Five Star  RV  Resorts  &  MEP’s  (Mobile Estate Parks)

Ultimate Lifestyles: This may be “a wake-up call  for changing your lifestyle and making an investment in your family!

Defining The Re-Creation of Recreation. A lot of people still believe RV’ing is “roughing it“.  So here comes a wake-up call !  Hundreds of five star RV parks have been built in the last ten years and they have almost every possible amenity from massive clubhouses with games for the kids, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, soccer, basketball, gambling casinos and theme parks with every imaginable ride.  Our Transporters are beyond anything else comparable and you will find the very best exquisite accommodations far beyond typical RV campground or 5 Star places.

Examples are Disney parks and air conditioned tunnels with rolling trams between their five star RV parks and Los Vegas gambling casinos.

Five Star RV Parks: A sunny escape from the cold inside this mammoth building which is the largest gothic dome in the world and tall enough to enclose the Statue of Liberty.

Your Health ! According to the American Health Association, by 2017 more than one in two American children and adults will be obeist with unprecedented levels of heart disease, diabetes and other related potentially fatal diseases. According to the American Lung Association, over millions live in half the cities in America, all of which far exceed the national health standards for air quality and account for over millions deaths annually.

Overcrowding:  Millions in traffic jams ! A CDC (Center For Disease Control) study with are infected rats, within a short time with thousands will become infected and die while survive. Too many people in a limited space results in spreading viral infections costing $ billions while spreading diseases which have historically killed millions (bubonic plaque) wiping out entire civilizations while accelerating crime exponentially. Want to avoid the traffic jam parking lot. Put a SkyFly Drone (see Speciality Transporters) in your transporter next to your sports car, Limo and helicopter and travel in style !

If you value your quality of life and endless delays due to commercial flights, “security frisking” at airports, crowded hotels and restaurants with overly enriched fattening and bacteria laden food, cruise ships with rude, obnoxious people and their screaming children spreading unlimited infectious diseases.  Or perhaps you prefer to sleep in your own bed and eat your own healthy, nutritional food ? Or if you just want to take your private office and family with you when you travel > then this lifestyle may be for you.

Mobility means options: Owning a transporter is like having an unlimited number of vacation homes around the world Don’t like the neighbors ? Crank up an leave !  Don’t like the scenery ?  Crank up and leave !  Don’t like the weather ? Crank up and leave ! 

You Don’t Have To Take It Anymore !   Getting back to nature is what George Vanderbilt had in mind when he left the noise, pollution and crowds of New York for the stunningly scenic beauty of the Appalachian mountains of North Carolina.  Convinced New York was not the center of the universe, he created Biltmore house on 25,000 acres in the Appalachian mountains.  It’s massive granite walls were inspired by of the grand castles of England and Scotland.

Built from 1888 to 1895 the dream of George Vanderbilt was an estate that originally occupied over 25,000 acres that has since been donated as a state park and as a result has now been reduced to a mere 8,000 acres however the seven story 175,000 square foot Biltmore house with 250 rooms still keeps visitors claustrophobia to a minimum and remains America’s largest residential “cottage”.

No longer occupied by the Vanderbilt family, available private tours avoid obnoxious tourists who have disgracefully done an estimated $250,000 worth of damage to the castle, artwork and gardens each year.

MEP: Mobile Estate Parks:

If Five Star Parks are not your cup of tea and you want to spend quality time with the family, detach from your “rolling estate” and use your hybrid crossover tow vehicle (with RV amenities) and other “toys” to explore almost unlimited scenic parks while you redefine entertainment and your lifestyle.

There are hundreds of  regal castles around the world built thousands of years ago from Asia to the great manor houses of England and Scotland nestled on tens of thousands of acres.  Today, Disneyland and Disneyworld have copied the architecture of these magnificent structures.

History >   While the first theme park was Disneyland in California, it is believed that the emergence of MEP’s also began as the brain-child of  Walt Disney whose creative concept was to open these historical monuments to a select clientele who could in turn provide revenues needed to renovate and maintain them.  Transport Technologies is at the forefront of an effort to re-open these historical monuments while bringing them back to their original splendor.

The best kept secret on the planet may be these MEP’s. There is only one peak on the global pyramid and this section is devoted to a unique lifestyle few have ever seen. They represent the “best of the best” scenery and ambiance. Not listed by travel agencies they are off limits to tourists. The MEA (Mobile Estate Association) is the most private club in the world with restricted access to these sanctuaries by approval only to transport owners,  heads of state, ultra-famous celebrities and the very wealthy seeking total privacy.

Influenced by the Qing Dynasty are some of the world’s most stunning architectural achievements and are at the top of the global pyramid. They marry unique designs which blend in perfect harmony with the surrounding mountains. Often based on large estates with castles built thousands of years ago, they are typically surrounded by many square miles of pristine forest and parks.

You won’t find venetian rugs or thousand year old ancient artwork in five star hotels.

Harry Potter welcomes you !

Many castles were originally isolated temples for Monks.

Built as protective fortresses guarding harbors they embody privacy and security. Many have their own airports and most are on the ocean with marinas that can accommodate mega-yachts and cargo ships. Designed for shallow water access, Azzam at 590’ feet is currently the world’s largest yacht and is actually longer than many cruise ships like the Chinese cargo ship RuHa in the background carrying a transporter about to be off-loaded on the bridge leading to the fortress.

                                            Shenandoah  Plantation

Originally on 22,000 acres in two states, this MEP is now a more manageable home to the Xanadu Wildlife Preserve and animal rescue center.  Transport Technologies 10,500 square foot “owner’s cottage” also includes a 5,000 square foot “garage” with two lakes, gazebo and fountains which are home to duck, geese, loons and other wild birds. Soon to come is an animal hospital and animal rescue care facility.


                         “Shangri-La” > Imagination is your only limitation.

The book “Lost Horizons” was the inspiration for Shangri-La designed by Transport Technology’s founder as a private residence in honor of his wife. An incredible sanctuary in tune with rich Asian history, it is the perfect marriage of sea and mountains. The castle atop the mountain has a penthouse with 360 degree panoramic views of the mountains and ocean on all sides while the guest “cottages” and boat house are identical to traditional Asian castles and pagodas. A private airport accommodates Transport Tech’s Xanadu Falcon while the marina accommodates mega-yachts like Xanadu Princess, at 62’ x 205’ feet, the world’s largest motor-sailing catamaran.  Selected guests by invitation only.