is no comparison and this section explains why motorhomes and buses are one hundred year old technology and the ultimate compromise. Only about 1% of all buses produced end up as RV conversions and they are delivered with one seat, no interior, little or no exterior trim, unpainted and at a cost typically over $575,000.00. Monocoque construction means the corrugated sidewalls create a flimsy framework and converting the bus into something unrelated from its original purpose is difficult, time consuming/labor intensive and therefore very expensive (as in up to $2 million or more). This means when considering value for what you get, the bus is overpriced !  Copycat motorhomes begin with a basic straight truck chassis, (such as a Spartan or Freightliner) usually less than $90,000 to which a flimsy superstructure (typically one inch thick) and heavy wood interior is added. Because motorhomes and buses are some form of a conversion and RV trailers are based on mobile home technology, when the lack of quality is considered they are actually overpriced which ultimately results in dismal resale value !

In contrast, there is a huge difference between the cost of converting a mass produced bus which was intended to move people from A to B and a custom built transporter which is designed and built from the ground up for it’s intended purpose and built to a million mile standard !  Our massive basic framework is actually part of the superstructure while construction is similar to a “train tressle” with aircraft quality aluminum and high tech composite 5” thick side walls on three deck levels. As such it is far stronger and tons lighter.  And it needs no engine or drive train. And while this makes it possibleto undercut the bus, we prefer to use better quality materials and advanced construction methods while offering additional cargo capacity and features which translated means you get what you pay for ! 

Question: But what about the tow vehicle ? Answer: The number one selling vehicle of all time is a pickup truck and companies like

Ford, Kenworth and Peterbilt produce hundreds of thousands of vehicles annually on highly sophisticated assembly lines. With over 10,000 service centers worldwide, service after the sale is assured. A top of the line aluminum dually four door F-350 Ford truck loaded with options which can tow most of our Xanadu models has an MSRP of  about $65,000. In contrast, a wholesale “bus shell” with one seat is over a half million dollars !

Versatility:Value added” not only means you can use the truck for other purposes, you can transport cars, boat, and other toys on the first floor of the transporter without encroaching on living quarters on the second floor or the observation deck on the third level. And this versatility also means the truck/trailer combination enhances resale value.

Redundancy”: Just as there are back up systems and two engines on an airplane we create redundancy for critical components which are duplicated.

Quality leveling” with the best components means everything is built to the highest possible standard which is something no motorhome or bus can achieve. Example: A motorhome or bus sensor which is supposed to indicate when your holding tanks are empty or full sells for about $25.00 and they give incorrect readings most of the time which means your septic tanks can be full when the sensor indicates they are empty causing an embarrassing overflow. Our sensors cost $670 each, are absolutely accurate and are the same models used under zero gravity in the space station ! So you get what you pay for !

Why convert ? Few people know the first Lear jets were actually fighter jets and converting them for corporate use was a major compromise. Likewise, in the 1900’s buses were designed to transport people from point A to B and “converting” them into something entirely different such as an RV (recreational vehicle) is the ultimate compromise.

The conversion company typically begins with an expensive “shell” which is a rolling bus minus the seats. They then alter the exterior NOT to look like a commercial bus. To achieve this, they replace windows, change the exterior to polished aluminum and stainless steel, add exterior fiberglass molded pieces front and rear, a new fiberglass roof, new door, one piece windshield, new mirrors and lights, paint, etc. And of course, all of this is very time consuming and expensive. Then the interior including slide outs must be fabricated which adds even more expense. The hard and fast rule is never cut into monocoque construction since the sidewall is the framework and cutting into it compromises the entire bus. And motorhomes designed to look like the more expensive buses, are usually built on a “straight truck chassis” > think U-Haul truck with a harsh ride !

With our transporters, you skip all these intermediate steps (and substantial costs) and go directly to the custom interior. How is this possible ? Simply put, we don’t build vehicles which must be “converted” and one size doesn’t fit all so we design and custom build only for the purpose intended. An infinite variety of floor plans is possible on three levels from 13’6″ to 14’2″ high and 40’ feet to 90’ feet long including opposing telescoping slide outs up to 70’ long x up to 24’ feet wide and awnings which can extend to 40’ feet wide by any length.

Deck levels are pre-determined, the basic floor plan is selected and the number and size of slide outs that will be built into the main framework. The generator, central air and heat, water, fuel and holding tanks from stainless steel are factory installed as are the wiring and plumbing for custom fireplaces, aquariums, aviaries, spas and whirlpool tubs. Continuous glass from the nose cone to the rear is standard and since we are not buying an expensive commercial vehicle and trying to convert it into something else, this saves an enormous amount of time and money.

Unlike the motorhome or bus, one single basic interior design does not suit everyone or accommodate every application.  There aresignificant design differences between an equestrian mid-western interior, a race car or classic car transporter, a low key easy maintenance interior for people with multiple pets to a massive 90XL”gee whiz wow  factor glamorous wheel estate paradise” ! ! !  Last but not least, each transporter is an extension of the client’s individual needs, taste and personality. Your investment deserves the best planning and attention to detail possible. The mobility of your basic transporter gives you the option of selecting a recognized company which may allow more participation if you wish in this all important final phase. Like a custom built yacht, which is where we started, if your dreams are expansive, specialty interior companies we can recommend have the experience, the resources and the staff needed to “speak your language” and work with you in selecting everything from hydronically heated marble flooring to counter tops, bath fixtures, fireplaces, aquariums, aviaries and anything else you may want. And all you have to do is sit back and let them guide you through turning your dreams into reality.

Want to create your own custom transporter ? You only need to determine the number of people and the size and type of cargo including automobiles, boats, horses, chariots, stage coaches, aircraft, helicopters or almost anything else you can imagine that needs to be transported.

Photoshop artists create 3D of the exterior in color and graphics along with the interior displayed on a large monitor or your home computer. You make any changes you wish and you get to change decor and colors before the transporter is built which shows you exactly what the finished product will look like.

Pricing: If you are seeking the cheapest product and immediate delivery, you are on the wrong web site ! Like a custom built yacht, careful planning and execution takes time and that is why our transporters are hand assembled one at a time and are the only ones built to a million mile standard with available lifetime warranty. We build a very limited number of transporters for a specific clientele. Ownership entitles membership in the MEA (mobile estate association) therefore prospective buyers are carefully screened and must pre-qualify. Once approved, a representative is assigned who can provide detailed specifications and photoshop color renderings of all details and provide progress reports periodically during production. And like a custom yacht, depending on the model and customization, delivery may take two to three years.

Transporters are built from 45’ to 90′ feet long and a complete transporter sans interior can have an extensive option list. Obviously, like designing and furnishing a home, the size and configuration of each transporter and the interior requirements can vary tremendously and is always a matter of personal taste. Also, when analyzing price, consider that transporters must have all of the components and accessories required for a home plus the requirements of a small city which includes water supply, electric service, sewage, garbage disposal, etc. As one example, our typical transporter has more than six miles of intricate wiring. All of this adds to manufacturing cost of what is actually > “a rolling home in a city”. Just as cost are reduced by repetitious “cookie cutter” fabrication, cost are increased exponentially by custom manufacturing of components.

Proof of concept to production: All new innovative designs undergo a “proof of concept” trial followed by extensive field testing on all systems. This involves driving an actual transporter on test tracks and under every conceivable condition for up to one year or more. Unlike the automotive and RV industry we do not make customers the guinie pigs for testing and that is also how we build to a “million mile standard“.

Knowledge Is Power: If you are still reading at this point, congratulations !  Only about 1% of you will take the time to actually read this and understand the extreme technical and other advantages of our transporters !  And that is why >>>, “Knowledge Is Power”….

Star Wars engineering for technocrats ! The top of the construction pyramid is aluminum with a proprietary composite core and an inner layer of aluminum bonded at 1800 degrees farenheit. The combination of aluminum with other materials like Kevlar, carbon fiber and graphine creates the lightest, most durable and strongest combination possible at seven times stronger than steel and one fourth the weight ! Even the interior cabinets are aircraft aluminum framework and composite construction, hundreds of pounds lighter than wood and much stronger while eliminating squeaking, groaning and inadvertently opening when underway. For the same reason that aircraft have long been made from aluminum and composites, major car manufacturers are now “seeing the light” and converting to lighter aluminum framework including Ford’s new pickup trucks, some 700 lbs. lighter and far stronger than steel. And the use of composites like carbon fiber are also catching on, vastly improving performance and fuel economy.

Advanced technology: We live in an era where technology changes every aspect of our lives.  And something that was considered “modern or state of the art” can be totally obsolete a few years later !  And at the top of the technical pyramid are remote controls and large digital touch screens that allows you to view and control every function and all systems from outside or inside the foyer of the transporter.

What exactly is graphene ? Graphene is one of the crystalline forms of carbon, along with diamond, graphite, carbon nanotubes and fullerenes. Carbon atoms appear in a hexagonal pattern in a one-atom thick layer of graphite. Its interaction with other materials and light give it an inherently two-dimensional nature and produce unique properties while being seven times stronger than steel at a fraction of the weight.

With our tow vehicles, think two RV’s in one, 25′ to 50′ feet longer than the largest bus while ten to twenty tons lighter with far superior aerodynamics and fuel mileage from a stunning “star wars” aesthetics.

Redundancy: For the same reason that commercial airliners have more than one engine, we duplicate critical components. For example, our typical RV “toy hauler” carries up to 80 gallons of diesel fuel in two tanks for the up to single or double 40 KW diesel generator, two DC to AC inverters to 48,000 watts of silent power, up to 400 gallons of fresh water, 200 gallons in twin waste tanks, 100 gallons of LP gas, a 90 gallon gas station for toys, etc. etc. The benefit is the ability to maintain self-sufficiency for months without the need to re-supply.

The Exterior is a proprietary composite which has an inner and outer layer of aluminum thermally bonded at extremely high temperatures to a ballistic center core. Pioneered by NASA, this process eliminates delamination and it provides an exterior impervious to salt and most chemicals. It is also highly impact resistant. The panels, up to 40’ feet long create a seamless appearance and they are absolutely straight which eliminates the “oil can” effect as well as ripples common to fiberglass panels or the “waves” common to.050 thin aluminum. Most manufacturers attempt to hide this with glitzy swirling paint in a dozen colors however it remains a detraction on virtually 100% of the RV’s and motorhomes in existence today.

Engineering, Structural Safety and Insulation: Last but not least, when it comes to safety and insulation, our 5” thick walls (compared to 1” or 1.5” thick on most high end RV and motorsports trailers), created from aircraft grade alloy aluminum along with the composite materials described above are unparalleled in any trailer including commercial/industrial trailers. There are no nails, screws, staples or adhesives in our walls as the patented design not only creates multiple drip gutters, it allows each panel to “float” on rubber air compression seals which allows for expansion and contraction. And the insulation provided by these thick walls is up to ten times the R-factor of traditional RV’s or motorsports trailers. That means elimination of interior drafts and less energy needed for cooling or heating. And while the outside of motorhomes and buses have awkward vents, access doors with cargo compartments and gaudy awnings reminisent of gypsies with laundry hung off the sides, in contrast our transporters have smooth sides with no vents and an aerodynamic roof devoid of obstructions. Limo tinted glass extend uninterrupted along the sides including the slide out while the roof has a continuous skylight as do the huge slide outs.

One size doesn’t fit all ! Unlike the typical single level 40’ft. bus, we build triple deck transporters from 40′ ft to over 90′ ft. long and even our smaller Xanadu models feature full first floor storage for cars, boats, helicopters and the second floor can feature two or more bathrooms, two lounges with aquarium/aviary, three staterooms each with its own fireplace, a gym and kinnell for pets, elevator platform to the second floor and third floors, “Lear jet” type hidden privacy stairs leading to a second floor spectacular stained glass entrance foyer, etc. .

Feasting on technology or what we call “attacking the senses ! One well known entertainer has no less than 17 tiny television sets on his 40′ foot bus and none of them are ultra-high def. Located only feet apart they are surrounded by twenty 4″ speakers which isn’t even hi-fi much less professional audio (and we’re not talking about home theater)  However, there really was a need to place TV’s in the bathroom (don’t want to miss a single play of the football game while on the toilet).

Transport Technologies founder invented the portable cellphone decades ago (see About Us) however it was not quite the same as so called “smart phones” with thousands of apps.). First of all, it didn’t drop calls and the battery would last a week or longer without recharging. And it was a far more reliable device than the so called “smart phones” of today that are basically gaming devices for children of all ages !  Ever drop your cellphone in the shower ? Not to worry since they cost only a few dollars and they will replace them free of charge as long as you sign another two year contract for several thousand $ dollars ! ! !  Also, if you want movie video quality, according to Verizon, no need to purchase a $250,000 professional movie camera when you can use your new smart phone (only $9.95) to get the same movie theater quality along with dynamic surround sound stereo !  And if you believe that, you may also want to order up a “tooth fairy”.… Having problems with your computer. Not to worry. The child who built it and the other child who wrote the software began by cheating on their homework in the 4th grade and haven’t changed, they just got older ! However they have determined how to hold you hostage with trendy buzz words and secret ID codes, passwords, etc. etc. ad nauseum.

Tailgating ? In another popular venue, the current trend of “tailgating” has little to do with sports and a lot to do with socializing ! Want to view a concert or superbowl in front row seats ? UHD (ultra high definition) with four times the pixels and resolution of high def. with 3D animation on our huge 8K ultra-high definition television in the main “home theater” type lounge features recording studio quality stereo with twenty or more speakers and three huge subwoofers, etc.

4K Vs 8K. What you wanted to know about the difference between 1080P, 4K ultra high def. and 6K or 8K ! 8K has been in Japan for years and was used in the winter Olympics in South Korea. While it is now becoming available it will not be popular and “trendy” until 2020 since Americans have been traditionally slow to catch on to anything high tech despite what they claim !

What you need to know. The short course ! 8K has about 1,128,000 pixels and is sixteen times more resolution  than high def. and ten times more than ultra-high definition 4K while twice the FPS  (frames per second).

Question ? So can you tell the difference ? Answer – Absolutely !  Modern digital cameras in 8K are smarter than your eyes which also needs to send the message to your brain for processing. And if you read “Knowledge Is Power” you know the brain can only process about 1500 bits per minute ! However in case you are feeling inadequate, technology in 8K is coming to the rescue !

Question: And why does screen size matter ?  A 32″ TV screen is seeing the same number of pixels as a 120″ inch screen. One entertainer bragged about having over 12 tiny TV screens in a converted bus !  Today people like larger screen and that is why 8K with more resolution was generated for larger screens !

However, with 8K your eyes and brain looking at over a million pixels at close range is on overload therefore with the bigger screen you don’t need to be as close so with an 80″ or so screen you should be at least 10′ feet from the screen. Or to put it another way, larger screen TV’s benefit from more pixels whereas they would tend to have less resolution with viewer pixels from 4K.

Speed counts > As for FPS or frames per second, we’ll keep it simple. Your eyes and mind might not notice but 4K is about 60 FPS or (frames per second) which will create a slight blur for anything from a race car to a football or even a tennis ball !

In contrast, an 8K camera captures everything at about 120 FPS, which can freeze the frame a football or tennis ball in mid flight. Your eyes may not detect that slight 4K blur but your subconscious mind is trying to tell you something is not quite right ! You just aren’t sure what it is because if you are old enough, monorail used to sound good before you heard stereo and black and white TV was OK until color TV sets arrived.  And then came 4K which was better than ever and since you have probably not seen 8K, you have nothing to judge against and there is a world of difference and it comes closer to have a virtual presence and actually being part of the action !

Is there anyway to cheat ? There are VP headsets available which are excellent for 8K in tight spaces particularly with bright light and they will ignore millions of pixels which would normally give you vertigo trying to process 8K in close quarters !

Summary > Normally with 8K, you need at least an 80″ diagonal screen and everyone should be located at least ten feet from the screen. As to availability, Samsung has a Q900R in 8K and LG has an 88″ OLED and both are light years ahead of 4K. And since everyone tends to like larger screens, this is why even Transport Tech smaller screens are 80″ or larger and the larger screens for outdoor amphitheaters are up to 30′ foot diagonally.  However, remember that sunlight can overwhelm everything except the brightest lumens flat screens or projectors which are quite expensive and that is why Transport Tech has hidden built in amphi-theaters which emerge from the sides to block sunlight and protect from ultra violet rays.  And they also have 22 channel and up to 100,000 watt surround sound systems with up to 8′ foot diameter subwoofers for outdoor concerts.

Question ? Cameras >  So how do you create videos in 8K ?  Answer > As to shooting video, the lower end of the spectrum is Sharp with an 8K camcorder. However they are consumer entry grade with no night vision or high tech automatic stabilization, auto iris, auto focus, etc..

Professionals > Red cameras and Black magic have 8K cameras including spherical cameras for 3D which are typically used often by professional cinematographers on Transport Tech’s Tour of the World.  And all you need is somewhere north of $100K for one of these with two lenses, audio and lighting and an extensive course in professional cinematography !

Another advantage is they have 8K sensors which can create a periscope effect in 3D allowing you to scroll around the stadium selecting certain isolated football players or a zero in for a close up on a specific fan half way across the stadium.

Question ? Assuming you don’t take your own 8K video, where do you get  streaming video ? While ATSC has a broadband system and Netflix has streaming audio, however they are only 4K.

There are a few companies that create 8K including Transport Tech’s “Memories of a Lifetime” series however for pure satellite feeds the answer is Japan ! NHK satellite TV broadcast live 8K or you can wait until about 2020 for everyone in America to catch on !

Want a stadium on wheels ? Sit in your roll-out spa with pets in your lap outdoors under our 15′ x 24′ foot extended awning with side screen wire to keep insects at bay.  A 20′ foot diagonal giant screen emerges along the side to provide an ultra-high definition visual experience with multiple thundering JBL stadium speakers. The total effect is one that must be experienced to be believed.

Glass, glass and more glass ! Lights, lights and more lights with unparalleled security. Glass is 3/4″ thick, insulated, tempered/laminated DOT legal limo tinted and curved for optimal aesthetic appeal. Continuous roof skylights and glass along each side including the huge slide outs and wrap around glass in the nose cone provide panoramic views. And in today’s world with security paramount, bulletproof glass is also optional. Lights. Almost a mile of remotely controlled multiple pattern color changing diffused lighting along the entire interior and exterior length of the exterior on three levels creates what has been described as a “stunning light show on wheels”. Interior lighting emanates from walls and ceilings in an ever changing rainbow effect which can be programmed to pulsate to surround sound music.

Security: Depending on transporter length, five to ten interior and exterior cameras record 360 degree views on monitors in the tow vehicle and transporter. They are also monitored 24/7 via satellite with security and full automation access/control from any computer or cellphone worldwide which means access to each camera with a full report in up to eleven languages and control of every on board function from half way around the world if you wish ! Access bays on the first floor and the central air conditioning system are all hidden inside the side walls while “Lear jet” type stairs are hidden inside second floor walls which makes unwanted access to living quarters virtually impossible and with windows ten feet above ground level, privacy is insured far above prying eyes.

Safety: It is virtually impossible to ignore our signature “Roman Chariot” hubs spinning on all wheels which send a clear message to maintain a safe distance ! Tow vehicles have proximity alert for collision avoidance and direct link communications to the transporter. In motion Satellite tracking, CB and a 300 watt VHS worldwide radio keep tow vehicle and transporter in touch with advanced state of the art Doppler radar weather monitoring.

Hybrid patented articulating and telescoping slide outs: Unlike small aftermarket slide outs, we build our huge slideouts into the main framework and our giant external TV screens (up to 20′ ft. diagonally) and awnings (any length and up to 24′ extended) are hidden and protected inside the walls of the articulating or telescoping slide outs ! View the football game outside under the huge awning to sound booming from speakers hidden under the floor of the slide outs. Want to get high ? > Go atop the “penthouse” entertainment deck on the smooth, unobstructed third floor while UHDVP (ultra high definition video projectors) can project images the length of a football field in stunning 3D against a 40’ foot wide “stadium size” big screen synchronized to a color changing light show, fireworks and 100,000 watt “earth shaking” audio that has to be experienced to be believed!                       (See Specialized Transporters).

The Ford Super Transport Pickup: You can tow your transporter with a multitude of different trucks and some of the new dually diesel pickups have tow rating over 32,000 lbs. which can easily and safely tow our lightweight Xanadu transporters. The choice of a tow vehicle is obviously yours however if you are into a larger transporter with multiple toys, consider the following: In the “Blue Diamond” joint venture between Ford (Blue) and International (Diamond), Ford F-750’s are built on an International heavy duty commercial truck chassis (18 wheeler components and 500,000 mile available warranties)! Weighing in at over 12,000 pounds with a 72,000 pound tow rating, this is not your everyday pickup truck ! The frame, running gear, wheels, brakes and axles are massive and unlike some trucks which claim to have air ride suspension, (but are actually just two booster air bags in the rear), the Ford Super Transport has computerized programmable fully adjustable four corner independent air suspension. In this case, programmable means the ability to select different settings when fully loaded, unloaded and not pulling the transporter or selecting the “kneel” feature when disconnecting from the transporter. So whether you are pulling a transporter fully loaded or going solo, the result is a ride that has to be experienced to be believed. With its six speed automatic transmission and short turning radius, after a short orientation period, most find that it is not only as easy to drive as any other full size pickup, it’s quieter, more comfortable and the confidence is awe inspiring !

Convenience: Want to detach the transporter, do a little exploring, shopping, or have a picnic ? The mobility of the truck gives you these options and besides the dinette with refrigerator and bathroom inside, hidden under the truck’s rear deck is an optional barbeque grill,1500 watt surround sound 7X stereo system with surround sound. The rear center door (5th door) can be remotely opened to facilitate visual reference when backing up to the transporter’s all aluminum 5th wheel or you can view up to four outside cameras from the monitor inside. The Cervis remotes allow you to deploy the hidden auto-leveling landing gear, side, front, rear ramps and elevator platforms, second floor Lear jet type stairs, all slide outs from inside our outside the transporter while the touch screen digital displays. Satellite links provide control of every function in harmony with the Millennium automation system which provides video and digital displays worldwide which means you can view access and control every function from your smartphone anywhere in the world !

Next generation: Considering something over 65′ feet long or a commercial transporter ? Even more features and benefits will be incorporated in the soon to be introduced Palladium and Super Magnum, considered to be the professional driver’s choice and the “Rolls Royce” of all tow vehicles. 650 + horsepower, 80-100,000 lbs. tow ratings and 18 speed transmissions with four, eight or ten wheel drive with digital controls.

Make the comparison: Taking it all with you ! 65% of all RV’ers travel with pets. Over 80% have children or grand children. Place all your toys, models, pets and children safe and secure inside the transporter out of the weather and then ask this question: Which combination, the bus or the transporter is more practical and which is easier to drive? And with a hybrid crossover tow truck, maxi and mini-transporter, which offers most versatility ? Which has the cargo space and will offer the most enjoyment ? Which offers the best privacy and security ? With two RV’s in one, which will be used most often and represents the best investment ? And which is the ultimate “show stopper” with the best resale value ?

Straight talk on cost and value > Dare To Compare: Consider that Prevost and VonHool build thousands of commercial buses each year on state of the art assembly lines that must meet the most stringent DOT vehicle standards and typically sell for about $625,000 with basic exterior, one door, a few windows and no interior with only one driver’s seat. Add a custom interior that can cost up to $3 to 4 million with miles of wiring on board. Now ask yourself what you think you are getting for only $600,000 in a motorhome designed to look like a bus ? The answer ? A major compromise based on a city delivery truck chassis with cheap components and often poor workmanship. In contrast to either one, with Transport Technologies you get a vehicle designed from the ground up for your intended purpose with far superior workmanship and the best quality components which creates our unprecedented million mile standard. So it’s your $ money and it’s true, you get what you pay for !

THE MILLION MILE STANDARD > says it all. It is the compilation of the best design, best engineering and the very best components and equipment money can buy combined with unmatched quality control while building one custom unit at a time.

Note: When it comes to “Improving The Breed” this section is about Reality Television and marketing/promotional concepts achieved with the use of social media and reality television on a global scale

REALITY TELEVISION >>> Positives: Exceeds all prime time shows in the ratings. And they are growing at the rate of more than one hundred per year.

Demographics: One hundred million people worldwide own an RV which is the most popular outdoor activity which generates the largest and wealthiest demographic group ! And reality television along with social media can grow that while introducing hundreds of millions more to a lifestyle they didn’t know existed !

Question ? So what is wrong with reality television ?

Answer > Unreality television ! When the internet was first created, over 50% was porn. A recent survey indicated that over 70% of all viewers who watch reality television tune out of certain channels ! They also dislike the impression on young children.

Recent surveys indicate a majority of families expressed the opinion that there are too few quality programs and those that exist have extremely violent and/or immature content (Walking Dead and Survivor) were two examples given. Secondly, they believe there is far too much profanity, nudity and display of guns. This was of particular concern to parents with young impressionable children which have become prone to violent outburst and even random shootings which now extend to elementary and high school students. This cultural clash is also manifested in sensationalizing everything to the glorification of gang violence.

Putting reality back into unreality television: The question is how do we fix the problems listed above in a country that many believe has become morally bankrupt !

The Answer > Enter Transport Tech’s new syndicated television series to be filmed globally as a documentary highlighting >

Reality Lifestyles”. Of course, high ratings are critical for longevity therefore while creating a higher ethical standard one must maintain a formula for consistently high ratings ?
Part of the answer revolves around recognizing the demographics of potential viewers. Be aware that the same people watching the Disney, Travel, Animal and Discovery channels are not inclined to watch The Walking Dead or spend time glued to video games like Snakes and Dragons. And they also don’t tend to spend money on trendy things like play stations or lottery tickets ! In contrast, their expenditure of $ money drives advertising exposure and that eventually generates higher ratings ! Lastly, the question that begs to be answered is one of pure numbers. According to extensive surveys, the number of people who fit the demographics are staggering to the point of being almost off the chart. And they are far in excess of the demographics for any social media or reality television shows currently available….

At least twelve (12) reasons why the “Tour Of The World” plus four additional reality series promise to become the highest rated reality series in syndicated television history.
1) Family demographic > Almost everyone has fathers, children, grandchildren, brothers, sisters, cousins, etc. Meanwhile, surveys indicate an alarming disconnect within families. However, in contrast, surveys also prove that the “the family that plays together> stays together”.
2) Epidemic health issues>>> Unfortunately, over half the young people today in the United States are obeist with related health problems including a growing percentage of young people with diabetes. And part of the problem is related to addictive cellphones, computers and video gaming.
3) Competition ?> So what would it take to make them give up that cellphone and quit playing mindless addictive violent video games ? Answer > Something far more attractive based on reality !
4) “Real Reality Toys” can replace cellphones and unrealistic violent video games. A little drone overhead with a video camera captures an outdoor sport, pets chasing a ball, an ATV surfing the beach, a Kayak or the spectacular under/above water shark/dolphin aqua bullets with on board paint guns for video memories of a lifetime which redefines social media outdoor entertainment ! All of which on social media or reality television makes them famous around the world and the envy of everyone ! And once again, the family that plays together >> just came together !
(See Specialty Transporters for a list of toys including the dramatic Seabreacher sharks).
5) Pets > High percentage are elderly and 84% have pets and interface with families daily. Puppies and cats have become especially popular in advertisements. Thus the link entitled “Man’s Best Friend“.
One example > Transport Tech’s reality series example: Just one of many scenes shows two miniature donkeys pulling a miniature stage coach with two kids perched on top. They launch the drone from atop the stagecoach with its 4K camera which circles while filming a half dozen puppies staring out the side windows flanked by two lamas. The puppies, miniature donkeys and exotic Lamas may be the only competition for young girls in cowgirl outfits on Shetland Ponies barrel racing at a rodeo which adds just two examples of dramatic outdoor entertainment available which transfers to social media with a ripple effect going viral overnight > worldwide !

This is the use of technology at its finest and Specialty Transporters provides just a brief view of “toys” available for almost unlimited, exiting outdoor activities.
6) What else is popular ? Anything and everything on wheels is very popular on TV and virtually everyone owns something on wheels. And all Trans Tech’s toys are on wheels along with airplanes and boats > (See Seaplanes, Skyhawks, Seabreachers, Pontoon boats, Kayaks, etc. > Under > Specialty Transporters)
7) Television cameras and social media ! Almost everyone dreams at one time about making their own movies or being on TV. Anyone who sees 8K will attest that selvies taken with a cellphone pales by comparison to 4K, 6K or 8K drone/cameras which can capture adventures of a lifetime which can be forwarded instantly to social media which makes everyone in the family instantly famous ! Drones mounted on transporters with professional cinematographers will also be film professionally all of this which becomes a magnet for families wanting to have Memories Of A Lifetime also aired on > worldwide syndicated television.
8) Exclusive inter-action with wealthy clients vacationing plus rich and famous celebrities which will include private concerts at MEP’s including musical vigils with legendary entertainers at RV campfires or mobile estate parks.
9) Never seen before lifestyles aboard advanced “star wars” transporters, plus Transport tech’s jet and private yacht which terminate at private MEP’s such as Shangri-La (See About Us) represent once in a lifetime opportunity to mingle with other wealthy clients plus rich and famous celebrities.
10) Potential global audience of over 100 million weekly viewers who own RV’s and over one billion world wide who do not own RV’s are unaware of this new lifestyle.
11) Uniquely different >> Transport Tech has by far the most advanced “Star Wars toy haulers” on the planet with an onboard luxurious lifestyle few have ever seen !
12) Largest demographic group globally and based on age with 5% in the highest rated annual income.


Consumerism:  It used to be Good, Better and Best when selecting which whizznit to buy.  Today it’s Awful , Worst and Best Of  The Worst.   And yet Awful may be the highest priced. So who is to blame for this ?  Manufacturers blame consumers however the fact is both are at fault. Unlike 50 years ago, today”Good Enough” is acceptable > if the price is cheap enough. You seldom hear anyone say I bought a superior product but rather, “I got it cheap” or “you won’t believe how much I saved”.  As a result non discriminating consumers buy $ billions of dollars worth of junk every year.   And manufacturers are meeting the demand for that junk that sells.And they are assisted by subliminal advertisements with subtle and not so subtle deception. Question: How do you save $ money by shopping ? Examples: Are you shopping for an “expectation shattering Buick” ?  And how do they know what your expectations are ? And are you taken in by “intuitive suspension”  which everyone insist on and no one knows what it is !  Need insurance ? Geico promises to  save you 15% in 15 minutes. Obviously your time is valuable and like their TV ad,  all you only need to learn is how to juggle chainsaws ! Over 50%  of people today are overly bombarded with ads and have a five second attention span.  Statistically, the typical advertisement targets the mentality and maturity of a four year old child.  The fact that you are still reading this is evidence you are not one of them ! 

A question of supply and demand or selling “junk” !   While the problem on the supply side resides with manufacturers and dealers consumers control demand and are also incredibly gullible.  For decades marketing guru’s have created an allusion of getting something “for free” which translates into “getting something for nothing“.  Advertisements wax on about how much you saved at the supermarket but does anyone really believe the more you shop, the more money you will save ? Obviously there is no “free lunch“.  Plus far too many consumers want to believe they can buy “the best for less”.   Obviously those two don’t go together ! Touting massive discounts, rebates, price breaks and coupons are just another subtle way to keep you from feeling guilty for spending $ money when in fact this is subtle brainwashing and of course they tell you what you want to hear.

Explaining how the current society operates or the total dumbing down of America. Enquiring minds want to know and we feel compelled to weigh in.   To begin with scientifically an adult is considered a moron if they display the mental ability of a ten to twelve year old child. An imbecile has the ability of a eight to ten year old, and an idiot is four to eight years old  Surveys indicate that fifty years ago, the number of adults with diminished mental ability was about 10% percent.  Today, it is over 50% percent and are referred to as immature mental midgets and they are everywhere !  ! !And how do these midgets achieve this ?  They have grown up cheating on everything possible surrounded by a non-functional educational system with zero outside exposure except through mindless computer games. Tack on declining family values and you have a morally bankrupt individual with no ethics or measurable technical skills much less realistic common sense while living a life of virtual non-reality ! ! !

Analyzing The Wonderful Internet:  Welcome to the computer age or an age of addiction as retailers like Sears and J.C. Penny go bankrupt as non- discriminating people buy more and more goods from the internet.  And why not ?  Never mind examining the merchandise.  This is about convenience.  And that’s why over 60% of internet sales are returned ! Give someone a credit card and a computer and they can do some major damage especially to their bank account and the economy. But it doesn’t stop there.  Want to become a superstar recording artist ?

There is a on-line recording studio (probably in someone’s basement) which allows you to sing into your smart phone while they record and mix it. Of course, you have to give them your credit card but they will send your new hit record back by smartphone (hope you have surround sound) in twenty minutes accompanied by “world class musicians“.   Want to become a pilot or a doctor ? Just go on the internet and download a ten minute class which is followed by your certified pilot’s license or medical diploma.  And while you are at it,  why not order up > “a tooth fairy“.

Have Any Doubts ? People are buying supposedly quality furniture from a store called > “The Dump” ? Does anyone actually believing they are buying quality furniture or an automobile at below cost ?  On the far end of that spectrum you have those who boast about the bargain deals they got while paying almost nothing for what is worthless trash ! And land fills are full of this junk, some of it brand new with labels still attached ! Manufacturers create what people demand and what they want to purchase.  Marketers responded by directing ads at gullible consumers all of which creates a dwindling availability of quality products.

The so called “high tech revolution” > People often believe they are getting the latest and greatest technological advancements when in fact, they’ve simply been “mezmerized by buzz words and hype“: > Example: Millions spent on automobile ads that are totally deceiving and cannon-coder for the gullible Milleinials. Case in point > How many of you know what “Intuitive Suspension”  is ? Today car manufacturers tout cookie cutter cars with no more than 85 HP at the rear wheels as being > fast. Yet in 1962, you could buy a Chrysler Hemi Barracuda with over 500 HP !  And today, the Transport Technologies Thunderbird Cobra seen on this website has over 3,000 HP.and produces more G forces than the astronauts experience on launch of the space shuttle.

Another example is Crestron and Lutron automation components commonly found in homes and on RV’s. Lured in by dealers promising automation via controlling everything from your Ipad or Iphones, the fact is none of these devices are high tech or reliable over time particularly in mobile applications and require programming and re-programming to fix glitches and even total “crashes” including your remote devices. Like most computer software, they are NOT user friendly and require you to find a tech who speaks this foreign language and has the access code and soon afterwards > your password. And like hackers who can insert “triggers” to activate viruses on your computer, you may find yourself being held hostage with what is tantamount to blackmail ! One well known entertainer reported paying out $15,000 over a three year period to keep the audio system on his bus operational. The point is high tech electronics or IP controlled devices may be tempting but they are often a way to lock you in with little or no escape route by unscrupulous people.

The WiFi Myth & Committing Intellectual Suicide > News Flash > WiFi has nothing to do with the internet !  ! ! Note this section is guaranteed to upset many audiophiles and technocrats: > However, Knowledge Is Power and the following was provided by the Chinese who invented WiFi and Transport Technologies  founder who invented the portable cellphone therefore this may be a disturbing wakeup call !   

While most believe WiFi is high tech and synonymous with the internet. The fact us it is neither ! It is in fact low tech and nothing more than a localized RF signal with very limited range often no more than 30′ feet which is several miles short of the common CB radio !   Note the Chinese who invented it did not say it cannot connect to the internet (like any cellphone or computer),  it’s just not the same  !

But WiFi is the same as a cellphone connection ?  Wrong again ! First of all, despite claims of covering up to 99% of the country, only about 8% of the total land mass in America has cellphone coverage !   And coverage is all but impossible to maintain in remote or mountainous regions.

What about Fiber optics ? As to the claim that fiber optics is 20 times faster than a speeding bullet understand first of all that unlike the bullet, it can’t travel through space because it is not wireless ! Never has been and never will be. Secondly, since it is hardwired, it is not available in 99.9% of the country and if you can find it, expect it to be prohibitively expensive.  So this is nothing more than a publicity ploy by AT&T.

The WiFi disadvantages: WiFi is unlicensed on 802.11. Interference is rampant from cordless headsets, microwaves, Wimax, cordless phones, Bluetooth devices, wireless video cameras, Zigvee devices, outdoor microwaves, and even bad electrical connections. Think you can filter this or chase them away ? Think again. Unregulated,  WiFi is all over the band width. Your best bed is to identify the source and the more AP’s (access points) you have the better. Want more info ? Click onto the Chinese web sight > Cisco.com – “20 Myths About WiFi and Interference“.

The WiFi advantage ? With your own mobile hot spot, you don’t need questionable cell coverage and you don’t need to find a parking spot at Starbucks, McDonalds or a hotel in an attempt to capture a (cable connected) WiFi signal. However, if you are still fascinated and must have WiFi, you can actually create you own wireless mobile hot spot from which can control most of your components > “most of the time” without interference. It will therefore allow you to select music (not video) by type or artist from millions of tapes/records and your CD collection (downloaded to an up to 5TB Mirage hard-drive via an  antenna and router) from any stateroom, your indoor theater or your outdoor amphitheater which gives new meaning to the term “tailgating” with it’s up to 30′ ft. diagonal ultra-high def video screen and it’s booming professional quality 9X sound system controlled from your IPAD or cellphone.  Add in a Mackie Mixer, Integra splitter, Niles amplifiers and you can record in your own sound proof recording studio with playback through JBL professional speakers – (not to be confused with consumer grade audio found in many home theaters) all controlled from most IP devices including your IPAD or cellphone.


What’s Next ?  Ford/Chrysler Prowler ? Little cousin to the Viper with all electric options including electric windows on gullwing doors and air conditioning. For a review of this click on Autotrader.com Doug DeMuro who unlike the car magazines doesn’t accept advertisements and is not on anyone’s pay roll which allows him to provides live accurate reviews of many cars including the new Ford GT and the Prowler.

Negatives. Small V-6 engine (225 HP). Keeping crowds away from it in the parking lot !

Positives > Chrysler’s intent in building the car was to experiment with bonded aluminum in the form of the traditional American Hot Rod. Original designed by Chip Foose it is NOT a kit car. Chrysler engineering, parts availability at dealers. plus available warranty. Extremely popular with owners. Holds resale value well.

Ford GT vs Prowler ? The new Ford V-6 engine can replace Chrysler’s older lame V-6 which only had 225 HP ! Amazing technological advances > The new engine in the Ford GT (won LeMans) generates 647 HP w/seven speed dual clutch paddle shifting manual/automatic transmission via multi-functional steering wheel and digital (brains in a box) display. Prowler available with 16″ wide rear tires and upgraded carbon fiber brakes and upgraded drivetrain. Better handling and braking due to light weight and virtually identical in power and weight ratio to a carbon fiber Ford GT with the same engine and while the GT may be the best sports car ever built, the Prowler isn’t too shabby and about $400,000 cheaper !

Prowlers are like the Viper’s little brother and since they are also very rare you will never see yourself coming and going on the street. Note that 99% of all Corvettes models are only 425 HP. and the 650 HP models are $120,000. An all aluminum Prowler is a fraction of that cost and weighs less than 2800 pounds which is 400 pounds less than the Corvette. 400 pounds equals about 150 HP. therefore the Prowler begins with 647 HP and ends up with the equivalent of about 800 HP. And that is why they call it a > Hot Rod !

Another positive > No two seater sports car or motorcycle will seat more than two people. Pop the rear trunk on a Prowler and you have a “rumble seat” for up to four people with children in the back. And there is also room for a booming 5X sound system and most important of all – WiFi ? ? ?

Corvette Comparison: America’s sports car ? We think not ! General Motors builds 35,000 to over 50,000 Corvettes a year on cookie cutter assembly lines. And there is no comparison to a Viper that was hand built like a Rolls Royce.  You buy a late model Viper for far less than a Corvette, add a Paxton supercharger to over 500 cubic inches of V-10 engine, upgrade to a new double clutch and steering wheel paddle shifting manual/automatic tranny with some 16″ wide tires in the rear and you can cruise to Dairy Queen on features an adjustable 800 to 1200 HP. sounding like an angry Ferrari > Corvette killer !