Wait For It ! The above graphic was created in 2004 by Transport Technologies founder and Haney Production Group at Disney studios as a basic design conceptualization. It will soon be replaced by the new Ford hybrid crossover F-750 ST towing our new Xanadu Lightning transporter with streaming video color changing lights along the entire length on three tiers in "lightning bolt" patterns changing color in motion with "real time" deployment of cars, boats, ATV's, stage coach pulled by Shetland ponies, plus a Conestoga wagon under an outdoor amphi-theater all of which emerge from first floor cargo bays. Transport Technologies "Tour of America" will be filmed for Discovery, Disney, Travel Channels, etc., and segway into Transport Technologies' reality series available on social media and seen around the world. For more info scroll to bottom of this page.

*** The most popular outdoor  activity  is > RV’ing.

*** The  fastest growing and popular  RV  is  > a toy hauler.

*** Worldwide  over  one  hundred  million  people  own > an   RV.

        ***  The  best  selling  vehicle  over  the  last  forty  years  is  > “a  pickup  truck”.


Defining Definitions > The vehicles on this site are not RV’s.  And they are NOT a modified moving van or any type of  conversion !   What they represents is the unique utilization of the most advanced space age technology available !   

Transport Technologies utilizes a unique patented triple deck transporters that can transport people, animals and large cargo with custom adjustable floor plans and living quarters with multiple escalators, elevators and huge cargo capacity on three deck levels including a a penthouse on the top deck.  These transporters serve more than twelve different major industries with emphasis on the highly popular outdoor entertainment industry.

Changing Reality Television:  New syndicated television filmed globally as a continuing series of documentaries highlighting rarely seen lifestyles.  More on this below. 

The new Ford Hybrid F-750 STXL pickup :

Cummins diesel to 475 HP x 1780 lbs. ft. torque. > 6 Speed Allison automatic with twin overdrive. 22.5” wheels / Air brakes / Custom air ride self-leveling suspension with three load settings includes kneeling. Tow rating > to 72,000 lbs. Economy > up to 2000 mile range non-stop without refueling.

Interior: 7 X 12 speaker stereo system. Ergonomically correct seating with 28 LED color identified switches on digital display panel. Five exterior and one interior partition door,  seven position heated air ride seats, stand up headroom with shower, bath, vanity, microwave, dinette, refrigerator, ice maker, sleeping quarters and computer work station with flat screen UHD -TV…

Exterior: Roman chariot hubs, Midwestern custom mirrors & (20 mile) train horns, Dish satellitewith auto acquisition plus roof mounted Drone with 4K, 6K or 8K cameras. Note – Satellite and Drone transmit to truck and transporter and extended WiFi  plus NVR recording capability 24/7. Custom paint, portable BBQ, 5X indoor/outdoor stereo system, folding electric “scooter”, etc.

The number one selling vehicle in the world is a pickup truck ! And Ford Motor Company has been number one in sales for over thirty-eight years. Our STXL F-750 has often been described as a “pickup on steroids” and is the world’s first hybrid crossover pickup truck, combining the utility value of a pickup truck with unparalleled  72,000 lbs. towing capacity and the amenities of a recreational vehicle.

57’ Xanadu Lightning / Triple Axle.

Cargo Capacity: 10 tons / 20,000 lbs. Access: Front / rear & side entrances.

Exterior: Multiple articulating and telescoping massive (walk under) slide outs with continuous full length overhead skylights and ten foot high glass windows on one or two levels with optional bullet-proof glass !

Additional options: Redefining > “Tailgating” ? A full length side awning telescopes outward to 24′ with up to 30′ foot diagonal stadium size screen underneath to create your own push button outdoor amphitheater and entertainment area which can include six person air/water spa, huge barbeque grill, screen and ultra-high definition projector with 7X/100,000 watt JBL professional audio system pulsating to synchronized color lights. Note: > This is called attacking the senses and it’s > something you have to experience to believe !

Cargo and people accommodation examples  >>>

Level 1: Automobile / Cabin / Pontoon boat / (2) Jetskis / (3) Kayaks / (2) ATV’s /Stage Coach w/ kinnell. Alternatives: Automobile(s) / Horses, stage coach / Connestoga wagon w/ portable kinnell /golf cart/toy models, giant BBQ grill. Alternatives: Automoble(s) / Helicopter/Jet sailplane / Skyhawk Drone, snowmobile / ATV etc.

Level 2: Lear jet type access stairs hidden in wall. Stained glass French and bi-fold entrance doors. Three lounges, two staterooms, two baths w/ wardrobe closets/ makeup counter /designer kitchen w/articulated dinette & wine cellar, kinnell /office/library / panoramic view front lounge w/ aquarium/aviary. Entertainment  area w/8K TV, (four times ultra-high def. with 1,256,000 pixels) / 7X 24 speaker sound system /monitor w/ six camera CCTV. Automated interior including, temperature and 1000′ ft. of color changing LED lights remote controlled along continuous skylight extending entire length of transporter. (See Luxury Interiors)

Level 3: Electronic steps or elevator to upper level BBQ / entertainment area & observation deck / putting green / helicopter landing pad and “aircraft carrier” type runway for “model” takeoffs & landings. Pop up security railings. Exterior: Optional 3D graphics with Spectra chrome, Crystalline “diamond dust”, Kameleon and Shimerin House of Kolor custom paint, next to 15 pattern color changing LED lights along length on three levels, aluminum 22.5″ wheels with Roman chariot “hubs” and four cameras. All electrical and hydraulic functions controlled by single remote. (See Specialized Transporters above).

                                                                         HOW  SPACE  AGE  TECHNOLOGY  HAS  CHANGED EVERYTHING  >>>>_______________________________

Few have ever seen the world below during an era where dramatic advancements in technology have created giant leaps forward for mankind. 

Our triple deck transporters are revolutionary hybrids fabricated from space age aircraft aluminum and composites like carbon fiber and graphene, seven times stronger and tons lighter than steel and wood. With multiple decks they have massive inside storage for “big expensive toys” like those shown below under “Specialized Transporters“, yet none of this storage encroaches upon second and third floor living quarters.

Second floor living quarters have articulating and telescoping slide outs. Combine that with glass, glass and more glass for panoramic views including a continuous skylight along the entire length and 270 degree visibility from the patented nose cone with an unobstructed top entertainment deck up to 70 feet long rest atop the second floor continuous side windows including the slide outs.  Deploy huge awnings and giant “stadium size” 8K (132 million pixels and four times the resolution of ultra-high def.) ultra high definition TV screens with booming 7X surround sound stereo > and you redefine “tailgating” and “attacking the senses”.

How’s your view from home ?  More than a change of scenery > a change of lifestyle !

Owning a transporter is like having an unlimited number of vacation homes around the world with ever-changing seasons and scenery.  And if you are use to working long hours and endless traffic delays this is a formula to end your stress.  However be forewarned that this lifestyle requires serious decision making, such as picking where you intend to wake up tomorrow morning and which toys you want to play with !

Lifestyles: Time has a value and successful people maintain a carefully controlled lifestyle.  And since life is also a gift, they do whatever it takes to make the most of it including avoiding waiting in line or stuck in traffic, avoiding  hotels or eating in crowded restaurants because with a transporter,  they have everything on board !

As for convenience, privacy and security, transporters can provide separate level living quarters and second level ten foot high optional bulletproof windows on the second floor far above prying eyes. And unlike buses and motor homes, separate living quarters can also be located in the tow vehicle providing unlimited concierge service for chauffeurs, secretaries, chefs, maids, nannies, wardrobe/makeup assistants as well as bodyguards for limos and pilots for your helicopter.


The Ultimate Tow Vehicles: The soon to be released Palladium models represent the future of over-the-road tow vehicles.  Extensive computer analysis of wind tunnel testing demonstrated the aerodynamic and lightweight aluminum/composite combination provides up to 20% better fuel mileage.  Ergonomically correct and destined to become the trucking industry and professional driver’s choice for heavy duty tow vehicles, this 600 horsepower diesel pusher has unprecedented full surround visibility in a luxurious interior with standup headroom, RV amenities including bath w/shower, kitchenette w/dinette, entertainment area and sleeping quarters for four.  Two roll cages, ten air bags, collision avoidance with energy absorption safety and advanced electronics with full width monitor screen auto-scrolling up to five front, rear and side view cameras located on rear vehicle. See charter driver accommodations, commercial (CDL) certification, Limo’s and aircraft plus  concierge service below.

The Ultimate Show Stopper >  The new 90 XL Palladium transporter with full width first and second floor glass, plus an optional elevator to third floor telescoping penthouse. 

Totally Unique > > > Our hybrid tow vehicle and transporter designs are protected by multiple design and utility patents and cannot be copied which makes them totally unique and instantly recognizable.  Almost everything you see on this web site is either copyrighted or patented and may not be reproduced without written documentation from Transport Technologies.

Palladium XL transporters  to 90′ feet long are at the top of the pyramid and represent the “best of the best“.   XL behemoths have up to ten steerable rear axles, optional telescoping slide outs and awnings to 58′ feet wide x 70′ long. (8000 square feet). Options include living quarters and continuous glass on two levels, two or more kitchens / dining and staterooms on two floors for up to fifty guests.

First floor cargo > multiple vehicles, helicopters, sailplane, motorcycles, boats, hot air balloons, second floor > multiple toys, ATV’s, trikes, bicycles, marine models, etc

Second floor living quarters with up to five fireplaces, spa on remote controlled slide tram, gym, whirlpool tub, multiple aquariums, aviaries, with color changing lights, 8K ultra-high def. 20′ ft. home theater in an amphi-theater with high def TV with 7X professional recording studio surround sound system, global Dopler radar weather station, worldwide satellite communications, GPS navigation, etc, etc… Windows are all far above prying eyes and full perimeter CCTV security and close proximity alerts (to your cellphone) assure privacy and security which is automatically recorded and monitored 24/7.

Third floor (upper deck level) optional continuous glass skylight extend along the entire length and an unobstructed top deck provides space for a helicopter landing pad, barbeque grills, miniature golf with putting green, bowling alley, target practice range, runway with aircraft carrier launch and bungee chord landing restraints for RCC (remote computer controlled) large model aircraft including jet fighters, bombers, helicopters/drones /sailplanes with aerial closed circuit video cameras which transmit back to big screen TV monitors on below.

Single atrium/penthouses are available on certain Xanadu with multiple penthouses on Palladium models. Your choice of round (shown) or oval designs up to 20’ feet long with up to 360 degree visibility via limo-tint insulated glass. Option PH-1 is a single level round or oval atrium/penthouse which emerges above the third floor level.

Option PH-2 is a two story telescoping atrium/penthouse which emerges from the first and second floors towering above the third floor roof and approximately 30’ feet above ground level. PH-1 and PH-2 are serviced by built in spiral stairways or elevators. All round atrium/penthouses are available with 360 degree rotation. Think four story condo with a panoramic view that changes every hour ! (See Luxury Interiors for curved glass elevators).

Xanadu Lightning and Palladium models also offer optional massive amphi-theaters, indoor/outdoor barbeque areas and a first or second floor spa which reside inside the privacy windows on double deck models. Spas, saunas, kitchens with barbeque grilles and wine cellars located on the first floor can also transition through walls to the exterior amphitheater or be raised while inside the atrium/penthouse via its elevator to the second, third or fourth floor levels. All functions are via a hand held Cervis remote.

And when it comes to handling, keep in mind with the axles set forward this creates near perfect balance and a much shorter turning radius plus optional steerable rear axles are also available.  Accommodations and available concierge service available at most “Five Star Resorts” and all MEP’s” (mobile estate parks). (See 5 Star Resorts and MEP’s)

Corporations and trucking companies take note: 20% better fuel mileage means saving $ millions of dollars in diesel fuel !  And the up  14′ ft. ground to roof height on each side means no aftermarket side skirts needed plus the front extension overhang means up to 40% more cargo space which adds $$$ for every trip.  Our patented rear ramp accessing from ground to roof levels means simplified loading  and unloading plus auto-leveling air ride suspension allows driver manual or automatic control clearance

Private Lease/Charters > Xanadu models will soon be available for lease and Palladium models will be offered under a charter program. Charter programs include drivers for tow vehicles and Limo’s plus type rated for helicopters, corporate jets, etc. as needed. Note > Vehicles not for hire which are not considered commercial vehicles registered as private residences DO NOT REQUIRE CDL’s (commercial drivers licenses) and are not required to enter weigh stations under Federal DOT regulations. Optional concierge service is also included with charters which  includes a certified nurse, chefs, waiters, butlers, massage therapist, salon hair/makeup, etc. which have separate accommodations in the tow vehicles. In the little known facts department, note that anyone can ride in the transporters as long as there is communication (direct line-not RF) between the transporter and the tow vehicle.


REALITY  TELEVISION >>> now exceeds all prime time shows in the ratings and there are over one hundred million people worldwide with recreational vehicles (RV’ing). Meanwhile, television and social media will introduce millions more to the world’s most popular outdoor activity with a lifestyle they didn’t know existed ! ! !

This Changes Everything > Like our transporters, this is destined to change everything.  That means putting reality back in reality television while introducing a new lifestyle in the four part montage series listed below.   Initially filmed for Discovery, Disney, Travel Channel and Animal Planet plus social media, it segways into Transport Technologies own reality series as  > “The Tour of America” and “The World Tour” seen around the world in eleven languages as  >>>   “Ultimate Lifestyles“,  “Memories Of A Lifetime“,  “Man’s Best Friend”  and  “Welcome To Our World”.  


Ultimate Lifestyles > Segments highlight  and include visits to MEP’s (mobile estate parks) via Transport Technologies Limo’s, helicopters, corporate jets and yacht all filmed for social media and television. Also, at least ten major markets will be included such as RV, music venues and tours/concerts, equestrian, marine, automotive, aviation, mountains/sking/snowmobiles, corporate and on board transporters with emergency disaster response  and mobile hospital capabilities.

“Memories Of A Lifetime >  Almost everyone has children or grandchildren. Themes vary from large “toys” such as cars, boats or aircraft to large scale remote controlled models for “young and old children”. So from the Appalachian or Rocky mountains to Yosemite,  Grand Canyon and the Alps, parents can appreciate our recurring theme of > “the family that plays together, stays together”. (See Specialized Transporters).

Redefining cellphone video and selfies which may be the current rage however they pale by comparison to the use of high resolution cameras often mounted overhead on Drones.  At the touch of a button, your hidden amphi-theater magically appears with a 20′ ft. diagonal UHTV screen and a 7X surround system with a stunning pulsating light show.  Bluegrass and country music originated in the Appalachian mountains and your family can experience a bit of this rich history sitting around your campfire while getting up close and personal with world class banjo picking bluegrass and country music legends and recorded on your diagonal screen.    (See Amphi-Theaters pictured above)

Man’s Best Friend >  84% of people worldwide own one or more pets including 65% of all RV’ers and this series shows the family bond with their pets and nature.  Eliminate stress ! ! !   Relax in the Great Smokey Mountains in your spa alongside your favorite puppy, BBQ pit and campfire glowing while watching a movie or the Superbowl on a ultra-high def. giant 20′ ft. diagonal TV screen and with a 7X surround sound system pulsating color changing lights to music, this not only redefines tailgating   > “it attacks the sensesand you realize > “it just doesn’t get any better than this” ! 

Note: Transport Tech has rescued thousands of animals from euthanization and every transporter sale results in a donation to ASPCA > (Association for the prevention of cruelty to animals).  

Welcome To Our World” –  Join our rather expansive universe in this segment which covers the entire globe including the French Alps, Rocky and Appalachian mountains, outback of Australia, Africa, China, England, Germany, Scotland, Russia, Alaska and the North Pole plus every major ocean.  Cinematography includes filming every aspect of the globe including our helicopter and drone aerial shots emphasizing various wild animals.  Future segments will include filming on board our jet and helicopters which land occasionally on Xanadu Princess, our mega-yacht during it’s world tour which terminates periodically each year at Shangri- La > Transport Technologies new 28,000 acre headquarters in China. (Scroll down > About Us)  ——————————————————————————————————————————–

Executive Producer > Transport Technologies.  Filmed on various locations during the “Tour of America” and the “World Tour” including every major national park with spectacular aerial views from high tech military drones with high resolution surveillance cameras by professional world class cinematographers. (See Pictures under Specialized Transporters).

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